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    Love at Stake Series by Kerrelyn Sparks

    Kerrelyn Sparks wrote this fabulous series about the Vampires and Shapeshifters who are looking for their one true love. It's quite humorous, fun, and with some action and steamy scenes. Although these books can also be read on its own, it's best to read them all according to the reading order because, in the end, the stories all linked together, and you'll get see the whole story on how they eliminated their foes as well as getting a glimpse of their life after the marriage.

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    La Candelaria

    La Candelaria happened to be the first place we visited for sightseeing in Colombia, and although it had been over a year since our last visit, I was still able to remember the moments in my mind. On our first visit, we're still new to this country, having arrived in Colombia just five days ago, we yet to find an apartment, and still staying in the accommodation that the BC had arranged for us, Juliette ApartaSuites in Chapinero.

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    A city built in ridgelines with steep slopes, Manizales has more beautiful churches in one precinct than any other city that I've been to in Colombia. Founded on 12th October 1849 by settlers from Antioquia, this place is like mini Medellin with a variety of shopping centres, nightlife (Thursday ~ Sunday) and it has a subtropical climate with year-round monthly temperatures around 16.5°C.

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    Santa Rosa de Cabal

    Founded in 1844, Santa Rosa de Cabal is a lovely town located about 40km away from Manizales, and 15km away from Pereira. This town, which is well-known for its Chorizo and Hot Springs is located at an altitude of 1,715 meters above sea level and with an average temperature of 19 °C. There are two famous hot springs in this place - Termales de Santa Rosa de Cabal and also Thermal Reserve San Vicente. Having only a night in this place, we only managed to go to one of the hot spring, San Vicente.

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    A Night In Pereira

    Pereira is a city known for trade and commerce, and not so much on tourism. Located in the foothills of the Andes in a coffee-region, an elevation of about 1,400 metres, the average daily high temperature ranges from 25°C to 27°C, and the average daily low ranges from 16°C to 17°C, quite similar to Medellin.

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    Cocora Valley

    Cocora Valley is one of the places one must see when visiting Colombia. Set amid the misty green hills, Palma de Cera (Wax Palm) is breathtaking to behold. This Colombia national tree can grow up to 60 metres tall, and it's the tallest in the world.

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    Founded in 1842, Salento is a small town located 24km east of Armenia. It's a well-known tourist destination for its beautiful nature, the striking colour of its colonial building, famous for its coffee production and trout farming. The town located at an altitude of 1,895 meters above sea level, and during our stay of four days three nights, the daily lowest temperature was about 15°C and highest around 25°C.

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    My Blood Approves Series by Amanda Hocking

    My Blood Approves Series is a Vampire story written by Amanda Hocking with five main stories and one short novella. The primary ones are My Blood Approves, Fate, Flutter, Wisdom and Swear while the short story is Letters to Elise: A Peter Townsend Novella. Also Included in this post are the synopsis, a brief review to each book as well as the reading order in the series.

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    Santiago de Cali

    Cali is the largest city in southwestern Colombia, nearly the size of Medellin. The daily lowest temperature is about 22°C and highest around 32°C, it's hot and humid, just like Malaysia. However, it isn't safe as in Malaysia as some of the neighbourhood is dangerous. Avoid travelling to Aguablanca district on the east and Siloe on the west, and as for the safe zone, Granada, San Antonio and El Penon are alright. However, it doesn't mean that crime doesn't happen there. It's the same as everywhere else in the world, even in the safest country, there's always a bad seed. But as long as you stick to 'Dar Papaya' rule…

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    Eating and Drinking in Acacias

    Acacias is about 130km away from Bogota with the daily average temperature ranging from 22°C to 32°C. It's another perfect place to get away from the cold weather in Bogota, as well as eating Mamona, the typical flavour of the Meta. Besides Mike and I, his works colleague, Phil also joined us in this four days three nights trip.