Gangneung Beaches and Food

On our last trip here in Korea, we explored Gangneung, the city in the province of Gangwon-do, on the east coast of South Korea. We have been living in Korea for almost two years now, and yet we never travelled by bus, so on this trip, we gave it a go.

Journey to Gangneung

Mike booked the bus ticket online from Kobus, and when we got to the bus station, we went up to the first floor, printed out the ticket from the Kiosk machine and get on the bus.

How to get to Dong Seoul Bus Terminal:
Take Subway Line 2 to Gangbyeon Station Exit 4, and cross the road.

Upon entering the bus, we scanned our tickets, and the information showed up on the screen. It’s very convenient for the bus conductor, as he didn’t have to check on every passenger.

The seat can be seated comfortably for a long leg person as it has plenty of legroom. There’s also a USB slot for charging your phone in each seat. The whole ride was two hours and fifty-seven minutes including fifteen minutes break. I love watching the trees throughout the journey, the colour of the fresh new leaves intermittent with the much greener one made a spectacular view.

Isabel Motel

We took a taxi from the taxi stand next to the Gangneung bus terminal to Isabel Motel. It’s about fifteen minutes ride. The check-in was a breeze, Mike just showed her his ARC, and she gave us the room key without asking for any deposit or getting a copy of the ID.

Music BBQ – Camping Style

We went for a late lunch at Music BBQ. It’s a camping style self-service bbq place. They sell meats, kimchi, side dishes, sauce, drinks, noodles, rice, and others. Place whatever you need in the provided basket and pay at the counter. They will then ask your preference to bbq inside or outside and help to start the fire.

We opted for a bbq outside, overlooking the sea in a ready-made canopy that can accommodate up to eight people. There were chopped wood and pine cones neatly placed in a basket ready to be used in every canopy.

Some of the food pricing:
Garlic: 700won
Ssamjang – Dipping sauce: 500won
Kimchi: 2,000won
Pepsi: 1,500won
Fitz: 4,000won
Pork (5 small slices): 20,000won
Aus Beef (356g): 32,000won

Later that night, we went to a Chimaek place for dinner.

Gyeongpo Beach

The next day, we walked on the boardwalk along Gyeongpo beach.  We could see people picnicking, jet skiing, playing kite, dating, and paragliding.

This dog has been wandering around the beach. Not sure where the owner, I hope he’s not lost.

Beach scene filmed for the Korean Drama – Uncontrollably Fond 함부로 애틋하게 (Hamburo Aeteuthage) aired in 2016.

Gyeongpo Hanmmi Hoejip

We had early lunch at one of the many seafood restaurants along the road – Gyeongpo Hanmmi Hoejip. This restaurant open 24 hours during summer (Jun-Aug), and from 9 am – 12 am during the other season. We ordered spicy seafood stew, though it’s written ‘small’ in the menu, it’s more than enough for two people.

Address: 491, Changhae-ro, Gangneung-si
Tel: 033-644-1045

Gyeongpo Hanmmi Hoejip Food Pricing:
(S-Small / M-Medium / B-Big)

Course Menu:
A - Snow Crab + Raw Dishes (S: 170,000 / M: 250,000 / B: 300,000)
B - Snow Crab + Roasted Clam or Steamed Assorted Clam (S: 170,000 / M: 230,000 / B: 250,000)
C - Raw Dishes + Roasted Clam or Steamed Assorted Clam (S: 150,000 / M: 180,000 / B: 200,000)

Hanmmi Special
A - Snow Crab + Raw Dishes + Roasted Clam or Steamed Assorted Clam @ 350,000
B - Snow Crab + Raw Dishes + Abalone + Roasted Clam or Steamed Assorted Clam @ 450,000
Roasted Clam
Roasted Clam or Steamed Assorted Clam (S: 50,000 / M: 60,000 / B: 70,000)
Grilled Scallops (S: 60,000 / M: 70,000 / B: 80,000)

Rasberry Wine @ 12,000
Matchsoon / Seoljungmae @ 10,000
Baekseju @ 7,000
Cheongha / Maehwasu @ 4,000
Soju @ 4,000

I like the plum wine it’s so refreshing and delicious.

