Casa Terracota

Casa Terracota or also known as The house of the Flintstones is the biggest earthenware in the world. Measuring at 500m², this giant craft built by Octavio Mendoza located about 1.9km away from Plaza Mayor. Constructed by using the four elements – earth, water, fire and air, the architect hopes to promote a harmonies lifestyle with the surrounding environment and also raise awareness about the damages of modern construction to nature. Continue reading “Casa Terracota”

Monserrate Bogota

The Church on top of Monserrate mountain was a Catholic church built between 1650 and 1657. Located 3,152 meters above sea level, Monserrate was a favourite place for the pilgrimages in the earlier day, and it hasn’t stopped in the modern-day. The church’s popularity continues soaring, and it becomes one of the tops visited places in Bogota.

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