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Foreign Partner Marriage Procedure in Malaysia & My Honeymoon

How to get married to foreign partners in Malaysia? What documents are needed? Where to obtain it? I included our own experience & where we went for our honeymoon in this post.

Where did you go on your honeymoon? Well, for us, we went to Langkawi, Pulau Payar, Koh Lipe, Hatyai, Ho Chi Minh and also Phu Quoc Island. If I were to write it all in one post, it would be way too long. So I decided to make it into four parts.

But before I start with the first part, I’ll let you know the process of getting married to a foreigner here in Malaysia based on our experience.

The Procedure of Getting Married to a Foreign Partner in Malaysia

First of all, Mike needed to prove that he was single and free to marry. So he went to the Gurney Tower Public Notary Office to get the Single Status Affidavit letter stamped by the authorised person.

Once we got it, we took a trip down to Kuala Lumpur and headed to the British Embassy office. We showed them the Single Status Affidavit letter, and they issued us an official letter.

Next, we went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Putrajaya and endorsed the letter that we received from the British Embassy.

After that, we went to the JPN office located in Putrajaya and gave them a copy of Mike’s passport, my IC, our birth certificates, the endorsed letter and also filled in some forms. In return, they gave us a letter enclosed in a sealed envelope.

When we returned to Penang, we handed over the sealed envelope to the JPN office. In return, they gave us the Borang Permohonan, Pemberitahuan Perkahwinan dan Akuan Berkanun/Bertulis.

We filled in the forms, attached photos and went to Penang High Court to get the D.1 & D.2 parts done before submitting them back to the JPN office.

They displayed our form on the notice board for 21 days. Since no one objected to our intention to get married, a few months later, on the date that we had chosen, we got married! Then, the next day, we held our wedding reception at Lot 107A Bistro, Penang Eurasian Association Malaysia.


Now, talk about our honeymoon trip, in our first two destinations, we were accompanied by friends and family. JP, Hannah, Matthew, my in-law Carol & Big Mike, my sister-in-law Leanne and her fiance Peter.

We flew to our first destination, Langkawi and stayed in a Sea View Villa at the Frangipani Langkawi Resort & Spa.

It was a beautiful and peaceful resort, and the beach was just a few steps away from our villa. Everything was perfect. However, the weather wasn’t good. It rained! So, we looked for an alternative and decided to go on a day trip to avoid the rain.

Pulau Payar

Pulau Payar was just 30 km south-east of Langkawi, and the journey by boat only took about an hour. We bought our day trip package from one of the travel agencies in Jalan Pantai Cenang.

It came with snorkelling equipment and a buffet lunch (cafeteria style) on the island.

There was no accommodation on the island as it’s a marine park. But I heard that camping was allowed with permission from the Fisheries Department.

Snorkelling here was a bit of a disappointment because the water visibility wasn’t as excellent as it would have been in calmer weather. The strong underwater current made the water murky. But hey, at least we avoid the rain!

We also went hiking on one of the two trails. The path was not challenging, but during our trip, there were many fallen trees, and red ants were crawling on top of it. So we have to be very careful when climbing over it.

On our way back to the ferry, I was able to see a few friendly baby sharks swimming near the pier.

Travel Date: 15th – 18th December 2014

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