Walking in the Amazon Rainforest & Piranha Fishing

A trip without cruising the Amazon river or stepping inside the Amazon rainforest is like a trip to London without visiting the Big Ben or the Tower Bridge. Leticia which is in the heart of the Amazonian forest provide easy access to the rainforest, and though in this day trip it wasn’t deep inside the jungle, it’s still part of the Amazon rainforest 😉. 

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Our trip from Medellin to Guatape was super easy, and convenient, from the moment we stepped out of the plane and then getting the bus to Guatape. We took the bus from the airport to Nutibara, and because we stayed at Nutibara hotel, which was where the bus’s last stop from the airport, the location was perfect, only 2 minutes walk to the hotel.

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Driving from South Beach to Key West

Although we didn’t drive on our own but hired a car that comes with a driver from Keys Transportation, we were lucky because Dave was super friendly and knowledgeable. He knew his way around, the history, including what time was best to leave to avoid traffic, exciting places to visit in the keys. Dave also went the extra mile by taking us to some of the exciting places, as well as stopping at Winn Dixie for us to do some grocery shopping!

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Key West

“Why did the chicken cross the road? – To get to the bar”. This scene is typical in Key West, often we see one crossing over the road to a Pizza shop, hanging out by the local bars as well as to the Courthouse. Key West with the population just over 25,000 is only about 8 square miles, and at one point, about ten percent of the city’s population were chickens! Why? Because there are protected by law in Key West! 

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