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Our trip from Medellin to Guatape was super easy and convenient. From the moment we stepped off the plane in Medellin to the hotel we stayed a night to when we finally reached Guatape.

We took the bus from the airport to Nutibara, and because we stayed at Nutibara Hotel, which was where the bus’s last stop from the airport, the location was perfect, only a 2-minute walk to the hotel.

Hotel Nutibara

When we arrived at the hotel, which was located just across from the Plaza Botero, we were amazed that the hotel staff spoke English during our check-in.

Even though the hotel’s state had deteriorated and our room had a double-glazed window, the noise from the square still made its way in due to the open balcony door in the corridor. However, we were able to get a restful night’s sleep and woke up feeling refreshed for our journey to our next destination.

La 70

During our one-night stay in this part of the city, we visited the famous local night out in Laureles neighbourhood. The Street 70 or La 70 was well known for its nightlife. It’s very different from the trendy area in El Poblado, and the price was much lower too.


This pleasant little town with colourful colonial buildings is one of the famous tourist destinations in Colombia. People often come here to visit the giant rock – The Piedra del Peñol. Most of the people from Medellin visit this town for a day trip, and back in the evening. Hence, it’s a bit quieter during nighttime, and most of the shops close early.

How to Get to Guatape from Medellin

  • Step 1 – Take the Metro from Parque Berrio (Niquia) to Caribe Station.
  • Step 2 – Follow the signs to the Bus terminal – Terminal del Norte.
  • Step 3 – Buy a bus ticket at counter 14 – Sotrasanvicente & Guatapé la Piedra
  • Step 4 – Relax and board the bus, follow the assigned seat number.

Metro Ticket Price: 2,550COP per person
Bus Ticket Price: 15,000COP per person
Duration: 2 hours (Our bus: 12:30 pm ~ 2:30 pm)

Colourful Guatape town

Hotel Tres Esquinas Guatape

When we arrived at this hotel, we didn’t know where to check in. After walking a few steps away, some guy approached us, he probably expecting us. This hotel was located at the corner of the square, and we got to see Parish of Our Lady of El Carmen de Guatapé from our balcony.

Food & Drinks

El Castillo

This restaurant was located next to the square, and it was busy. It took quite some time for our food to be ready. The juice cost: Maracuya / Limonada Natural @ 4,000COP

Restaurant La Recata

Because of the location a few blocks away from the square, the price was lower. There were also not many people in the restaurant which made the serving fast.

Carne a la Planca and maracuya juice with 2 Club Colombia @ 23,000cop.

The beer price – Club Colombia and Redds varied from 3,500COP to 4,000COP. In Malecon Beach, which wasn’t a beach, it cost 4,000 COP even though the location was a bit far from the square. While Bar La Esquina Cafeteria, which was closer to the square, also cost 4,000 COP and 3,500 COP for Andina.

In a shop, which we named a Beagle Bar (we saw a beagle there), located between the two locations, it cost 3,500COP. I wasn’t sure about the price next to the square though because we ordered three Redds and four Club Colombia with peanut and crisp, and it cost 34,500 COP.

The Piedra del Peñol

The walk was pleasant. Sometimes we have to cross over to the other side due to the lack of a walking path. I especially loved the view of the stone next to the bridge.

The starting point was at the petrol station called Zeuss, here we had to walk up about 287 steps before reaching the parking space. Our leisure walk from Guatape town to the top of the rock was about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Pablo t-shirt

The entrance fee to the stone was 18,000 COP per person. According to the marking on the step, the last marker was 650 steps, not including the flight to the top floor.

The view was amazing, even before reaching up to the top. But of course, the highest point was where we got the 360-degree view. However, it was very crowded, and it wasn’t very easy to even squeeze in to look out the fantastic view.

After spending about 20 minutes at the top, we walked back down, and on our way, we saw an older man carrying a few cartons of beer!

Before heading back to the town, we stopped by El Penon Estadero y Restaurante. The view in this place was fantastic too, it was like watching a nature documentary in HD. We ordered Maracuya and Mora juice cost 5,000 COP each.

Walking back to the Zeuss petrol station, there were a few Tuk-tuks ready, and we hopped into one. It cost 10,000 COP for a ride and took less than ten minutes to get to the town.

Guatape to Bogota

The bus station was located just a few blocks behind the place we stayed. It cost 23,000 COP for two-person. We departed at 10:02 am to Guarne and by 11:12 am we arrived at Puento.

Waiting for a bus to the airport

It didn’t take long before a public bus heading to the airport drove past. We’ve only been waiting for about 7 minutes. It costs 2,400 COP per person. It was probably cheaper than that, we paid the highest price that was written on the price list glued to the door.

The ride took less than 20 minutes. From the airport junction, we walked about 10 minutes to the Avianca check-in counter. In total during this trip, we spent about 900,000 COP including transport, hotel and food.

Travel Date: 10th ~ 13th August 2019

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