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    Malaysian Living Abroad Passport Renewal

    Urgent passport renewal for Malaysian living abroad. That's the first keywords that I typed in Google three months ago when I tried looking for information. Here's what I gathered after days of research and my final solution to it. Including renewing passport at the Embassy, renew passport online, Renew passport at Wangsa Maju office and renewing driving license at UTC Pudu.

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    Cousin Wedding in Sabah

    Back again in the land below the wind, this time to attend my cousin's wedding. It's a traditional Dusun wedding, and I brought back some fruits called Bulunu and Timadang/Tarap to Penang.

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    The Land Below the Wind

    The distance between Kuching and Kota Kinabalu is about 805km, and I’ve read a blog about driving from the said destination, and it takes about 26 hours! So far, I haven’t heard anyone mentioning about a public bus. But I heard there’s a bus from Kuching to Brunei and from Brunei to Kota Kinabalu. If you feel like passing your time, then you are welcome to try it out, but if you come for other reason and want to save your time, my advice is to take the flight. It only takes about an hour twenty minutes. After the trip to Kuching, we didn’t go straight to Kota Belud, my hometown.…

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    Gayu Guru, Gerai Nyamai

    Harvest festival in Sarawak known as Gawai Dayak, an annual celebration celebrated on every 1st & 2nd June. It’s similar to Kaamatan; the festival celebrated in Sabah on every 30th & 31st May. In this trip, we will be joining the Sarawakian celebrating their Hari Gawai.  It is always exciting to be part of any celebration. The flight time from Penang to Sarawak was two hours five minutes. We had booked our bus tickets from Kuching going to Sri Aman. However, Madam Chong and Peter were also heading back to Sri Aman for the Gawai festival, so they offered us a ride. Before we left for Sri Aman, we stopped…

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    Foreign Partner Marriage Procedure in Malaysia & My Honeymoon

    Where did you go on your honeymoon? Well, for us, we went to Langkawi, Pulau Payar, Koh Lipe, Hatyai, Ho Chi Minh and also Phu Quoc Island. If I were to write it all in one post, it would be way too long, so I decided to make it into four parts. But before I start with the first part, I’ll let you know the process of getting married to a foreigner here in Malaysia based on our experience. First of all, Mike needs to prove that he’s single and free to marry, so he went to Gurney Tower Public Notary Office to get the Single Status Affidavit letter stamp by the authorised…

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    The Jewel of Kedah

    Langkawi, the Duty-Free Island besides Pulau Labuan in Malaysia is a paradise for drinkers and shoppers! However, none of the terms applied to me. Anyway, this was my second time in Langkawi Island, when I first came here, I travelled by flight, but on this trip, I took the ferry instead. I booked the ticket online with Langkawi Ferry Services Sdn Bhd and the return ticket cost @ RM120.00 per person. But if you don’t trust online purchases, you can get the ticket from various travel agencies at the building next to the Swettenham Pier. (They don’t sell it at the terminal). Also, please get it at least two days…


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