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Daughter of Light Series by Leia Stone

“You must protect Faerie from the Sons of Darkness.” – It was her mum’s last order. Except, fate has a different plan for Lily. This is Enemies to Lovers trilogy.

Title: Daughter of Light
Author: Leia Stone
Genres: Fantasy > Fae / Magic
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 713
Reading Date: 06th November 2023 – 10th November 2023

The reading order – How to Read Daughter of Light Series by Leia Stone

  • 1 Seeking the Fae
  • 2 Serving the Fae
  • 3 Saving the Fae

Seeking the Fae

Now that her mother is dead, Lilly is the last of her kind.

A Seeker.

Tasked with seeking the lost crystals of Faerie, she must restore her broken and barren world to its former glory.

But the crystals that keep Faerie alive have been stolen by the Sons of Darkness and are hidden on Earth. It’s up to her to get them back by any means necessary.

She has everything under control and plans to bring the first crystal back when she meets him – Liam – a Son of Darkness.

He’s the most dangerous kind, with black wings that smoke and eyes that have seen death. She must kill him, kill him and take the crystal, but she can’t.

He’s her soulmate.

Lily is the only hope for the Faeries’ land. Her mother, who sheltered her from the truth about their seeker power, suddenly passed away, thrusting Lily into the adult world before she was ready. Now, she must quickly adjust to her new life if she is going to save the faeries’ land from collapse.

Lily is determined to fulfil her mission of retrieving the remaining crystals from Earth back into the faerie’s magical land, but there are a few issues. Her soulmate is one of the enemies she must battle against, plus the elders have not been honest with her in the past, and she has no way of knowing if they are trustworthy.

I read this book in one because it was so short and not because it’s a five-star story. The story was slightly hard to digest at first because it’s a new world, and the opening feels a bit chaotic. It took me a while before I got a grip on the storyline. Plus, I didn’t like Lily, the heroine. For the majority of the story, Lily is portrayed as soft and immature. But thankfully, she redeemed herself near the end. We could see a slight change in her attitude, which made her more tolerable.

I’m pleasantly surprised with the plot twist about the unbound of Lily’s spell, especially when it involved a Mermaid. It was a nice touch. Now, I’m curious to find out who spelt her and what was her true power. If I were to guess, I would say it might be her father trying to protect her because of her lineage.

Serving the Fae

Will Lily be able to forgive Liam and form an alliance? She must bring all of the crystals back to Faerie and restore the lands. But Liam is hiding a secret and so are the elders.

If Lily can reveal the text in her mothers journal, she may just find the key to saving everything, including her heart.

Lily, in the second book, has a personality upgrade, which is good. She was no longer afraid to voice her opinion and fight for what she believed in. Instead of submitting to the elders, she pushed back and didn’t take no for an answer.

I’m glad with how the story is progressing so far. Before I forget, I would like to mention that Lily’s power attribute is similar to Sloane’s in the Dragons & Druids series. They both need to ‘anchor to earth’ to be powerful, plus it cures their headache when they go barefoot.

On that note, I look forward to reading the last book, where I hope Lily will be more in tune with her light power. I’m also curious about how the story will unfold. Is there hope for her relationship with Liam? How can she help the halflings, the human parents, but also save the faerie’s land without destroying one another? What about Indra and the Winter King? What fate awaits them?

Saving the Fae

Everything Lily thought she knew about Liam was a lie.

After kicking him out of Faerie, she decides to seek the crystals alone. State after state, she scours the country but comes up with nothing.

When she gets back to Faerie, defeated and brokenhearted, she finds a peace offering from Liam.

Faerie needs her now more than ever and she needs Liam’s help. She must push through her heartbreak and save her world before it’s lost forever.

The story picks up where it left off in the second book. A confession from Liam that broke Lily’s heart. In this final book, Lucy is blinded with rage, and her mind does not make the most rational decisions. She acts impulsively, resulting in her making decisions that she regrets later on.

Seven chapters later, we finally see the sunshine again, but only to be thrust into a great flurry of actions as the last five chapters of this book are intense. Every page had me on the edge of my seat, waiting to find out what would happen next.

I was so invested in the characters and the story that I couldn’t put the book down until I reached the end, constantly fearing for their safety and if they would lose a team member. The conclusion was satisfying, with all those loose ends tied up and the conflicts resolved.

Before I move on to the next series, I want to thank the author for dedicating the book to me. Even though my spelling is a bit different, it still rhymes the same 😉. I’m one of the many lucky Jessicas.

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