Charley Davidson Series by Darynda Jones

Charley Davidson series written by Darynda Jones is a story about a woman who’s a grim reaper and also a part-time private investigator. The main character – Charley Davidson, helps the police and FBI solving cases with her ability to communicate with the dead people and help them to cross over. In every single book, Darynda made sure that a little introduction to all of the characters, as well as what has been happening in the previous book, so it should be fine to jump-start from any of the books. However, in my opinion, to enjoy the story, I’d advise you to read them all. Continue reading “Charley Davidson Series by Darynda Jones”

The Angel Knights Series by Mary Ting

The Angel Knights series written by Mary Ting is a spin-off to her Crossroads Saga series, and most of the books told a story in Lucia’s point of view. I’ve included a synopsis and a short review to each book in the series as well as the reading order. At the moment, this series consists of three main books which are The Chosen Knights, The Blessed Knights and The Sacred Knights. It also comes with one book with a short story which is The Angel Knights, a prequel to the first book. Continue reading “The Angel Knights Series by Mary Ting”