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NYC Mecca Series by Leia Stone and Jaymin Eve

Read Arianna’s epic journey as she fights to claim the crown, overthrow the old school council, unite the shifters & face a fierce battle with the evil fae.

Title: NYC Mecca
Author: Leia Stone and Jaymin Eve
Genres: Fantasy > Paranormal > Shapeshifters / Fae / Magic
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 1,414
Reading Date: 13th December 2023 – 22nd December 2023

The reading order – How to read NYC Mecca Series by Leia Stone and Jaymin Eve

  • 1 Queen Heir
  • 2 Queen Alpha
  • 3 Queen Fae
  • 4 Queen Mecca

Queen Heir

A gripping new fantasy series by USA today bestselling authors Jaymin Eve and Leia Stone.

Arianna is a queen heir and at 20 years old she’s now eligible for the crown of wolf shifters. Heirs are trained and groomed so that they’re ready, should the queen perish during their time of eligibility.

Of course, there’s little chance of that happening. The Red Queen has stood for a century, and her power is beyond reckoning.

Or so Arianna believes, right up until the final tolling of the bells. The queen has fallen. Four heirs will now fight it out for the crown.

Let the summit begin.

Action, danger and a possible forbidden romance await in this first book of the NYC Mecca series. The main character, Arianna, is a strong and mature protagonist who has been preparing for her role as queen heir since a young age. It’s a refreshing change as the readers will not be reading a whiny or immature teenager in the story.

Instead, the author focuses on other pressing matters, such as the mystery element of finding out the queen’s killer, the battle among the heirs for the crown and the looming threat of the Dark Fae. Amidst all this danger and excitement, there is also a potential for a forbidden relationship that will surely capture the hearts of readers who love a good romance.

But beyond the action and romance, what truly makes this book stand out are the well-developed characters. From Arianna, Calista, and Violet to Kade and Finn, the familiar, each character has their own unique personality that readers will love. And I can’t help but ship potential romances between Calista and Gerald and Violet and Nikoli.

The authors have done an excellent job of creating a captivating world and storyline that will keep readers hooked from beginning to end. The fast-paced action, the idea of an upcoming forbidden romance, and the looming danger all make for an intense and gripping read.

Soon, Arianna and her team will have to navigate the challenges of the over-controlling council and the spare heir, Selene. Arianna also will have to learn to control Mecca’s magic from her forbidden love, the bear Shifter, Kade. I cannot wait to see how the story and characters develop in the next instalment🤩.

Queen Alpha

Arianna might have won the Summit and taken the crown of wolf shifters, but there is no time for her to settle into the royal life.

Something is off with the mecca and if she doesn’t fix it the fae might just make another earth side appearance.

Now she must work with the king of the bears to save both of their people. Which is easier said than done when he tempts her in every way and a relationship between them is forbidden. One slip up could cost her everything and in the NYC mecca someone is always watching.

Book two is all about discovering. Discover the origin of the shifters, the portal to the otherworld, Calista’s lost love, and uncover Arianna’s heart desire.

I love reading about the development of love and respect in this second book. The shifters slowly warm against Arianna because she never forgets to show kindness and compassion towards her people, earning their loyalty and admiration, and we all know now that Kade and Arianna are a match made in heaven.

New characters have also been introduced, and the revelation shattered my hope of getting Calista to pair up with Gerald. But you know what, that’s okay because Sir Baladar is a powerful and mysterious old shifter. There’s still so much we don’t know about him. As for Violet, is there hope for Nikoli or the newcomer, Prince of Summer Court, Caspian? I hope we will get to read the Sidekicks’ romance development.

One thing I notice in the story is that the shifters seldom shift in the story. Arianna is more dependable to her familiar, Finn, and her wolf is reserved for emergency use only. This series is different from most of the werewolves themes books. It is a welcome change.

Leia Stone and Jaymin Eve have crafted a captivating tale of love, duty, and sacrifice that keeps readers on the edge of their seats from the first page. I cannot wait to see what twists and turns the authors have in store for these beloved characters and their adventures in the otherworld.

A few questions to ponder:

What happened to Kade’s brother? Who was Arianna’s father? What did the Red Queen do?

Queen Fae

When the fae kidnapped Violet they underestimated Arianna, Queen of the wolf shifters. There was literally nothing she wouldn’t do to save her best friend. Which is why she sets out with her mate and pack of dominants to rescue the magic born from the fae lands.

As she expected the Otherworld is fraught with danger, but there is one thing which takes her completely by surprise. A dark secret which could rock her world to its very foundation.

Arianna must now save her friend and herself. Because the fae have been waiting for her, and she’s just walked right into their trap.

Book three is fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent reading this masterpiece of work by Leia Stone and Jaymin Eve. Arianna’s adventure to the Otherworld is filled with bittersweet moments. The team went into the Otherworld hoping to rescue Violet, but in return, they found more.

So many questions that had been nagging at me throughout the story. But as I reached the final chapters in book three, I got all the answers. I also had been speculating about the story from the beginning, and now, as I reflect on it, I realize that my guess was correct.

Now that they have rectified the issue of her throne and earned more support from her people, it’s now down to the final battle. I’ve no doubt they will succeed. I just hope that it ends without a major blow.

However, I have to believe in the strength and unity of our heroes. Arianna and the team have overcome impossible odds before, and I have faith that they will do so once again and bring about a new era of peace and prosperity for the Fae and the shifters.

Queen Mecca

The Winter Queen has declared war on the shifters of New York City. She is coming to destroy Arianna, and everyone she cares about. But she has not anticipated one thing: bear and wolf are learning to work together. The five boroughs are united for the first time in hundreds of years and they are not going to let a little ice storm rip them apart.

Arianna has a little ice in her veins too, and she is not afraid to use it to save the ones she loves. Though unleashing her powers, unleashes something she was not expecting. A darkness which could tear her apart. A darkness which could consume her soul.

Arianna will need the support of her friends, and the shifters she rules, now more than ever. Because when this storm hits, not everyone will survive.

The character development throughout the series is fantastic, and you feel connected to every one of them. The chemistry between Arianna and the love interest, Kade, the tension between allies and enemies, and the constant twists and turns of the plots kept me on the edge of my seat.

World-building in this series is also phenomenal, with shifters, the familiars, dark and light Faes, Magic Borns and Elves and their magical abilities that are both beautiful and dangerous. I was fully immersed in this world and didn’t want to leave.

However, what I loved the most about this series is the message of love and the power it holds. Arianna’s journey has shown us that love is not a weakness but a strength. It can heal, protect, and conquer even the darkest of evils. This story is a reminder that love is the most potent force in the universe that can overcome any obstacle.

In conclusion, this series is a must-read for all fantasy lovers who enjoy a strong and capable female lead, friendship, an engaging plot filled with magic, epic adventure filled with action, and a touch of forbidden romance. I was not disappointed when I joined Arianna on her exciting adventure!

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