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Gang of Ghouls Series by Eva Chase

Sarcastic heroines with unexpected powers, obsessive supernatural men who’ll do anything to defend their woman, and plenty of mystery and mayhem.

Title: Gang of Ghouls
Author: Eva Chase
Genres: Fantasy > Paranormal > Ghosts > Reverse Harem
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 1,165
Reading Date: 05th January 2023 – 21st January 2023

The Reading Order – How to Read Gang of Ghouls Series by Eva Chase

  • 1 The Stalking Dead
  • 2 Criminal Spirits
  • 3 Grave Misconduct
  • 4 Deathly Delinquency

The Stalking Dead

Kinda dead. Straight-up psycho. Totally obsessed with her.

I did a bad, bad thing.

Thanks to a blank in my memory, I’m not sure what that thing was, but it was horrible enough to get me locked up in the mental ward for seven years. Horrible enough that my little sister won’t even speak to me.

But when I’m released back into a town determined to rub my unknown sins in my face, the past isn’t the only thing that’s haunting me. The four “imaginary” friends who made my childhood bearable barge into my life in a very real way.

They’re crude, criminally inclined, and more than a little unstable after ages trapped in afterlife limbo. All they want is to protect me. Worship me. Avenge me.

So they’ll bludgeon, maim, eviscerate—tear a strip of havoc right through this sleepy town.

Even rise from the dead.

Maybe I’m still not all that sane either, because part of me finds them strangely appealing. In ways very different from how I felt as a kid. And that’s not the only strangeness stirring inside me…

I promised myself I’d stick to the straight and narrow from here on. But what if the only way to set things right is to get a little ghoulish?

My thoughts…

Don’t mess with the Skullbreakers’ precious Lily!

The concept of how the four heroes come into being is quite ridiculous. It sounds unfair to the previous owner of the bodies. There are also a lot of pummeling and violent acts in this book. But the mystery of the heroine’s past is quite intriguing, and I keep guessing what it could be. The result? It wasn’t what I expected. 

There are still some mysteries to be solved in the story. I would like to know about the itch on Lily’s hand, her Mash power, and the new villain, and I’m still curious if the guys could retain the bodies permanently.

Criminal Spirits

Not the only psychos in town…

Falling for the ghosts of murdered gangsters who were your imaginary friends once upon a time? I’ll admit it’s a little unusual. But they’re back and totally real, and it’s hard to argue with their admittedly obsessive level of devotion.

Unfortunately, their violent dedication isn’t enough to bring down the powerful man who hurt my little sister. I have to take matters into my own hands. I just wish I had a better grip on this marshy magic I’ve discovered in myself.

If that wasn’t enough to deal with, the guys are stirring up trouble both in their search for their long-ago murderers and the pasts of the hosts they’ve taken over. Trouble that’s arrived with guns blazing. And I’ve still got that gaping blank in my memory.

My past holds more secrets than I know. They just might shatter every hope I have of a happily ever after.

My thoughts…

I like this book more than the first one because we finally get answers to some questions, such as the itch on Lily’s arm and what happened to Lily’s sister, Marisol. Although the answer to that is vague, we get the gist. We also learn about the responsible group who killed the Skullbreakers.

Besides, all of the team members show incredible Marsh powers! I can’t wait for them to fully master the abilities because we learned that the villain also has some supernatural abilities. Thus, the team must fight fire with fire!

Grave Misconduct

Psycho is as psycho does…

As if falling for the ghosts of four murdered gangsters wasn’t crazy enough, it turns out we’ve got a real live supervillain on our hands. One with mysterious powers that reach way farther than we could have imagined.

And that villain has torn my sister away from me.

I’ll stop at nothing to bring her back and see my men get the vengeance they deserve. It’s just a little hard to win a war when you’re not really sure what kind of monster you’re up against. Or how many you’re up against, for that matter.

There’s a whole new dimension to my own powers that I’m only just starting to uncover—one that could level the playing field. But what if tapping into it makes me just as much of a monster as the pricks we’re up against?

My thoughts…

Why are the books getting shorter and shorter? Tho, no complaints here but praise because even though they cut the length, this book packed a punch. I love that they accomplished things here more than in the previous one, and there’s also something different because, for once, the Skullbreakers aren’t invincible.

I’m glad they have the little reunion before dumping us with the major problem to deal with next in the finale book. What’s the curse the Gauntts inflicted on the Skullbreakers’ leader? How will Lily cure him and take down the villains once and for all?

Deathly Delinquency

When psychos fall…

A whole family of monsters has menaced my home for far too long. And in the battle to take them down, one of resurrected gangsters I love may have lost his life all over again.

Am I pissed off? Understatement of the century.

But my men have already survived one set of murders. I made it out of the looney bin and rescued my sister. We’ve proven we don’t back down… even when maybe we should.

The villains have way more people, more money and more power than we can wrap our heads around. But we’ve still got a few tricks up our sleeves. Can we expose them for what they are before they destroy more than we can ever fix?

My thoughts…

Lily’s life has been challenging ever since she lost her father. But, thankfully, when things get more complicated, the Skullbreakers enter her life. Together, they are stronger, mentally and physically. But will it be enough to defeat and stop the Gauntts, who have centuries of experience? In this final book, they will throw every card in their sleeves to ensure victory.

I thought the Marsh power was a bit ridiculous. There weren’t any satisfactory explanations on how it came to be. If only Eva wrote a prequel to the series about the Marsh’s power and the victims, perhaps that would be awesome and clear many confusions. However, I do like how it ended with a little sneak peek of what happens to them after the final battle.

P/S: Did the team fix Peyton’s cottage?

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