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    Comuna 13 Tour Medellín

    Comuna 13 was once known for drug cartels, gang violence and police often raid this area. No tourist dare to set foot in this place. However, now that this place is safe, with the story, graffitis and street art performances, it's enough to attract people from all around the world to come visiting this place.

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    Eating and Drinking in Medellín

    Medellin is the second largest city in Colombia after Bogota. With the population of 2.5million; 8 million in Bogota. This city often referred to as the City of Eternal Spring due to the temperature close to Springs weather, with daily temperatures ranging from a minimum of about 16°C to a maximum of 28°C. The flight time to Medellin from Bogota only take less than an hour.

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    The Angel Knights Series by Mary Ting

    This Angel Knights series is a spin-off to Crossroads Saga and most of the books telling a story in Lucia's point of view. I've included a synopsis of each book in the series in the reading order and also a short review to each book. It consists of three main books which are The Chosen Knights, The Blessed Knights, The Sacred Knights, and the short story The Angel Knights which is the prequel to the first book.

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    Guatemala City

    After staying here in this beautiful Lake Atitlan for a week and got used to the beautiful landscape, it was hard to say goodbye. But we must move on in our life, and there would be a new place and a new journey in future that would probably be as exciting as this one. Yesterday we bought the bus ticket at Nexway Travel that’s including a boat ride for the cost of $23 per person. They told us to get to the boat by 8 am, and to be at Magic Travel by 9 am for the bus ride. When we got to the boat at 7:50 am, we didn’t…

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    San Pedro & Santa Cruz

    The boat from San Marcos to San Pedro only took nine minutes with the cost of 10 GTQ per person, and this time it didn’t stop anywhere else. When we got to Hostal Mi Cabana at 11:20 am, the room that we booked yesterday was ready for us. Trev had already got himself settled and waiting for us. Hostal Mi Cabana The lady who also took care of the Jewellery and Art Gallery took us to our room. We chose to pay for the accommodation in Quetzal instead of dollars, and for a night stay without breakfast, it cost 200 GTQ for the two of us. When I first saw…

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    Walking from San Marcos to San Pedro

    Hiking without a guide or walking between villages is generally not recommended for safety reasons, except between the route from San Marcos to San Pedro. Taking a boat is much safer, and the cost for one way should not cost more than GTQ 25 to any of the towns around the lake. But for people like us who craves for an adventure, taking a boat doesn’t seem appeal to us. Yesterday’s walk failed because we have a program and had set a time limit. It was different this time as we didn’t care about the time. However, we did plan to have a swim at Las Cristalinas on the way…

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    San Marcos La Laguna

    San Marcos is one of the places where you can have your picture taken up close with the landscape of Atitlán’s three volcanoes, San Pedro, Atitlan and the double-coned summit of Tolimán. I couldn’t wait to get over there, so early morning at about 10 am we checked out from the hotel but not before saying goodbye to Cookie, the guard dog in Hotel Victoria. It was easy to get the boat as there’s no queue to it. The ride cost 25 GTQ per person, and we stopped at Santa Cruz and other places around the lake before reaching San Marcos after 25 minutes journey. As soon as we disembarked…

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    Panajachel Guatemala

    The next day it’s time to leave this beautiful town, Antigua to Panajachel. Our van supposed to depart at 12:30 noon but until 1 pm we’re still waiting for it at the Yellow House Hotel y Agencia de Viajes. Fortunately, while waiting for our ride to come, they allowed us to use their wifi. We sat on the roof admiring the view for one last time. By 1:22 pm, it’s finally arrived. We didn’t get to choose our seats because when we got on the van, we were the last two passengers to get on it. We got the very last seats at the back on the left side. I…

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    Antigua Guatemala

    Founded on 10th March 1543 and declared as a world heritage site in 1976, Antigua is a place where one can enjoy exploring the beauty of an incredible number of restored colonial buildings as well as the old ruined. It used to be Guatemala’s capital city until the disaster happened, the Santa Marta earthquakes in 1773 had made Guatemala city its new capital city in 1776 until now. If you fly from Mexico City to La Aurora International Airport, make sure to get the seat on the right side. The view of the volcanoes is fantastic! I wished someone has told us this information earlier before we board the plane.…