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Darkblood Academy Series by G.K. DeRosa

The World of Azar’s second series follows Luna’s journey at Darkblood Academy as a half-blood facing challenges among supernatural beings.

To fully immerse yourself in the intricate world of Azar and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of its complexities, please read the series in the intended order.

The Reading Order – How to Read the Series Set in the World of Azar by G.K. DeRosa

  • 1 The Hitched Series
  • 2 Darkblood Academy Series
  • 3 The Dark Fae Series
  • 4 Supernatural Prison Squad Series
  • 5 Wolfish Series
  • 6 Vampish Series
  • 7 Of Gods and Wolves Series
  • 8 The Hitched Live Series

Title: Darkblood Academy
Author: G.K. DeRosa
Genres: Fantasy > Paranormal > Magic / Demons / Fae / Angels
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 1,002
Reading Date: 26th May 2024 – 04th June 2024

The Reading Order – How to Read Darkblood Academy Series by G.K. DeRosa

  • 1 Half-Blood
  • 2 Supernatural Slayer Squad
  • 3 Demons
  • 4 Prophecies


Welcome to Darkblood—oops, I mean Darkhen Academy.

There are three rules to survive the elite supernatural school:

  1. Do not talk or even look at The Seven, the uber-powerful supes that rule the academy.
  2. Never go into the Fae forest on a full moon… or else.
  3. And most definitely do not fall for one of the extremely hot and unattainable instructors.

Too bad I’ve never really been a rule follower…

A year ago the supernaturals came out of the closet on primetime TV, and about a minute ago I found out I was one of them—well, a half-blood anyway.

So here I am at Darkhen Academy, the only human and no magical abilities to speak of. The only reason I’m here is because of my father—a man I didn’t even know existed until now. He’s crazy powerful, and they think I could be too. But what could I possibly contribute to an exclusive squad of dragon shifters, fae, witches, and vampires?

I guess we’re about to find out because the merging of the supernatural and human realms isn’t going as smoothly as planned. If word gets out that humans are no longer safe from the supes, our worlds will once again be closed off.

It’s up to us to stop that from happening.

Darkblood Academy, a spinoff of the Hitched series, is the second series set within the Azar universe. This initial instalment features cameos from characters close to Kimmie-Jayne, such as Cillian and Ryder. Fans of these characters will enjoy catching up with their story in this captivating new series.

Darkhen Academy, also known as Darkblood Academy, is a prestigious institution where supernatural elites pursue their education. Our protagonist, Luna, is 18 years old half-blood, and she is also Kimmie-Jayne’s half-sister.

So, when Luna gets sent to the Academy in Azar, she feels insecure. As the only half-blood raised by humans, surrounded by supernatural beings and devoid of any abilities, she questions her chances of survival. Thankfully, Cinder, Fenix’s little sister, is there to help her adjust to this new and daunting world.

If I had my way, I would prefer that Luna end up with Drake. Or change things so that Luna was not related to Kimmie-Jayne. Because if Ryder were to end up with Luna in the future, as it seems likely, it would be an awkward situation. Ryder used to share a romantic connection with her step-sister, for god sake!

Anyway, this is a quick and engaging read. Prepare for moments of lighthearted mischief, the blossoming of a heartwarming friendship, a slow-burn romance, and the thrilling confrontation with demons.

Supernatural Slayer Squad

Welcome to the Supernatural Slayer Squad!

Our task is simple. Kill all the demon baddies before they wreak havoc on the human realm and destroy the fragile peace between our two worlds. Easy peasy, right?

Well, if I can’t figure out how to get this devil’s mark off my chest, the demons won’t stop coming for me. Luckily, my long lost father has shown up promising to help me get rid of it. But do I really want a dark warlock’s help?

Then there’s my love life—or serious lack there of. I broke all the rules my first semester, and the worst was falling for my demon bad boy instructor. Our so-called relationship is strictly forbidden and if he can’t get his inner demon under control, we’re totally screwed.

To make matters worse, the dark lord of the Underworld has set her sights on me and my unique powers. She’s dead set on making the human world her evil minions’ playground and thinks I’m the key to stopping her.

So I guess I have to be…

Embrace a whirlwind of emotions as the second instalment of the Darkblood Academy series unveils a tapestry of sadness, anger, shame, fear, pride, and happiness. Action, drama, romance, and unexpected twists intertwine and demand immediate immersion to unravel the compelling events that lie ahead.

