Great Korean Beer Festival (GKBF) in COEX Samseong

Two days ago Mike and I went to the Beer festival in COEX K-Pop Square. This ten days festival is known as GKBF (Great Korean Beer Festival). Happening from the 27th April to 06th May 2018, it has more than 20 craft brewers, live concert and some food booths set up for the event.

The food and beers were set up in a different section. There were only six food booths near the subway’s exit, and the rest were set up at the other end, about 100metres away from the beer booths.

There were tables and chairs set up for the visitor. However, with so many people kept coming, it was quite difficult to secure one, and we have to wait for about an hour before we finally got one. Mike’s colleagues from the BC – Rose, Ian and his wife were also there, and we ordered and shared some foods.

From the booths that we had tried, the beers price per cup were ranging from 5,000 won to 7,000 won.

Czech Beer
1. Primator English Pale Ale [5% 26 IBU] – 5,000 won
2. Primator Weizen [5% 17 IBU] – 5,000 won
3. Primator India Pale Ale [6.5% 60 IBU] – 5,000 won
4. Primator Marzen (Semi-Dark) [5.5% 29 IBU] – 5,000 won
5. Merlin Cerny (Czech Black) [4.7% 34 IBU] – 5,000 won
6. Jezek Pilsner [4.8% 32 IBU] – 5,000 won

Kölsch – Wild Wave

Wild Wave
1. Dry-Hopped Sour [5.5%] – 6,000 won
2. Kölsch [4.7%] – 5,000 won
3. Wild IPA [6.2%] – 7,000 won
4. Belgian Golden Strong [8.0%] – 7,000 won
5. Gose [3.8%] – no price
6. Belgian Rye IPA [7.0%] – 6,000 won
7. Saison [5.0%] – 5,000 won
8. American Stout [6.5%] – 6,000 won

Jeju Orange Pale Ale- GKBF COEX

제주 감귤맥주
Jeju Orange PaleAle [5% 31 IBU ] – 6,000won

The other Beer companies that participated in the event were as follow:
Galmegi Brewing Co, Andong Brewing Co, Red Stripe, Seoul Brewery, The Table Brewing Co, Amazing Brewing Co, Sevenbrau, Gorilla Brewing Co, Goose Island Beer Company, Playground Brewery and many more.

Can sit around and enjoy your meal too – GKBF

We were there for four hours, and I have only tried four types of beers. There were still about sixteen or more beer booths that I have yet to try out. However, if I were to try them all, I wouldn’t be able to stand straight, let alone taking photos from the event!

GKBF Event Programme – COEX

How to get to GKBF

Take Subway Line 2 and stop at Samseong Station on Exit 5 or 6.
(Price: 1,350 won – Depending on your location) This price is from Hyochang ~ Samseong
*We took a taxi back home, and it cost 16,000 won (Samseong ~ Hyochang)

Travel Date: 29th April 2018

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