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The Vampire and Angel Wars Series by G.K. DeRosa

As vampires infiltrated the world, angels descended to combat them. Regrettably, humans bore the brunt of the conflict. Liv and Asher fight for survival amidst the chaos, but when Asher gets taken away, Liv resolves to undertake any measure, even befriending the enemy, to rescue her closest friend.

Title: The Vampire and Angel Wars
Author: G.K. DeRosa
Genres: Fantasy > Paranormal > Vampire / Angels
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 765
Reading Date: 06th May 2024 – 13th May 2024

The reading order – How to Read The Vampire and Angel Wars Series by G.K. DeRosa

  • 0.5 Monster & Mayhem
  • 1 Wings & Destruction
  • 2 Blood & Rebellion
  • 3 Souls & Salvation

Monster & Mayhem

First vampires lay siege to New York City flooding it in pools of crimson blood. Then angels appear out of the sky wielding fiery blades, and a deadly battle erupts.

All Liv and her family can do is stare at the television reports in horror when the attacks begin. The first few days of The Vampire and Angel Wars seem like a grisly horror movie. Then the fighting spreads beyond the city, and Liv becomes more than a shocked spectator.

Thrust into a world of battling immortals, she’s forced to fight back to survive. As the world crumbles around her, she finds comfort and possibly more in her longtime best friend, Asher. 

But when survival becomes the number one priority, will love have any chance of thriving in the ashes of war?

Before embarking on the inaugural novel of the series, we gain insight into their initial response to the news, the emotional turmoil, and the relationship between Liv and Asher. 

This prelude facilitates a seamless immersion into the character’s world. Each page is captivating, with vivid descriptions that allow us to visualize the narrative as if watching a movie.

As the conflict between the two species begins, this captivating introduction undoubtedly draws readers, including myself, into the first novel of the series, where we can explore Liv, Asher, and the destiny of humanity.

Wings & Destruction

First the vampires attacked.
Then the angels came.
Humans thought they were saved.
They were wrong.

Seventeen-year-old Liv thinks the immortals have stolen everything from her until a warrior nephilim drops from the sky and snatches away the only person she has left. Now Liv must risk everything to rescue Asher from the dreaded angel tower.

Even if that means trusting Declan, a gorgeous stranger who saves her from a pair of ravenous vampires. As much as Liv hates to admit it, she needs him to survive the perilous trek south. Declan’s cunning, strong, and charming, but he’s definitely keeping secrets.

Those dark secrets, once revealed, will force Liv to question whether Declan will be the key to rescuing Asher or her ultimate downfall.

Wings & Destruction tells a story with a narrative that masterfully weaves together themes of desperation, helplessness, despair, and hope. G.K. DeRosa’s ability to convey these emotions is remarkable, as I can’t help but feel the weight of Asher’s absence and its impact on Liv.

After Asher’s absence, enter Declan, a character who arrives just in time to save Liv’s life and change her life forever. This pivotal moment alters the trajectory of Liv’s story and sets the stage for a series of events that will test her heart and loyalty.

Throughout the captivating narrative of the first book, I find myself pondering Liv’s fortitude and how she will locate Asher amidst the ambiguity, along with the secret Declan possesses. The author masterfully keeps me on the edge of my seat as I eagerly turn the pages to discover the answers to these burning questions.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the story is the character of Declan, whose high-ranking father adds an extra layer of complexity to the plot. I wonder whether Declan will step up and help the human race in their time of need. 

The answer to this question remains elusive, and with two more books to go, I eagerly await the resolution of the epic wars between vampires and angels and if love will blossom between the characters. Only time will tell how the story will unfold, but one thing is sure: the journey will be well worth the ride.

Blood & Rebellion

The war has only just begun…

The hunt for the mythical shield to rid the world of the dreaded immortals is on.

The angels and vampires stole everything from Liv, and her heart burns for revenge. There’s just one problem: she’s not the only one searching for the legendary weapon.

Both the angels and vampires are closing in, hell-bent on stopping her and her friends. When an unexpected loss changes everything, she’s forced to come to terms with her new destiny. A destiny she’s not certain she wants any part of.

To make matters worse, she discovers a terrible secret that shatters her faith in the one person she needs to survive the war—the one person she’s falling for. 

Can Liv embrace her fate and complete her divine quest or will the immortals destroy her along with all hope for humanity?

Book two unfolds with unforeseen plot twists that caught me off guard. A character we thought was out of the picture resurfaced, and the secret Declan had been concealing was finally revealed.

Following the visit to the Angel Tower in the previous book, it’s only fair that we also visit the Vampires’ den in this sequel. Within the Vampire lair, Liv and Declan faced the Vampire king and uncovered the cause of the ongoing conflict.

Liv’s behaviour in this book left me irked. Her carelessness in handling her responsibilities and disregard for her protection were reckless. However, I recognized that her actions were necessary for the plot’s progression. 

If she hadn’t, she wouldn’t met Trinity, and without the newest member, they wouldn’t have found the sword. Bravo, G.K. DeRosa, for skillfully manipulating my emotions and keeping me on the edge of my seat.

Souls & Salvation

The final battle is here.

Trapped in the dreaded angel tower, Liv attempts to infiltrate the enemy from within, but not falling for the angel by her side is proving to be the most difficult part. When she receives an ominous warning about an impending attack, Declan makes a decision which threatens their already precarious relationship.

Left to her own devices, Liv teams up with the rebels and an unlikely ally in the hopes of rescuing the human slaves. But when she’s captured by the vampires, she risks jeopardizing everything.

Finding the mythical shield is the only way to defeat the immortals, but winning the war comes at a high cost. When Liv discovers saving humanity means losing the one she loves, will she be able to make the ultimate sacrifice?

HEA for the couple, and humanity is saved. The climax, unfortunately, was underwhelming. The ease with which the conflict was resolved left me disappointed, as the battle concluded anticlimactic with a mere shield raised.

Nevertheless, it was enjoyable to see the characters go through the adventure of obtaining them. Although the ending was slightly disappointing, the trilogy as a whole is still fantastic.

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