Black Rockfish Spicy Fish Stew (S: 50,000 / B: 70,000)
Spicy Seafood Stew (S: 40,000 / B: 60,000)
Spicy Blue Crab Soup (S: 40,000 / B: 60,000)
Spicy Snow Crab @ 70,000
Cold Raw Fish Soup @ 15,000 - 1 person
Abalone Cold Raw Fish Soup @ 20,000 - 1 person
Rice with Sliced Raw Fish @ 15,000 - 1 person
Abalone Rice Porridge @ 15,000 - 1 person
A large brass bowl Cold Raw Fish soup (S: 50,000 / B: 70,000)
Rockfish sea mustard soup @ 15,000 - 2 person or more
A crab shell rice @ 2,000
A bowl of steamed rice @ 1,000
Noodles @ 1,000
Spicy Seafood Stew
Sliced Raw Fish
Flounder (S: 130,000 / M: 150,000 / B: 180,000)
Red Sea Bream (S: 130,000 / M: 150,000 / B: 180,000)
Rock Trout (S: 130,000 / M: 150,000 / B: 180,000)
Small Fish (S: 150,000 / M: 180,000 / B: 200,000)
Sea-bass (S: 130,000 / M: 150,000 / B: 180,000)
광어 Flasfish (S: 80,000 / M: 100,000 / B: 130,000)
Black Rockfish (S: 80,000 / M: 100,000 / B: 130,000)
광어 Flasfish + Black Rockfish (S: 90,000 / M: 120,000 / B: 140,000)
Abalone @ 100,000
Sea Cucumber (M: 50,000 / B: 70,000)
Sea Squirt (M: 30,000 / B: 50,000)
Grilled ABalones with butter @ 50,000
Shrimp Tempura @ 30,000

Gangmun Beach

From Gyeongpo Beach, we strolled down to Gangmun beach. It took us about fifteen minutes’ walk with occasionally stopped by admiring the scenery and gawking at interesting things such as this one. It looks like an alien to me.

Gangmun Bridge & view of Gangmun’s bridge

Cucci Grill Bar & Burger

For a view over Gangmun Beach, we went to Cucci Grill Bar & Burger located on the fourth floor.  The view was fantastic, and the burger that we had was lovely.

Address: 212-1, Gangmun-dong, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do
Tel: 010-8848-8711

Cucci Grill Bar & Burger menu prices:

Guinness (Bottle) @ 9,000
Carlsberg (Draft) @ 6,000
Corona Extra (Bottle) @ 5,000
Cafri (Bottle) @ 4,000
Hoegaarden (Bottle) @ 6,000
Heineken (Bottle) @ 6,000
Cass (Bottle) @ 3,000
Cass (Draft) @ 4,000

Cucci Grill Burger & Bar Food Menu


We had Chimaek for dinner. It’s 16,000won for a half-half flavour. While having our meal, we often see a taxi drove past advertising about Gangneung being a Pine city, and we agreed with it, we did see plenty of Pine trees there.

Gyeongpoho Lake / Gunjaho Lake

The name to this lake means “clear as a mirror”, and it’s a famous destination site for migratory birds.

Gyeongpoho Lake

Back to Seoul

The next morning, we walked about 500 metres away from the hotel to look for a taxi. It’s quite hard to get one. When we get to the terminal, we had our brunch in one of the Korean restaurants. The bus departed on time at 11:20 am and reached Dong Seoul terminal at 1:47 pm (15 minutes break).

Transport: Subway, Bus & Taxi @ 80,200won
Meals: 313,000won
Accommodation: 116,364won
Total spent: 509,564won

* Gangneung is famous for its sunrise view, however, in our three days, two nights stay, it was cloudy, so no chance to see it.

Travel Date: 06th – 08th May 2018

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