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Lima Peru

While many travellers rush through Lima, eager to see Peru’s iconic landmarks, we spent three nights in the capital city, soaking in its vibrant atmosphere.

Having Peru on my travel bucket list and living in nearby Colombia finally gave me the chance to experience this incredible destination. We began our Peruvian adventure in Lima, before continuing to Cusco and Aguas Calientes to see Machu Picchu.

On the 06th of March 2020, the Colombian government announced its first COVID-19 cases in Bogota. Thankfully, no travel restrictions or border closing were in place yet, so we continued on our holiday to Peru, which we booked two months ago for Mike’s birthday holiday. 

A commotion erupted a few rows ahead during our flight from Bogota to Jorge Chávez International Airport, as someone required medical attention. The nearby passengers panicked, but the specific reason remained undisclosed. 

The remainder of the three-hour flight was uneventful, and upon arrival, we encountered no issues with immigration.

Accommodation in Lima

Barranco Ocean View Apartment

The taxi cost 60Sol from the airport to our Airbnb unit – Barranco Ocean View Apartment, and three nights in this beautiful apartment cost around 524,000COP. This apartment was located strategically between Barranco and Miraflores, which was a great deal.

The apartment was easy to access, with the key readily available. Although we didn’t meet the owner, check-in was smooth through the reception. 

The unit offered a comfortable stay, featuring a bedroom, cable TV, reliable Wi-Fi, a fully equipped kitchen, and one and a half bathrooms. One bathroom was ensuite with a shower and tub, while the second, located near the kitchen, had a toilet only. 

The building also boasted a range of amenities for residents, including a gym, swimming pool, barbecue area, laundry facilities, and a sauna.

The balcony overlooks the South Pacific Ocean and Mirador Miguel Grau. In the distance, the large cross was super bright at night, and we could see it from our living room.

Now, if you look at the picture, the upside-down cross wasn’t due to any supernatural forces – it’s simply a reflection from the camera 😉.

Sunday Market at Barranco

If you stay at Barranco Ocean View Apartment, on Sunday, you can go to this organic market, located just across from the apartment, about a three-minute walk. 

The market opens from 9 am until 3 pm. You’ll see the sign of ‘Feria Ecológica de Barranco‘, and the sellers were all from different districts of Lima. Among the locally produced products are Honey, fruits and vegetables, plants, chocolate, milk, cheese, biscuits and many more.

A must-try in Peru

Pisco Sour

This Peruvian signature cocktail contains 43% alcohol and was made from Pisco brandy with egg white, lime and other ingredient. It’s sweet with a hint of star anise, and I loved it.

Chicha Morada

Chicha morada, a non-alcoholic Peruvian drink, is made from the vibrant purple corn known as ‘Maiz Morado.’ This beverage originated in the Andean regions of Peru, and the taste dances between the warmth of mulled wine and the refreshing coolness of a melted grape popsicle, creating a not-too-sweet symphony that tantalizes the palate.

Inca Cola

The soda’s taste is characterized by a delightful fusion of sweet and fruity notes, subtly mirroring the flavour of its main ingredient, lemon beebrush. It tastes very similar to cream soda.

Coca Sweets

Coca Sweets

Coca candy incorporates coca leaves, a plant indigenous to the region and consumed for millennia. These candies are widely available throughout the city and are renowned for alleviating altitude sickness, mental fatigue, and physical exhaustion. I had no issues taking the sweet through airport security during my flight to Colombia.

Restaurant & Bars | Food & Drinks Prices in Lima

Restaurant Chifa Asia – Barranco

Our first meal in Lima was a delightful surprise. We stumbled upon a restaurant where the staff spoke Cantonese, leading us to believe it would offer authentic Asian cuisine. And it did! 

We savoured the delicious Chinese food, a welcome change from the ‘Asian’ dishes we’d encountered in Bogota, which often simply involved adding soy sauce and oyster sauce.

Food & drink price: Coke @ 3.50 Sol, Cusquena @ 18.00 Sol, White Rice @ 3.50 Sol, Talla Chancho @ 20.00 Sol and Tamarind Chancho @ 22.00 Sol

China Restaurants Salon Felicidad – Chinatown

During our visit to the historic centre, we discovered another opportunity to savour authentic Chinese cuisine. Nestled in Chinatown, the restaurant’s proximity to Lima’s central plaza was about a leisurely 20-minute stroll away, making it an unmissable culinary destination.

The quality of the meals was fabulous. If you fancy some Chinese food, try it here. The food and drink cost 103 Sol. When we finished our lunch while walking back through the busy market, it was chaotic, and we thought it was a riot. So, don’t panic if you hear a commotion.

