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Dream Wars Series by Leia Stone

Inception meets War of the Worlds with a badass team. Thousands of alien ships landed on Earth in 2020. But when the ship doors opened, they were…empty.

The reading order – How to Read Dream Wars Series by Leia Stone

  • 1 Rising
  • 2 Domination
  • 3 Obliteration

Dream Wars Introduction

Inception meets War of the Worlds with a sassy female lead.

My name is Kit Steele and I was ten years old when thousands of alien ships landed all over the world in the year 2020. We thought for sure that we’d be goners, about to be obliterated or terraformed out of existence. But when the ship doors opened, they were… empty. Maybe they were just communication vessels, we thought.

But that night, when humanity fell asleep, we were sucked into an alternate dimension. The Dream Wars. A place where the alien ghouls fed off of your body unless you fought back. If you’re killed in the Dream War, your body dies on Earth.

Commander Kit Steele – Carnivore, protector of billionaires, has a penchant for blue hair and anything sweet, hates cats, despises the color pink, and loves 80’s rock music.

Medic Ronnie Sotto – Kit’s best friend, graduated Harvard medical school at age 15, loves cats, favorite color pink, and once did leg surgery on a cat in the dream war to save its life.

Lieutenant Brisk Hutchins – Slept with Kit one time, is in love with Ronnie even though she turns him down because he slept with Kit, pretends to like cats, has one of the highest ghoul kill records second to Kit, secretly loves old Britney Spears songs.

Pyrotechnic expert Nox Lightfoot – nickname ‘pretty boy’, likes to light things on fire, thinks cats are okay, would jump in front of a bus if it would bring bacon back and misses the times when the skies were filled with birds.

Maxine Cross – Miss USA runner-up, has rage issues but won’t go to anger management, is proudly promiscuous, and wouldn’t be caught dead in the same room as a cat. She enjoys dancing in the rain, first kisses and killing ghouls.


It’s been ten years since they came. Creatures that made us terrified to fall asleep at night.

I’ve been training for the dream wars since I was twelve years old and each time I close my eyes I become a merciless killer. It’s earned me the rightful title of Commander and now I protect the rich in their sleep with my team of warriors.

But the one thing I didn’t expect was that my irresistibly sexy new client, Damien Striker, might be able to put a stop to this war…

If I can keep him alive long enough.

In the year 2020, the invisible alien race visited Earth. Since then, falling asleep is equal to a death sentence if you’re unfit, for it’s hunting time for the alien, and any injuries or death will reflect in your physical state. However, for those with funds, the easier way to survive is to hire a security team for protection in the dream.

Kit Steele and the team is the most booked and desired private security team. Our heroine, Kit Steele, has already earned a commander title, and her team is about to start their new job protecting the Striker family. This new client is a billionaire, brothers with genius minds that will bring an end to the Alien invasion.

Throughout the story, we slowly learn about this new dangerous world, the characters’ story, how they got together and formed the team, the challenges, and the love interest. 

The main character, Kit, is a fantastic protagonist. She is a credible leader with a big heart and is hilariously funny. The secondary characters are an eclectic bunch of individuals, all with their own stories and motivations. They each bring their unique traits and talents to the table, creating a dynamic team ready to take on any challenge.

Rising, this first book of the series is exhilarating and will leave you wanting more. It is full of dangerous adventure, action-packed with suspense and romance that will keep you hooked until the end. The characters are likeable, and the story is well-written. It is definitely worth five stars!

¨It was pitch black outside other than the glow of city lights, but I recognized the Petronas Twin Towers of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.¨

Thank you for mentioning my country in your book, Leia Stone. Welcome to KL, Kit Steele!


The ghouls have upped their game and retaliated in the worst way.

Humans are waking up from the dream wars in random parts of the world, next to people they don’t know, in countries they’ve never been to.

When Kit and her team find out that the government is bed with the ghouls, she makes a promise to exploit them. But as more of Kit’s gift emerges, she realizes that she just might be able to stop the dream wars forever.

Just when they thought they could finally have a chance to survive and have a good rest at night with the help of some device, the enemy retaliated by waking them up in a different country, separated from each other. In addition, they faced a new type of threat – giant villains, betrayal from the government, and a mind-controlling enemy targeting Kit specifically.

On the plus side, Love is blooming among the team members, which is a long time coming, and we finally get to know more about Kit’s mental strength ability and the mysterious Skyhome, a land belonging to Gladarias. I’ve been curious about the gentle creature’s homeland and am glad to read about it in this book.

The logic behind some aspects was a bit off and needs more explanation. For example, the quick healing abilities, the availability of jetting Striker’s private plane, and the travel speed are impressive. Striker industries must have plenty of jets and pilots on standby!

I also wonder how Jeremy managed to return to Damien the first time when he woke up in a different place. He must be freaking out! This book barely reached 200 pages, and providing all the information could improve the length of the story.

Despite all that, the story is captivating, full of surprises and twists that keep me engaged and guessing what will happen next. I love team Oorah, and they deserve five stars for the survival effort, the injuries they sustained and the love drama they provide.


They’ve come back, a situation the humans never conceived of. More ghouls have landed on Earth, and it throws society in chaos.

Bridges are burned, alliances are made, and Kit’s power grows stronger than ever before. When Dawn reveals a secret she’s been hiding, it gives Kit hope.

Maybe they can end the dream war… if she can stay alive.

Highly Addictive! 

The stakes are getting higher, and the operation of saving humanity is at its highest peak in book three. Every second counts, and as they make their plan against the aliens, team Oorah will need all the support they can get. Or else, cheerio humankind.

I would love it if this story made it into a movie! The creativity in the story about the alternate reality, the badass heroines portrayed in the story and how they work together as a team. It has a remarkable combination of elements, making it a perfect choice for a movie adaptation. 

The humour and the love interest add a nice touch of romance, while the Gladarias make it even more exciting. I’m sure a movie adaptation of this story would be an absolute hit, and I pray that one day, I will see it on the big screen!  

I highly recommend this series if you’re up to an escape from reality. It’s a thrilling, action-packed trilogy that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and one thing that I learned from the story is to appreciate the privilege of getting a good night’s rest!

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