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Food Trip in Two Countries

This post was all about our two-day quick trip searching for food in places where we stopped. The trip was from Penang to Langkawi and then to Satun Thailand.

We bought our ferry ticket two days before the departure date from Super Fast Ferry Ventures. The cost for a round trip from Penang to Langkawi was RM140.00 per person.

Breakfast – Penang

On that day, we left home at about 6:30 am and drove to Georgetown to have our first meal at Veloo Villas, Little India. The shop was famous for its Banana Leaf rice and to ensure its authenticity; all the cooks were from India. The only problem with the place was to find a parking space, especially during lunch hours.

However, if you come in the early morning for breakfast, that won’t be a problem.

My breakfast – Tosai and Teh Tarik

By the time we reached the terminal, it was already 8 am. We hurried and parked the car under a tree at the car park opposite the Immigration office before walking to the terminal. I saw a massive cruise ship, Queen Elizabeth Hamilton. Sadly, it wasn’t our ride for this trip.

I wish I could get on board this ship

Lunch – Langkawi

The ferry departed on time at 08:30 am, and we reached Langkawi after 2 hours and 50 minutes. Before we got to our second meal, we went to the Langkawi Andaman Ferry Venture ticket counter and purchased our second ferry ride to Satun, Thailand.

We bought return tickets at the cost of RM30.00 per person. After sorting our transportation, we had our meal in the cafeteria but couldn’t enjoy the meal as we needed to rush to the customs.

Our lunch at the Langkawi food court

The queue was very long, but we still managed to get on to the ferry in time before it left at 1 pm. We reached Tammalang pier after 1 and a half hours, and you could see the gigantic artwork of crab at the dock.

Starter – Satun

We took a taxi to Lomlay Resort, and it took 25 minutes for the 12.4km journey. We checked in to the resort, freshened up and then walked to Big C Supercenter located about 8 minutes’ walk from the resort. We had our third meal at the food court.

Spicy Somtam at Big C Supercenter

Satun – A Thai version taken from the original Malay’s name, Setul, (santol, or wild mangosteen tree).

Snack – Satun

We rode a Tuk-tuk to @ On’s kitchen which was located about 3.3km away and had a few beers and snacks.

Dinner – Satun

To lose some calories after all the meals we had digested earlier, we walked about 1 km towards the resort before stopping at a potential restaurant called Time Restaurant.

It was an excellent choice, the restaurant’s ambience was great, and the food was delicious and inexpensive. When we finished the meal, we couldn’t walk back with our full stomachs. So, we took a Tuk-tuk back to the resort.

Breakfast – Satun

The next morning, we had our big breakfast in the stall next door. Before leaving the resort with a taxi back to the pier, I bid farewell to the two friendly guard dogs.

The clearance process at the customs was smooth, and our ferry departed on time at 09:30 am Thailand time. We still had plenty of time to kill when we reached Langkawi. So, to kill our boredom, we wandered around, but it seemed like every time we came here, the sky always threatened us with its tears.

We had no choice but to head back to the ferry terminal and patiently waited for 02:30 pm to come. While waiting, we had a few beers and shopped some for takeaway.

The eagle braced itself to face the incoming storm

When we got to the car, I saw that it was intact, but covered with bird droppings! Oh my! I quickly drove to the nearby car wash and had the unfortunate workers to wash off the hardened poop.

Travel Date: 07th ~ 08th April 2014

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