Chiang Mai The New City

Chiang Mai is the second-largest city in Thailand with its population of about half a million. Located 700km from Bangkok, there are three options to reach this place, bus, train or by flight. The cheapest option is by Bus with the fare about 400-600Baht. However, I’m not sitting on a bus for 10 hours journey unless there’s no other option. And since flight and train are a much comfortable way of travelling, we opted for it. Continue reading “Chiang Mai The New City”

The Sacred City

Planning to go local on this trip to Ayutthaya, we bought ourselves a 3rd class coach seating on an ordinary train. Selling at only 15Baht per person, we get to sit where there’s no air con but a fan. However, we were unlucky, to get seats with a broken fan. Sweat trickled from every corner of my pores, and by the time we finally reached after about 2 hours journey, I was completely drenched. It was fun though, and you get yourself a free sauna too!

Continue reading “The Sacred City”

City of Angels

I’ve always been interested in visiting Bangkok, so, when Mike asked me where I would like to go for my birthday, I suggested Bangkok. It didn’t take long for him to approve my choice of place since Bangkok has always been his favourite city.  However, we didn’t travel precisely on my birthday. Instead, we flew from Penang International Airport on the 19th. From Don Muang airport, we took a taxi to the Pinnacle Lumpinee Park Hotel. The taxi charges were around 300baht including toll. Continue reading “City of Angels”