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Supernatural Prison Squad Series by G.K. DeRosa

The World of Azar’s Fourth series features Azara, the daughter of Luna who now faces the impending old prophecy. But first, she needs to survive in prison.

To fully immerse yourself in the intricate world of Azar and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of its complexities, please read the series in the intended order.

The Reading Order – How to Read the Series Set in the World of Azar by G.K. DeRosa

Title: Supernatural Prison Squad / Darkblood Prison
Author: G.K. DeRosa
Genres: Fantasy > Paranormal > Supernatural – Demons / Dragons / Warlock / Vampire / Angels
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 1,124
Reading Date: 12th June 2024 – 22nd June 2024

The Reading Order – How to Read Supernatural Prison Squad Series by G.K. DeRosa

  • 1 Demon on a Dime
  • 2 Demon Double-Agent
  • 3 Demon At Large
  • 4 Demon Dark Lord

Demon on a Dime

Welcome to Darkblood Prison, where the worst criminals in the supernatural realm roam the murky corridors, A.K.A. my new home.

According to my cellmate, there are three rules to survive the notorious prison:

Don’t mix with the other supes, stick to your own kind.
Anything can be made into a weapon so get creative.
Stay away from the infamous Triad, the three brothers who run the prison.

Rules aren’t really my thing so I doubt I’ll survive my first week, let alone my ten-year sentence for soul sucking an entire Fae village I have no memory of.

As if coming to terms with my own demon and making nice with the scary inmates wasn’t bad enough, someone seems hellbent on permanently ending my stay at Darkblood. Thankfully, the devastatingly gorgeous and equally infuriating leader of the Triad, who hates me for no apparent reason, still manages to show up whenever I get into trouble.

With his help, I begin to piece together my missing memories and discover there’s much more to my bogus incarceration. There’s a reason I was sent here, a dark family secret is coming back to haunt me.

As it turns out, the baddies in this prison are nothing compared to the forces of the Underworld that are coming for me.

After the mass slaughter that Azara has no memory of, the Supernatural Intelligence Agency (SIA) imprisoned her in the infamous Darkblood Prison, reserved for the most formidable and dangerous supernatural beings.

Within the prison’s walls, two formidable factions vie for power, and newcomers like Azara must choose a side. It’s either Delacroix’s demon team or the Triad, comprising Talon, Hayden, and Dallas. Fortunately, the newly appointed warden happens to be someone Azara knew.

The first book in the Supernatural Prison Squad Series introduces us to a new protagonist. Daughter to none other than the famous characters we first read in the second series set in the world of Azar, Luna and Ryder.

The one thing missing in the first book in the series is the absence of a prologue, which readers who have finished ‘The Fae Princess‘ will have the upper hand in knowing the little tidbits.

However, there’s no need to fret about missing the 11-page prologue. It’s a story set 18 years before the current story, where Azara is six months old, and her parents worry about her welfare. Thus, with the help of Garrix, they perform the binding spell to shield her from the ominous machinations of the coven council and the impending prophecy.

I love the story. The atmosphere crackles with excitement and danger, shrouded in an alluring mystery. The weight of Azara’s guilt and the complexity of her connection with Talon are palpable, making her a fascinating character to follow.

The ending of book one sets the stage for a new set of challenges in book two, undoubtedly altering the dynamic between Azara and Talon. I’m eager to see how their relationship evolves and what new adventures await them!

Demon Double-Agent

No one said prison would be easy…

But I never expected my dime sentence would lead me to uncover dark family secrets, a warlord who wants me dead, hidden powers or a blood bond with an infuriatingly gorgeous dragon shifter.

As it turns out, I may not be the soul-sucking demon everyone thought I was. The dark lord of the Underworld orchestrated my murderous bender and now I have to discover why.

Joining the Supernatural Investigation Agency is my best bet at uncovering the truth, not to mention a golden ticket out of prison.

That means working with Talon, my reluctant bodyguard A.K.A. dragon blood buddy. Our connection is getting stronger by the day, but he’d sooner kill me than kiss me—most of the time anyway. And when his dead best friend shows up, things only get more complicated.

How can a girl be expected to control her dark demon urges, harness new magical powers, become a double agent and juggle a surly dragon?

Something’s going to break, and I hope it’s not me.

This action-packed, fast-paced story kept me hooked from the very first page!

The second book picks up seamlessly from the first, and you’ll want to have the third book ready to go before you finish this one. It’s that good!

