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Pearl of the Orient

After 4 hours on the plane with Jetstar, we finally arrived in Hong Kong. We took the Metro train down to Hong Kong station and then rode a taxi to Cosmo Hotel Wan Chai.

The luck was still on our side because the hotel gave us a free upgrade to an Executive room for our three-night stay! Shall I buy a lottery ticket? 😉.

View from our room

We took the tram and met up Mike’s mate, Adam at The Broadway, and he took us to Dusk till dawn for a few drinks. Heineken draught @ 76HKD/pint and Coke @ 48HKD. 

Victoria Peak

The next morning, with Adam as our tour guide, we went to Victoria Peak with a taxi. There was another way to get up there which was by taking the Peak Tram, and from what I heard, the view along the journey with the tram was pretty scenic.

So, next time, if you come here, try taking the Tram. However, no matter what mode of transport you choose, the most important thing is to be able to get up there and enjoy the beautiful view overlooking Hong Kong’s skyscrapers as well as the famous Victoria Harbour. 

View from The Peak

De Belgie Bar & Restaurant

Once we finished with the tour, we took a taxi back and had our lunch at De Belgie Bar & Restaurant,  located at 21 Elgin Street.

The bill :
Beef Lasagna with Leffe Blonde 330ml @ 118.00
Beef Lasagna with Stella 330ml @ 118.00
1 Coke @ 48.00
2 Stella 330ml @ 136.00,
1 Wittekerke Rose 330ml @ 68.00
2 Duvel 330ml @ 136.00
Total bill plus tax: 686.40HKD


The next morning, we had our brunch at 潮味居 located at Bowrington Road. We ordered Sauteed Shredded Beef, Stewed mushrooms with vegetables, rice and drinks. The total cost was 257.00 HKD. 

Avenue of Stars

Finished with the meal, we took the MTR, got off at Tsim Sha Tsui station and followed the crowd to the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade.

Hong Kong MTR System Map

It’s a straight walk, but you will need to use the subway’s pedestrian tunnel to cross the road. The Avenue of Stars was right on the waterfront of Victoria Harbour, and it was a beautiful place. Make sure to have it on your travel itinerary.

The Avenue of Stars was a 400-metre-long bridge section of the waterside promenade along the northern side of Victoria Harbour, and the construction cost was 40 million HKD!

Throughout the walkway, we saw plenty of stalls selling souvenirs, and there were about 20 hand-prints of famous Chinese celebrities as well as the statue of the very well-known martial artist, Bruce Lee.

If you didn’t get to read the information about Bruce Lee when you were there, don’t worry, you can read it from here:

Avenue of Stars "Star of the Century" Bruce Lee Statue
Not only Hong Kong is the place that shapes Bruce Lee's formative years, it is also where his culture takes root. Bruce Lee's years in Hong Kong make up the collective memory of Hong Kong people. Bruce Lee makes his name in the world through Hong Kong cinema, in returns, Hong Kong cinema make its name in the world through Bruce Lee.

Young and handsome, agile and virile, Bruce Lee succeeds in breaking the stereotype to rebuild a new image for Chinese on the big screen. Single-handedly, he reinvents martial art movie into a new genre and brings it into the Hollywood mainstream. Not only his punches and kicks catch global audience's eyes, his philosophy captivates their minds. He sets an unprecedented new trend that is unique in the world.

2005 celebrates the 100th anniversary of Chinese cinema. The Bruce Lee club commissions the bronze statue of Bruce Lee to be erected in the Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui. The statue captures the rapidity of his punch, the vigorousness of his physique, the sparkles in his eyes. It is a figure that evokes nothing but enchantment.

Bruce Lee's days in Hong Kong bear witness not only of his cinema journey but also of the societal changes in Hong Kong. They are all part of the collective memory of Hong Kong people. The Bruce Lee club is with the support of Hong Kong SAR Government and financed by the Hong Kong Film Development Fund to launch "The Bruce Lee Way" in 2013, with the objectives to promote Hong Kong made martial art movies, as well as to boost the Hong Kong cinema and tourism.

Rather be ashes than dust - forty years after Bruce Lee's departure, revisiting the footsteps of this superstar, we revive the memory of his inspiring vision, his warm smile, his sense of humour, his words and actions. The flame of his legacy never extinguishes. His legend lives on.                     
Text by Chip Tsao 2013.07.20  

King Ludwig Beerhall

To wrap up our day, we went to King Ludwig Beerhall at Hopewell Centre, had our dinner and spent 425HKD.

Price :
Urfass 1L @ 95.00HKD x 2
San Pellegrino @ 36.00HKD
Mini sampler @ 160.00HKD

The next day, we took MTR airport express @ 100.00HKD each to the airport and had our lunch at Viet’s Choice for 147.00HKD. Our flight departed at 02:20 pm, and we arrived at Changi Airport at 06:15 pm. By 09:15 pm, we finally reached Penang.

Travel Date: 23rd ~ 26th Mac 2014

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