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Supernatural Prison Story Series by Jaymin Eve

Fans of Supernatural Prison must read this spinoff series containing HEA stories of Louis & the rest of the Compass brothers, Maximus, Tyson & Jacob.

Although the author suggests that reading the previous series is not essential before starting this one, I hold a different opinion. Reading them first will make you enjoy the story more and appreciate and comprehend the intricacies of this Supernatural Prison world.

The reading order – How to Read Supernatural Prison World Stories by Jaymin Eve

Title: Supernatural Prison Story
Author: Jaymin Eve
Genres: Fantasy > Paranormal > Dragons / Shapeshifters / Magic / Vampires / Fae
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 1,261
Reading Date: 12th March 2024 – 29th March 2024

The reading order – How to Read Supernatural Prison Story Series by Jaymin Eve

  • 1 Broken Compass
  • 2 Magical Compass
  • 3 Louis
  • 4 Elemental Compass

Broken Compass

Maximus Compass is a vampire without direction. Without heart. And without soul. He lost his true mate in the great battle against the dragon king and now must face life alone.

And yet … something is happening to his agony. It’s fading away, leaving him with barely a memory of the female he believed to be his one and only.

As his mind clears he starts to wonder if the mate bond had been nothing more than a manufactured ploy? This suspicion explodes within him right around the time he runs back into a certain wolf shifter.

Mischa Lebron is a complication he doesn’t need in his life. He can’t erase her from his mind though, and while memories of his supposed true mate continue to fade into mere shadows, his one night with Mischa is blazingly strong. But they’re not of the same supernatural race, so there’s no way for a true bond to exist between them.


When an old threat rips apart their pack, Maximus will come to realize that he would do anything to save Mischa. That the mate he thought was perfect and precious was nothing on the shifter he walked away from. Now Maximus truly has everything to lose.

The story involves the events of the previous series, but instead of being told from Jessa’s perspective, it is now narrated from two different points of view: Mischa and Maximus.

We know there are unresolved issues from the previous series, as antagonists Melly and Kristoff have not faced consequences for their actions yet. With the conclusion of this book, loose ends are tied up, and my suspicions about Maximus’ true mate are confirmed.

The tale of this couple is just as thrilling as the adventure of Jessa and Braxton. Unlike their trilogy, Maximus and Mischa’s story is packed into a single book, and it has three intense scenarios that left me anxious and concerned for their well-being.

This book may change your perspective if you previously held animosity towards Mischa due to her past actions. After witnessing the understanding and forgiveness shown by the other characters, it begs the question – why can’t you do the same?

Magical Compass

Tyson Compass, as one of the famed Compass quads, is not a wizard used to living with regrets. Except for one: Grace Carter.

Grace is a healer witch he rejected many years ago. After completely disappearing from his life, she has returned, and turned his world upside down. The attraction between them flares strongly, but she has not forgotten or forgiven his callous rebuff when they were teens.

Tyson does everything he can to prove he will never hurt her again, and just when he thinks there might be a chance for them, she has to leave again. She makes him promise not to follow her – a promise he honors for as long as he can. But after almost two months with no word, he’s done waiting. He’s going to find his girl.

With a little help from his brothers, he tracks her down, only to find Grace betrayed by her family … tortured … hurt. His rage knows no bounds. He will do everything he can to bring her family to justice, to find out why they turned on her.

By unlocking these secrets, though, he will discover that Grace is so much more than just a healer witch. She holds a secret that could save the world of Faerie. Or destroy it.

Grace is a character from the previous series we heard so little about. Besides being a healer and her unrecruited love with Tyson when they were teenagers, there is nothing else we know about her. But, what we certainly know is that the Compass brothers and their mates’ destiny is always about thwarting the villains from ending the world.

These books are beautifully written to showcase these astounding women who play a significant role in the world and that they are worthy mates for the formidable Compass brothers. Each of these women possesses unique abilities and holds a special status. Jaymin’s creativity and storytelling skills are evident as she brings the story to life.

As we learn about Grace and Tyson in this story, we might also possibly meet the future mate candidate of the last Compasses, Jacob. But before his turn, let’s save Louis and get him his happy ending!


Trapped in the demon world, Louis, one of the most powerful sorcerers in existence, will find himself struggling with the darkness that has seeped into his soul. His family are determined to save him, but they have no idea what the demons have unleashed. And when a sorcerer of his strength loses control, there’s a chance that no one will survive the fallout.

Louis, the powerful Mage, has always been a valuable ally to Jessa and the gang, but we know so little about his life. Through this book, we get to learn about his childhood, closest friend, and chosen partner.

I couldn’t help but feel unsettled as I read about his descent into a power-crazy mage. Let’s be honest here, without the appearance of his true mate, we would no doubt have an epic fight equal to battling the Dragon King.

However, this time, no blood was spilled. Instead, there was an internal struggle of the heart. The story also sets the stage for the final book, ‘Elemental Compass,’ which centres around Jacob. Thanks to Louis, Jacob may just find his true mate in this predicament.

Still, the tale of Louis and his true mate lacks the same level of adventure as the previous books. The only fun part for me was when the gang journeyed into Purgatory. Other than that, I didn’t find it as entertaining as the other books. Sorry, Louis!

Elemental Compass

Jacob Compass is stuck in the human world, navigating a peaceful treaty so that supernaturals are not exposed. Justice Winter reluctantly finds herself helping him with this task, all the while dreaming about punching him in his perfect, smug face. Suffice it to say, their coexistence is a challenge in many ways.

Turns out, though, that during this battle against an enemy that they can’t just kill and get rid of–annoying as it may be–they learn that they have more in common than just their fey race. More than the fact that both of them find joy in the fire element.

There’s something deeper that exists in their souls, and maybe, it might just take the end of the world for them to figure out what it is.

We have come to the end of this series, and I will definitely miss it. Supernatural Prison World, especially Stratford, is a great place to live. With a powerful pack that would do anything to protect the community, what is not to love?

In the final instalment of this series, the last Compass brother finds his happily ever after, paired with a formidable partner who will keep him on his toes. One aspect that stood out throughout this series was the author’s skill in crafting vivid descriptions that brought the world to life.

I also liked how this book had Justice resolve some of the things from her past that had been weighing on her. My only regret is I didn’t get to read the other compasses and their mates’ reactions when they visited Jacob’s secret hideaway. Will they be able to gain entry now?

I am looking forward to reading the last two series the author has completed before exploring the works of other authors. For those who haven’t read the Supernatural Academy, I highly recommend reading them next.

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