Azara’s early release from prison hinges upon her success in joining SIA. In light of this, Talon has intensified Azara’s training threefold to strengthen her skills while providing constant protection against the threat within the prison and from the relentless pursuit of Thax, the demon lord of the Underworld.

Their constant togetherness strengthens the bond between them, but their stubborn personalities and the thought of blood bond causing the attraction make them hesitant to acknowledge their growing feelings. It’s a slow burn, but it’s clear that the sparks are flying!

The plot thickens with the arrival of Vander and Vessa, Talon’s ex, bringing a wave of heated drama. Additionally, Azara’s fae cousin, Ella, appears to be showing interest in Talon. The air is thick with jealousy!

I can’t wait to read what happens next! Thax’s claims about Ella caught me by surprise, and if proven true, Drake and Tempest are in for a world of trouble.

Demon At Large

Once you go dark, you never go back…

Living in the Underworld with the dark lord himself made giving in to my darkest urges easy. It’s finding my humanity again that’s going to be tough.

There’s only one reason I’d ever go back and that’s two-hundred pounds of male dragon perfection. Even with my she-demon in control, I can’t resist Talon. But will my feelings for him be enough to lure me back to the light?

And if I do go back, will I be alive long enough to enjoy my newfound freedom? Not likely if my blood-thirsty cousin, Thax, has anything to do with it.

The dark lord has been playing nice with me under his thumb, but what will he do when I set my sights on his throne?

The demon lord Thax abducts Azara, dragging her to the underworld. There, with Remy’s potions and assistance, he manipulates Azara’s mind, transforming her into a new person with no memories of her past. He also awakens her inner demon, letting it loose with an insatiable hunger for souls. For months, Azara lives under Thax’s control, tragically taking the lives of innocents.

Just as Thax pushes Azara to the brink of irreversible darkness, she encounters Talon. Intrigued by him, she manages to break free from Thax’s grip and begins her search for Talon. Back in prison, Azara struggles to remember her past, and this amnesia creates complications, particularly in her relationship with Talon.

The challenges Azara and Talon face in this book are emotionally devastating. Azara’s memory loss and Talon’s withdrawal to give chance to Vander leave them both broken. Azara must also rebuild her strength, both physically and magically, while battling the constant threat of her demon’s resurgence.

The third book in the series is the most intriguing. The author is a master at manipulating the reader’s emotions. Talon and Azara’s relationship is a rollercoaster of progress and setbacks, taking one step forward only to stumble back two.

Thankfully, in the romance department, all seems to be drawing toward a hopeful conclusion for the next final book. However, several unresolved issues persist, including the need to mend the rift between Talon and Vander, complete Azara’s memory restoration, hold Delacroix and Thax accountable for their misdeeds, and determine the rightful heir to the throne.

I also eagerly await an apology from Ella for the stunt she pulled against Azara, regardless of whether her motivations stem from her infatuation with Talon or the blackmail. Such behaviour is utterly reprehensible! Likewise, Azara also needs to atone for her mistake.

Demon Dark Lord

Me? A dark lord of the Underworld? Hells no!

Unfortunately, my dear old grandfather Lucifer has other plans.

After the downfall of my traitorous cousin, the Underworld is in an uproar. Demons are running amuck in the supernatural and human worlds alike as warlords vie for the usurped throne. I shouldn’t care, but I do. I have enough problems with my fickle demon, the SIA on my tail and a certain exasperating dragon bodyguard.

When Delacroix calls in a favor, we have no choice but to intervene, bringing me right into the mouth of hell. The demon mob boss already fooled me once, can I really trust him again?

As if my demonic political problems weren’t bad enough, a traitor betrays me to the SIA. Running is my only option and guess where I end up…

Maybe Lucifer was right, and the prophecy is true. Maybe I do belong in the Underworld.

But will I survive as the dark lord of the sixth realm, and more importantly, where would that leave Talon?

I have been consistently reading all the series based in the world of Azar, and one thing I have observed is that all the main characters enjoy using the word ‘Bleh’ 😂. It’s probably the most beloved word in Garrix’s family history.

Anyway, this final book offers a fantastic ending to the tale. Apologies have been acknowledged, the brotherhood relationship is nearly repaired, and the matter has been resolved with the SIA.

Above all, we discover the outcome of the prophecy and the throne and witness the blossoming of Azara and Talon’s relationship.

One last thing, Azara encounters Hunter, the Alpha’s son, in the story, allowing us a peek at the territory. The distinctiveness of their houses has captured my interest, and I’m hoping that the upcoming series will be about him 😊.

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