Welcome to Travelbookworm, and thanks for popping by. Please pardon me for any grammar mistake as I’m not a native speaker. I was born in Malaysia, and I created this site to record down my travel experience, food and drinks prices from the places I’ve visited, and also books that I’ve read.

You may find some useful information as well as some boring stuff on my site, so, read at your own free will and please don’t come complaining to me that I’ve wasted your time 😊. 


Accidentally Yours Series by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Gods and Goddesses, Demigods, Vampires, as well as other species, must work together to prevent the great war and apocalypse. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff wrote these brilliant books with some romance involving the reluctant gods or humans. There are five main books in this series and two short stories which I have listed down according to the reading order. I also wrote a brief opinion on each book, and because the books came with great and lengthy synopsis of the books, I didn’t need to re-write it 😉.

The King Trilogy by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Although the title is a trilogy, Mimi wrote an additional two more books to please her audience. I personally happy with her decision because I loved this series very much. It’s dark, full of twist and turns, and it made my head spinning with all the possibility. There are five books in total in this series, and I have listed down according to the reading order. I also wrote a short opinion on each book, and because I didn’t have time to write the synopsis of the books, I took the summary from Goodreads.



In this vast world with a culturally diverse population, landscape and climate, there are many things such as food, cultures, lifestyles or even plants and animals that are very different to what I accustomed to back in Malaysia. The opportunity to experience these new things first-hand is an eye-opener for me.

The amazing people, the unfamiliar food, the great details on the architectures, astonishing landscape, and all that while breathing in new bits of knowledge brings so much pleasure in my life. I’m currently living in Bogota, Colombia, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to live abroad as it gives me more time to explore the country and the region.


I read every day for at least 2 hours from my Kindle, and very rarely from a hard copy. My favourite is a book series as it makes me happy knowing that there’s more to come once I finished with the first one.

However, reading series can be a pain in the ass, especially when you have to wait for the sequel to come out. That’s why I’ll always check whether it’s a stand-alone or series and wait for completion before I start reading it.

If you love reading Paranormal Young adult series such as Greek Mythology, Vampires, Alien, Ghost, Witches, Time Travelling etc. you can check out my book list and have no worries about getting a cliffhanger!

“Travel and books are the keys to open an unexplored journey towards maturity and fantasy..”
Author – Travelbookworm


If You have any question, please feel free to drop me a line. If you don’t get an answer right away, I might just be wandering through the middle of nowhere. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. That’s a promise!