Luna, our heroine, is getting stronger and new abilities are emerging faster than she can learn to control them. However, her remarkable progress in spellcasting baffles me, and I’m disappointed that the author omitted scenes of her training with Drake. Including these scenes would have enriched the story.

Ms. Mikalson intrigues me; something about her seems off. I can’t help but wonder if she might pose a future threat, perhaps even betraying the team. My other concern is Drake discovering his father’s killer. I sincerely hope that day never comes.

In the next book, I hope it will delve deeper into the individual personalities and backgrounds of the lesser-mentioned Supe Slayer Squad members: Triston, Raf, Aeria, and their latest addition, Zephyr.

Furthermore, it’s time for the Supe Slayer Squad to step up their game. At present, their chemistry and teamwork seem to be lacking. A stronger foundation of shared experiences and deeper connections among the members would enhance their effectiveness as a unit.

But the more pressing matter is getting their instructor back because the story wouldn’t be the same without him. Will we have the opportunity to explore the underworld?


I barely survived my first year at Darkhen Academy, and now with Ryder gone and my heart shattered I’m not sure I’ll outlive the second.

But I have to, right? Because Luxora and her evil minions aren’t waiting around for me to get over my broken heart. With increased attacks in the human world, the supe slayer squad must ride on!

Then there’s my father. He’s kind of obsessed with unlocking my new super powers. As the first female warlock ever, he’s dead set on harnessing my abilities, even my darkest ones. But if I do, will the dark oracle’s prophecy prove true?

The problem is, I can’t focus on any of that when all I want to do is tear apart the Underworld until I find Ryder. But after months apart, will the man I find be the same one I fell for?

The third book is just as emotionally charged as the second, with Luna struggling to cope without Ryder, leading to repeated episodes of mental breakdown. Drake steps in and shows Luna his softer side by offering unwavering support, and as a result, a spark ignites between them. However, Ryder remains a powerful presence in Luna’s thoughts.

A romance set aside, the treat over Luna is not over yet. Luxora, the demon lord, relentlessly dispatches minions in pursuit of Luna. To save Ryder and ultimately defeat Luxora, Luna must push herself to new heights.

The narrative thrives with action, and while the outcome was not unexpected, I am intrigued to read the series’ conclusion. I’ve been delighted by Luna and Drake’s growing connection and am eager to see where it leads, but I worry it might be fleeting. If I had a say, I’d vote for them to be together!


There are three things I’ve learned in my time at Darkblood—I mean Darkhen Academy:

Always make sure a demon is dead before walking away from the body. All magic comes with a price.  Nothing stays buried for long—not secrets, not feelings and definitely not dark lords.

Just when I thought my struggles with Luxora were finally over, the dark lord decides to rise from the ashes. Guess who she’s got her sights set on? Yup, me.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the Coven Council has discovered my little warlock secret. And they’re pissed. With enemies coming at me from all sides, how am I supposed to concentrate on schoolwork?

Not to mention my love life. I thought last year was tough, but now with Ryder back I’m torn between my old love and a new possibility.

But none of that matters if Luxora has her way and swoops me down to the darkest depths of the Underworld.

So what is a poor, human-warlock, half-blood supposed to do?
Kick some butt. That’s what.

This final book displays Luna’s mental and physical strengths to their full extent. Her grasp of the magic has reached a new height, and with her being the only female warlock, not only Luxora, the dark lord, is relentlessly gunning for her, but the Coven Council also discovers her uniqueness and threatens to bind her power.

I love how Luna’s magical powers have steadily increased throughout the series. Despite some of the timelines in her magic learning are not in detail, we get the gist of it. While the concept of the Eight is intriguing, their connections feel weak, and the team’s dynamic lacks chemistry.

The sudden resolution of their internal conflict feels unconvincing, lacking a genuine rekindling of relationships. As a result, I don’t feel the connection and certainly not feel a wow factor with the rest of the team members.

The series delivers a captivating narrative, allowing readers to reconnect with familiar characters from ‘Hitched‘ while exploring the latest developments in their lives. Notable side characters like Cinder, Scarlett, and Drake add depth and intrigue to the story, and I hope I get to read their story or update in the future.

While I’m disappointed Luna and Drake didn’t end up together, which is predictable, I’m still eager to read more about what the Fae realm could offer. So far, love has proven disastrous for the siblings of the Winter Court, Elrian and Drake. Let’s hope they’ll have better luck in the future, finding genuine love instead of being forced into politically motivated marriages🤞.

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