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The Dark Fae Series by G.K. DeRosa

The World of Azar’s third series features Drake in the reality show, Royally Hitched. Witch twins Tempest and Arabella masquerade as Fae to join the show.

To fully immerse yourself in the intricate world of Azar and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of its complexities, please read the series in the intended order.

The Reading Order – How to Read the Series Set in the World of Azar by G.K. DeRosa

Title: The Dark Fae / Royally Hitched
Author: G.K. DeRosa
Genres: Fantasy > Paranormal > Fae / Magic
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 827
Reading Date: 04th June 2024 – 12th June 2024

  • 1 The Fae Prince
  • 2 The Fae Twins
  • 3 The Fae Princess

The Fae Prince

A fight to the death…

Or at least that’s what it feels like when my twin sister and I are pitted against a dozen ruthless Fae females in a competition to marry the Spring Court prince. On live television.

If we can survive eight weeks on Royally Hitched, we’ll earn our freedom and a one-way ticket home to the human world.

All we have to do is play nice with the mean girls and stuck up ice prince. Oh, did I mention we shouldn’t even be here since we’re not actually Fae? Well, no one knows that—yet.

As girls are eliminated and the competition heats up, things take a lethal turn. Someone wants the prince dead, and we all become targets. When he’s almost killed, unexpected feelings come over me. Panic. Pain. Sadness. The idea of losing him actually hurts.

And what’s worse… my sister feels the same way.

The Fae Prince has been a lovely first book of the Dark Fae series. Whilst Drake is the main male character, there are also two newly introduced female leads in this third series set in the world of Azar. This book also features familiar faces from Darkblood Academy series, including Triston and Aeria, albeit for a limited time.

Tempest and Arabella, twin sisters, are Garrix’s daughters, making them half-sisters to Kimmie-Jayne and Luna Hallows. How many children Garrix has and whether their stories will be featured throughout the upcoming series set in the Azar world remains to be seen.

So far, we have witnessed his daughters married to some influential beings. Thus, it raises questions about his intentions. Is his ambition boundless, driven by a desire to control all realms? While unsettling, I hope this is not the case because he seems to be a decent father.

Returning to the tale of the Fae Prince, the narrative seamlessly shifts between Drake, Tempest, and Arabella’s perspectives. It’s particularly captivating to delve into Drake’s thoughts, a privilege denied in the previous series.

I can’t choose a favourite between the twin sisters! Both Arabella and Tempest have qualities I like. Arabella is gentler and more level-headed, while Tempest is wilder and fearless. As for who’d make a better queen, I’d say Arabella.

The narrative captivates me with its intricate interplay of bullying and levity, secretive espionage, spiteful noblewomen, intense drama, and profound emotions. Its brilliance leaves me in awe. I eagerly anticipate the revelation of Drake’s potential assassin and the motivations behind the surveillance of the Fae court. The unfortunate event right at the end of the story might lead to a good thing or perhaps make things worse.

The Fae Twins

The prince is in prison for a murder he didn’t commit—or did he?

With all the intrigue at Spring Court, I don’t know who to trust anymore. Even my own sister is keeping secrets from me. The closer we get to Drake, the more dangerous it is for both of us. Not only because of the swirling rumors of murder but also for our traitorous hearts.

We were never supposed to fall for the prince.

As more girls are eliminated, tensions rise within the palace and beyond. The lesser Fae are out for blood, and it’s not just Drake’s they’re calling for. When an attack on the castle proves deadly, an unexpected secret about our past is revealed that could change everything.

Between sorting out family secrets, dodging Fae mean girls, and trying to keep our hearts intact, the next few weeks of the competition are going to be brutal.

But we have to survive because now there’s more at stake than just a ticket home.

One of us could win the prince’s heart…

Book two lets us catch up with Scarlett and Reina, familiar characters from the Darkblood Academy series, and welcomes back Ryder and Cillian, the main characters from both the Hitched and Darkblood Academy series, though their appearances are brief.

The twin sisters, Tempest and Arabella, find themselves drawn to the charms of Drake. Despite Tempest’s efforts to conceal her affections, her selfless rescue of the prince sets in motion an event that will irrevocably alter their destinies.

Despite my previous assertion that Arabella is more fitting for the role of queen, ultimately, matters of the heart prevail, and it seems Drake has finally decided between the two. If only the council remained uninvolved, he may have a choice of heart. Otherwise, he would have to submit an arranged suitor for political gains.

This book finally fulfilled my long-held anticipation of Drake discovering the girls’ father, only to be abruptly cut short by a tantalizing cliffhanger! Now that the secret is out, does it even matter which twin captures his heart?

The suspense is killing me! The latest twist has ignited some hope in me that perhaps it’s the key for the twins to insert themselves into the Fae realm for real. I can’t wait to devour the final book and discover the twins and Drake’s ultimate fate. This tale has taken me on a whirlwind of emotions, leaving me breathless at every turn. It’s truly a captivating story.

The Fae Princess

Fae fated mates? Really?

When my twin and I started this competition, we had no idea what we were getting into. Not only did we both end up falling for the prince, but we also discovered we might be more than Fae phonies after all.

Now that Drake knows the real identity of our father, will he be able to forgive us so we can discover the truth of our heritage? Doubtful.

And even if he does, will the king’s council ever let Drake choose his own wife? Doubly doubtful.

With a murderer still on the loose, the lesser Fae rioting, and the competition coming to an end, tensions quickly escalate in the palace and my twin takes matters into her own hands, making a decision that changes everything.

The chaos reigning in the Spring Court is no match for the turmoil in my heart because the biggest question still remains…

Who will become the next Fae princess?

This series is delightful, with unexpected twists, intense emotions, and satisfying conclusions for both twins. If you’re in the mood for a binge-worthy series that will keep you captivated, look no further than this one.

One lingering concern I have about the deception presented in the show is the portrayal of the twins’ mother as their aunt. Does this imply they will perpetually live in deceit within the Fae community?

Otherwise, did I miss the clarification of their lineage, where Garrix was acknowledged as their father and the ‘aunt’ as their mother? Notably, Garrix handed over Tempest during the wedding ceremony, but whether he attended with his actual face or others was not clarified.

I’m disappointed I missed Bella’s wedding. I secretly hoped a new fae mate mark would appear for Bella and her husband. Oh well, it is what it is. I still enjoyed the entire story. Great work, author! Now I’m off to read the fourth series set in the world of Azar, the Supernatural Prison Squad Series.

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