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Alpha Project Psychic Series by Eva Chase

These brothers have powers others want to exploit and passions they can’t deny. This standalone psychic romance contains dangerous situations and sexy banter.

Title: Alpha Project Psychic
Author: Eva Chase
Genres: Fantasy > Sci-Fi
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 533
Reading Date: 21st January 2023 – 27th January 2023

The Reading Order – How to Read Alpha Project Psychic Series by Eva Chase

  • 0.5 Burning Hearts
  • 1 Colliding Hearts
  • 2 Hidden Hearts

Burning Hearts

A prison they can’t escape. A power they can’t control. A passion they can’t deny.

For years, Jason Keane has endured experiments in a mysterious underground lab. He’s kept the full extent of his psychic power carefully hidden, haunted by a catastrophic blaze in his past. His only concern is escape—until the Facility’s latest subject is brought in. Equal parts fierce and vulnerable, Lisa awakens a passion Jason hadn’t known he was still capable of feeling.

Lisa Rowe has a quick temper and a chip on her shoulder a mile wide. Who wouldn’t after hearing every awful thought anyone’s directed her way? When she wakes up in the Facility after her latest scuffle, she’s not ready to trust a guy just for showing an interest in her. Even if he happens to be the hottest guy she’s ever seen. Yet with a patience she’s never experienced before, Jason works his way into her heart.

But falling in love becomes even more dangerous when a sadistic new head researcher arrives. Jason and Lisa must rely on each other to survive his manipulations—or become each other’s downfall.

My thoughts…

Wow! This prequel to the Alpha Project Psychic series is fantastic. It has enough charm to entice readers to read the forthcoming main book with its excellent storyline.

The reader will feel the burning desire between the two main characters and worry for their safety. Besides, it’s fun to read about incredible superpowers, evil scientists and how to escape from the secured facility.

I did finish reading this book in one sitting and dived into the next book immediately! It’s looking good so far 😉.

Colliding Hearts

He can move anything with his mind. Only she has ever moved his heart.

Jeremy Keane doesn’t let himself get too attached to anything. After all, a single slip of his telekinetic ability can send him on the run. So when he uses his power to save a stranger’s life, he knows better than to stick around, even if one look into her big brown eyes makes all his defenses melt. If only she weren’t so damned persistent.

Grace Trevell knows she’s spent too long reeling from her mother’s abandonment and her grandmother’s death. It’s time to make new friends, fall in love, and build a true home for herself. So when a gorgeous guy risks his life to save hers, she’s not letting him just walk away. But Jeremy is keeping secrets beyond anything she could imagine.

Then a group of sadistic researchers starts sniffing around town. Leaving is the only way Jeremy can keep his family safe, but that means leaving behind the woman who’s stolen his heart. And Grace has already become a target in the battle to exploit his talents…

My thoughts…

This book is interesting enough to grab readers’ attention—especially those who love reading about superpowers. I like that we get to follow Keane’s family story after the prequel. It’s their children’s turn this time, with an occasional mention of the previous characters.

Jeremy’s story differs from his parents since he isn’t a test subject. He has a free run on the outside world. The thrill of the story is about avoiding getting caught by the Alpha physics agents. It’s a game of cat and mouse. My only complaint is that the book is too short!

Hidden Hearts

A game of psychic cat and mouse. Lose your life or lose your heart?

Nick Keane walks a thin line between protecting his family’s secrets and using his power to help people. When he bumps into a pretty young woman poking around his recent haunts, his skill at reading objects tells him she’s talented like him—and there to hunt him down. He sets out to learn all he can about his enemies, but keeping her at a distance may be his trickiest balancing act yet.

The idea that someone could use powers like hers to cause death and destruction makes Carina Jones feel sick. She’s not backing down from her mission until the Keane family is in custody. And she’s definitely not going to get distracted by the swoon-worthy hunk who she suspects knows more than he’s letting on—even if he’s making her question everything she believed about her world.

Despite their best intentions, Nick and Carina find themselves falling for each other, hard and fast. As Carina’s sadistic handlers close in, they must each make a gamble for their hearts and freedom. But with battle lines drawn between them, how can they both win?

My thoughts…

A few months after the event where Jeremy managed to escape from the danger of being caught, the Alpha physics agents got a whiff of his brother, Nick. This time the villain has upped their game using an agent with a superpower.

Nick is playing a dangerous game by getting closer to the agent, hoping to find out the company’s current status and trying to understand what caused the agent to team up with the villain.

I liked this one better than Jeremy’s story, and I’m gutted that the next book was not out yet, even though this book was published in 2018. How I wish I didn’t start reading this series because even though it was a stand-alone book, each featuring a different sibling of the Keane, they still faced the same main villain, and by the end of this book, the villain was still around.

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