Islamorada, pronounced as “eye la more ah dah” means village of islands in Spanish. The Purple Isle, nicknamed by Spanish explorers centuries ago perceived the world-class sportfishing as well as fishing tournaments. Located about 36km away from the last place we stayed, Key Largo, Islamorada was our third stop, on our way to Key West. Continue reading “Islamorada”

Key Largo

Measuring about 50km long, Key Largo is the largest island of the keys, and the name originates from the Spanish Cayo Largo – Long Key. This island is a great place to appreciate nature, with the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, Everglades National Park and the Dolphins lagoon nearby. Located about 112km from where we first touched down in South Beach Miami, we stopped for three nights in this island on our journey to Key West. Continue reading “Key Largo”

Miami South Beach

The drama CSI: Miami and Pitbull who’s always included Miami in his song lyrics taught me about Miami, and seeing this place with my own eyes was just unbelievable. We’ve been planning this vacation ever since our last visit to Texas, and this vacation won’t be happening if it wasn’t for mum and dad who paid for this holiday, so, thanks mum and dad, we love you! Continue reading “Miami South Beach”

San Antonio

The walk for 17 minutes from Club Quarters Hotel to the Greyhound bus terminal in Houston has been pleasant, it wasn’t cold, and I could still see the autumn leaves hanging on the tree branches. The station was small, and the seats were limited. Fifteen minutes before our bus schedule for departure, we queued at the gate. After twenty minutes had passed, there was an announcement made about the gate change, and everybody walked in a line to the opposite side of the entrance to get on the bus. Continue reading “San Antonio”

Applying for US Visa and My Houston Trip

Living in South America has made travelling to the United States a one step closer. However, being a Malaysian, it’s still not possible to get there without a proper Visa. Luckily the process of getting a Visa isn’t complicated, and how fast you get it depending on your time schedule. As for me, I got it in less than two weeks after I first applied for it online, then three months later, I flew down to Houston! But before getting on the story on my US trip, I’ll include my five steps and a brief story about the process of getting my Visa. Continue reading “Applying for US Visa and My Houston Trip”