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Wolfish Series by G.K. DeRosa

The World of Azar’s Fifth series features Sierra & Hunter as they navigate the treacherous political warfare of the Wolf pack. A slow-burn enemies-to-lovers romance not to be missed.

To fully immerse yourself in the intricate world of Azar and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of its complexities, please read the series in the intended order.

The Reading Order – How to Read the Series Set in the World of Azar by G.K. DeRosa

Title: Wolfish
Author: G.K. DeRosa
Genres: Fantasy > Paranormal > Magic / Shapeshifters – Werewolves
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 1,184
Reading Date: 22nd June 2024 – 02nd July 2024

The Reading Order – How to Read Wolfish Series by G.K. DeRosa

  • 1 Moonborne
  • 2 Curseborne
  • 3 Mateborne
  • 4 Fateborne


Fate has a wicked sense of humor.

When I was sixteen, I met the love of my life in magic school. He’d appear exactly once a year at the annual masquerade ball, then vanish…

Fast forward to the present: to the night I’m attacked and my hidden wolf emerges. As it turns out, I’m a freakin’ hairy, tail-wagging, shape-shifting werewolf so instead of returning to the human world after graduating, I’m dragged to Moon Valley to control my inner beast. Only problem is, I’m not just a wolf.

And someone wants me dead because of it.

When I meet the alpha heir, sparks fly. And bombshell—he’s my supposed wolfy fated mate, but he’s nothing like the boy I loved. He’s cold, sullen, a total jerk but impossibly gorgeous. Of course. And he’s got secrets too. Despite hating him most days, I can’t deny the irresistible attraction…and neither can he. Even after he rejects me.

Little does he know, I’m more than capable of taking care of myself—maybe even capable of taking his claim as alpha.

I love diving into the series penned by G.K. DeRosa that takes place in the enchanting World of Azar. It’s such a thrill to reconnect with beloved characters from earlier series and discover what new adventures they’re embarking on.

Currently, the only character I recognize is Vander from the Supernatural Prison Squad Series. I’m curious to see if his relationship with Talon has improved since the last series ended. Hopefully, there will be some updates on that soon.

Sierra takes the spotlight in this exciting new series, accompanied by Hunter, a male character who made a brief appearance in the previous series. Hunter caught my attention from the moment I learned about him, and I’m thrilled that he’s finally getting the chance to tell his own story.

Exploring the wolf territory and hierarchy in the world of Azar for the first time is fascinating. Each main house has unique abilities, making the world-building rich and diverse. Sierra’s arrival brings hope to the once-extinct strongest house.

The story includes elements of bullying, enemies-to-lovers romance, surprises, and twists. I can’t wait to see Sierra and Hunter conquer their obstacles and witness Sierra’s growth.

Cass, the confident and supportive best friend, adds a wonderful dynamic to the story. I hope their friendship remains strong in the upcoming books.


Who says a girl can’t be alpha?

With the Alpha Trials starting, I have to get my head in the game. Problem is, my heart is so obsessed with my infuriating cursed mate, I can’t focus. But I have to. Because with the secret of my true bloodline out, the supreme alpha wants my head on a platter. And he’s not above using the trials to get the job done.

As if surviving the dreaded trials wasn’t bad enough, I also have to deal with the unwanted (and sometimes deadly) advances of the other Lunar Pack competitors. Who knew this mate thing was such a big deal? Now I’ve got vampire, faery, and angel wolf hybrids chasing my tail.

That does not make my possessive fated mate happy. Between stolen kisses and sidelong glances, he refuses to complete our mate bond unless the curse is broken, but that doesn’t mean he wants anyone else’s paws on me either.

All I have to do is get my mystical powers working, win the trials and cure my cursed mate, and I’ll be one happy she-wolf. Easy, right?

Picking up where its predecessor left off, ‘Curseborne thrusts readers into the Alpha trials as Sierra accepts the challenge. Unlike its previous instalment, this captivating sequel also contains Hunter’s perspective, immersing readers in his thoughts and motivations.

Amidst their pursuit to unravel the curse plaguing Hunter and safeguard her during the dangerous Alpha trials, the duo embarks on a mission to locate Sierra’s missing mother.

