Miami South Beach

The drama CSI: Miami and Pitbull who’s always included Miami in his song lyrics taught me about Miami, and seeing this place with my own eyes was just unbelievable. We’ve been planning this vacation ever since our last visit to Texas, and this vacation won’t be happening if it wasn’t for mum and dad who paid for this holiday, so, thanks mum and dad, we love you! Continue reading “Miami South Beach”


A city built in ridgelines with steep slopes, Manizales has more beautiful churches in one precinct than any other city that I’ve been to in Colombia. Founded on 12th October 1849 by settlers from Antioquia, this place is like mini Medellin with a variety of shopping centres, nightlife (Thursday ~ Sunday) and it has a subtropical climate with year-round monthly temperatures around 16.5°C. Continue reading “Manizales”

Santa Rosa de Cabal

Founded in 1844, Santa Rosa de Cabal is a lovely town located about 40km away from Manizales, and 15km away from Pereira. This town, which is well-known for its Chorizo and Hot Springs is located at an altitude of 1,715 meters above sea level and with an average temperature of 19 °C. There are two famous hot springs in this place – Termales de Santa Rosa de Cabal and also Thermal Reserve San Vicente. Having only a night in this place, we only managed to go to one of the hot spring, San Vicente. Continue reading “Santa Rosa de Cabal”


Founded in 1842, Salento is a small town located 24km east of Armenia. It’s a well-known tourist destination for its beautiful nature, the striking colour of its colonial building, famous for its coffee production and trout farming. The town located at an altitude of 1,895 meters above sea level, and during our stay of four days three nights, the daily lowest temperature was about 15°C and highest around 25°C. Continue reading “Salento”

Eating and Drinking in Medellín

Medellin is the second largest city in Colombia after Bogota. With the population of 2.5million; 8 million in Bogota. This city often referred to as the City of Eternal Spring due to the temperature close to Springs weather, with daily temperatures ranging from a minimum of about 16°C to a maximum of 28°C. The flight time to this city from Bogota only take less than an hour. Continue reading “Eating and Drinking in Medellín”

Walking from San Marcos to San Pedro

Hiking without a guide or walking between villages is generally not recommended for safety reasons, except between the route from San Marcos to San Pedro. Taking a boat is much safer, and the cost for one way should not cost more than GTQ 25 to any of the towns around the lake. But for people like us who craves for an adventure, taking a boat doesn’t seem appeal to us. Continue reading “Walking from San Marcos to San Pedro”

San Marcos La Laguna

San Marcos is one of the places where you can have your picture taken up close with the landscape of Atitlán’s three volcanoes, San Pedro, Atitlan and the double-coned summit of Tolimán. I couldn’t wait to get over there, so early morning at about 10 am we checked out from the hotel but not before saying goodbye to Cookie, the guard dog in Hotel Victoria. It was easy to get the boat as there’s no queue to it. The ride cost 25 GTQ per person, and we stopped at Santa Cruz and other places around the lake before reaching San Marcos after 25 minutes journey. Continue reading “San Marcos La Laguna”