La Flor De La Canela (Restó – Bar) – Barranco

I had my first Pisco Sour here in this bar. It cost 23 Sol for a shot glass, but we paid 60 Sol for four during the happy hour. Definitely a great bargain.

Posada del Angel – Barranco

Another notable bar/restaurant was Posada del Angel. The bar was on Av San Martin, and its stunning interior and exceptional service made for a memorable experience.

The cuisine was delightful, and our server’s fluency in English was a welcome convenience. His attentiveness was commendable, and he generously offered us a complimentary taste of Pisco brandy when we inquired about the preparation of Pisco Sour.

The Corner Sports Bar & Grill – Miraflores (Now Closed)

We came to this bar to watch live football matches, this corner bar excels in sports viewing due to its numerous televisions. Draft Cusquena for 500ml was priced at 17 Sol.

Restaurante La Rosa Náutica – Miraflores

If you fancy some oceanfront jetty restaurant, where panoramic vistas of the ocean and cityscape complement your culinary experience, you can come to this place.

As you savour your meal or beverage, witness the spectacle of surfers gliding effortlessly across the waves. Be prepared, however, for the premium pricing that accompanies such a luxurious setting. We paid 75 Sol for 3 Pisco Sour here.

El Parquecito – Miraflores

We stumbled into this place while walking behind Parque Kennedy in Miraflores on our hunt for lunch. It’s located inside a building, and we’re the only customer when we’re there, so our food arrived fairly quickly. 

The meal was cheap, and it cost only 38 Sol for a massive set meal with a starter! I had my first Chicha Morada here, which reminded me of mulled wine. It’s made of purple corn, and I love it. 

Additional Information

  • When ordering a draft beer, it is known as ‘Chopp.’
  • Muslim travellers should note that the word ‘Chancho’ refers to pork.

Place of Interest in Lima

Parroquia La Santisima Cruz – Barranco

We walked past this church on our way to the Bridge of Sights / Puente de Los Suspiros. In front of the church, people gathered around watching some bloke playing musical instruments. 

Parroquia La Santisima Cruz - Barranco

By the way, if you harbour desires that you long to see fulfilled, try walking the bridge holding your breath. This long wooden bridge was about 44 metres long, and rumour has it that if you can manage to hold your breath throughout the crossing, your cherished wish may be granted.

We used this bridge to get over to the other side to watch the sunset at Mirador Catalina Recavarren and visit La Flor De La Canela (Restó – Bar).

Mirador Catalina Recavarren

Nestled at the end of the pathway from Iglesia La Ermita, this observation deck offers breathtaking views of the sunset. For optimal positioning, it is advisable to arrive at the vantage point well in advance.

Iglesia La Ermita – Barranco

Post-sunset contemplation and Pisco Sour indulgence led us to a defunct church with a crumbling roof. The community had ingeniously repurposed the space in front, hosting a live concert for all to enjoy.

Broadwalk – Barranco / Miraflores

Watching the sunset from the cliffside boardwalks is a prevalent pastime in Lima, especially in coastal areas.

While strolling along the boardwalk, we discovered that crossing the road to Barranco was impossible. We had to take a taxi for the short distance, which cost 10 Sol.

Inka Market – Miraflores

While en route to Huaca Pucllana, we stumbled upon a bustling market overflowing with souvenirs. From vibrant t-shirts and intricate figurines to delicate necklaces, earrings, and stylish handbags, the selection was vast. 

Llama and alpaca products were also plentiful. It was here that I found the perfect fridge magnet to commemorate our trip.

Huaca Pucllana – Miraflores

Amidst the towering modern structures, the ancient clay pyramid stands as a testament to the past. Constructed around 500 AD by Lima’s original inhabitants, it served as a ceremonial centre until the arrival of the Wari (750 AD). Subsequently, the Ychsma (1100-1450 AD) transformed it into a sacred burial ground for their elite members and a site for ritual offerings.

Entry to the site costs 15 Sol per person, which includes a guided tour that lasts approximately one hour. During my visit, the tour commenced shortly after 2 pm, with approximately fifteen individuals in attendance. Our guide led us on a tour of the complex, providing insights into the history, culture, agriculture, and rituals of the ancient inhabitants.

Historical Centre – Plaza Mayor / Plaza de Armas

On our final day in Lima, we opted to explore the historic city centre via the Metro. As we approached the Plaza De Armas De Lima, we noticed a significant police presence, which instilled a sense of security in the area. 

But the downside was that in the main square, we were restricted from staying in any one place for long. So, we quickly moved away after capturing several images of the plaza and its remarkable structures: the lavish Government Palace, the magnificent Lima Cathedral, and the Archbishop’s Palace.

Metro price: One way @ 2.50 Sol, Card cost 4 Sol.

Travel Date: 07th ~ 10th March 2020 

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