G.K. DeRosa has done it again, crafting another enthralling tale! I couldn’t put it down, devouring it in one sitting. This fast-paced, action-packed story is a whirlwind of drama, romance, and unexpected twists and turns. While I had a hunch about the outcome, it didn’t diminish the enjoyment of the journey.

Regarding Hunter’s love issue, I would have loved to see them form their mate bond first before dealing with the curse problem. With the High Priestess’s identity already known, it wouldn’t make sense for her to let Sierra and Hunter build a life together without love, especially with the mate bond in place.

There’s also a chance that Sierra, as she grows more comfortable with her powers, might be able to break the curse herself! We’ll have to wait and see what happens next. I also can’t wait to discover the purpose of Sierra’s blessed wolf. It could be the answer we’ve been searching for.

While Sierra and Hunter’s story is captivating, I’m also intrigued by the side characters’ development, Cass, Sierra’s best friend, who’s now with Roman’s pack and seemingly getting close to Vander. I’m eager to read about their interactions, particularly their date, and how Cass navigates her new environment within Roman’s pack.


Let the hunt for the cure begin…

I never thought I’d lose so much when I first set foot in Moon Valley, but I refuse to believe it was all in vain. I won’t stop until Tyrien is punished, the curse is broken, and my mate is free.

With the Alpha Trials in full swing, I need to stay focused on what’s really at stake. It’s not just about winning the game, it’s about stealing the throne from the supreme alpha and finally getting my revenge.

The only way I can do that is with my reluctant fated mate at my side. He’s vowed to help me win, to take down his own father, but will he really be able to kill his own flesh and blood to protect me?

When a stranger shows up in Moon Valley, my already complicated love life takes a turn for the worse. Between uncovering secrets of the past and hunting for my grandmother, I barely have time to concentrate on my new powers. But I have to, because the trials are getting deadlier, and my unpredictable magic is not only the key to my survival, but to that of my pack.

G.K. Derosa delivers another captivating page-turner book that won’t disappoint the reader. 

Sierra’s powers are increasing in strength, and the search for her grandmother to break the curse becomes more urgent. All the while, the Alpha trials become progressively more hazardous. Not only that, but Sierra also learns that she is not the only Mystic Pack wolf and is then instructed by her father, through a letter, to mate with the last member of the Mystic Pack to rebuild the pack. 

Throughout the series, I have been anticipating the arrival of Garrix or Azara, who are the most powerful warlocks and potentially possess the ability to break the curse. However, it appears that the author has a different plan in mind for breaking the curse, which has yet to be disclosed in this book. We will have to wait for the final book to discover the outcome.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, which presented an engaging story filled with unexpected twists and turns. Additionally, we get some updates from the characters of the Supernatural Prison Squad throughout the narrative, which adds another layer of enjoyment😉.


I’m not alone. There are other Mystic wolves out there, and now I have to find them. And win the Alpha Trials, get my revenge on the supreme alpha and of course, break my mate’s curse. Phew… And I thought things would be easier now that we’d finally completed the mate bond. I was very wrong. When Hunter takes matters into his own hands, a desperate decision escalates the situation from bad to worse.

With our new relationship on the line, my jilted wolfy fiancé makes his move, trying to worm his way into my fragile heart. As if dealing with two males wasn’t bad enough, the final round of the Alpha Trials takes a dark turn, and an unexpected loss nearly breaks me once again.

With my love life in turmoil, the survival of my pack on the line and everything up in the air, the question isn’t whether I’ll win the trials and get my happily ever after with my mate, but will I live to see the last day of the competition?

The Alpha trials reach the final week of the challenge, and the winner will earn the title of High Alpha. Hunter’s unwavering resolve to secure Sierra’s triumph collides with his desperate attempt to break the curse that binds him. The destiny of their love hangs in the balance, teasing the possibility of both victory and devastation.

This charming series has woven its magic, captivating me with every page. The fast pace and flawless prose have made Sierra’s extraordinary journey more enjoyable. I love how far she has come in her power!

The dynamic balance between action and romance, intriguing twists, challenges, and heartbreak, coupled with the immersive world-building, creates an unforgettable literary experience. The riveting conclusion brings closure and satisfaction, leaving a memorable mark on this fifth series set in the world of Azar‘s story.

Since discovering the existence of the Sicari training island, my curiosity has been ignited. With Ransom’s involvement confirmed in the upcoming series, sweetening the deal, I can’t wait to read the Vampish series!

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