Hello, thanks for popping in, pardon me for any grammar mistakes as I’m not a native speaker. I was born in Malaysia, and I created this site to record my travel experience including food and drinks prices around the world and completed book series in young adult paranormal categories related to Vampires, Angels, Mermaids, Witches, Time Travel, Alien etc. You may find some useful information and also some boring stuff on my site, so, read at your own free will and please don’t come complaining to me that I’ve wasted your time

Everybody loves to travel. As for me, whenever I have a chance to explore the world, I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures to document it here. It’s always exciting to get to the famous sightseeing places often we see from brochures and travel site. While travelling, I also love trying out their food. I’m currently living abroad, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity as it does give me more time to explore places in the country.

I’m more into reading from a soft copy than a hard copy. My favourite reading time is before going to bed. I love reading book series as it makes me happy knowing that there’s more to come once I finished with the first one. However, reading series can be a pain in the ass, especially when you have to wait for the sequel to come out. That’s why I’ll always check whether it’s a stand-alone or series and wait for completion before I start reading it. If you love reading Paranormal Young adult series, such as Greek Mythology, Vampires, Alien, Ghost, Witches, Time Travelling etc. you can check out my book list and have no worries about getting a cliffhanger!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.