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Jurmala Latvia

During the winter months, which do you prefer? A snow-covered Jūrmala or without the snow? Check this out to find out what it looks like.

It was on the first day of the new year that we visited this place. Trev has done his part again by visiting us here in Latvia during winter, even though he is more of a summer guy.

Initially, we planned to go to the KGB museum, but it was closed. So, since we had never been to Jūrmala yet, we took the chance and visited this place with him. 

The plan was to have a day out and for Trev to use the SPA, which was very well-known for this place. However, after questioning the hotels in the Majori and Dzintari areas, we couldn’t find any available slots. 

The second time we visited this place was after hearing many people gushing about how beautiful this place transformed when the snow blanketed the beach. 

Train to Jūrmala

Jūrmala, being so close to Riga, is an ideal place for a half-day or full-day trip. The journey by train to this seaside resort takes just half an hour. 

The train towards Sloka at platform three departs every half an hour, and you can stop at either Majori or Dzintari station. The tickets can be purchased via the counter for less than 4€ for a return journey.

Jūrmala Beach

The beach in Jūrmala stretches 25.6 kilometres long with white quartz sand. So, plenty of space for everyone during summer. The second time we were here, the sea was dead calm compared to when we first visited this place on the first day of the new year. 

There was also plenty of brown algae along the beach on our first visit, which made this beach look slightly dirty. However, on our second visit, the brown algae was now buried deep under the snow. Thus, the beach looked cleaner.

Jomas Street

This pedestrian street is the perfect destination after a leisurely walk along the shore. It boasts a variety of eateries, boutiques, and gift stores.

Church Of Our Lady Of Kazan

This eye-catching, beautiful-looking structure is a Russian Orthodox church, and it was newly completed in 2019.

The Architecture

Jūrmala is famous for its unique wooden architecture, including charming houses with special roof shapes.

Restaurant / Pub – Alus Krodziņš

Fancy some Reindeer meats? Alus Krodziņš is just around the corner from the Russian Orthodox church.

They have a few types of draught beers available and quite a selection of dishes, including Reindeer Hunters sausages @ 6.70€ and cured Reindeer meats @ 8.50€. It’s also cosy and warm with its wood-burning stoves.

So, have you decided yet which one you prefer? Jūrmala with or without snow?

Travel Date: 01st & 20th January 2024

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