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Guatemala City

After staying here in this beautiful Lake Atitlan for a week and got used to the beautiful landscape, it was hard to say goodbye. But we must move on in our life, and there would be a new place and a new journey in future that would probably be as exciting as this one.

Yesterday we bought the bus ticket at Nexway Travel that’s including a boat ride for the cost of $23 per person. They told us to get to the boat by 8 am, and to be at Magic Travel by 9 am for the bus ride. When we got to the boat at 7:50 am, we didn’t have to wait for long.

The ride was smooth, no stopping anywhere else but straight to Panajachel jetty, and the journey was just about twenty-two minutes. However, we arrived at a different dock, and it wasn’t at the place where we first took the boat to San Marcos.

With still plenty of time before our van scheduled to depart, we had breakfast at Restaurante Delicias del Lago next to the travel agencies. We finished our meal just when the van arrived. However, we didn’t depart straight to our destination. We drove around Panajachel town to get the others.

Yesterday before buying the bus tickets, we asked the staff if it’s direct to the city or stopping at Antigua, and the worker told us that it would be straight. However, on the bus, I overheard others saying that they’re heading to Antigua, and I was a bit worried that we’ll have to make a stop in the town, which will make the travel time longer. It turned out that those who’re going to Guatemala have to get off at some point and take another van. Our van this time was a smaller one with only six of us in it, but I didn’t mind it as long as we’re not stopping anywhere else.

Our van driver asked where we’re stopping, and some of the passengers were heading straight to the airport. The driver drove us straight to the hotel, and we’re the first one to get off of the van. It was great as we didn’t have to take a taxi to the place. The journey from Panajachel to Guatemala City which was 110km away took about four hours drive including stopping to get passengers around Panajachel town and transferring to another van.

Barcelo Guatemala City

When I first arrived at this hotel, I immediately fell in love with this place. The staff was polite, and the bed was so comfy that I didn’t want to go anywhere else. It has been more than ten days since we had such a comfy bed.

The hotel also has a swimming pool with a gym next to the pool, sauna, a free shuttle bus to the airport, souvenirs shop, ATM, and other facilities. And most importantly a great selection of food for breakfast!

We didn’t have time for sightseeing because when we arrived at the hotel, we have just about five hours of daylight left. What we did was exploring the area to find some food.

Steak House La Plazuelita

The other restaurants that we walked past were quite pricy, and this one was reasonable. It was quiet with only one couple in the restaurant. We paid our meal in Dollar which cost $35 and spent the rest of our remaining quetzals in McDonald to get a coke and Mc Flurry.

Some of the Food and Drink Price in Steak House La Plazuelita

GTQ 6 - Michelada/ Chelada/ Ojo Rojo
GTQ 16 - Tarro Modelo de Barril
GTQ 25 - Moza/ Moza Gold/ / Brahva/ Brahva Extra
GTQ 26 - Gallo/ Gallo Light/ Dorada Ice/ Dorada Draft/ Cabro
GTQ 28 - Negra Modelo/ Modelo Especial/ Heineken
GTQ 30 - Monte Carlo/ Cabro Reserva/ Corona

GTQ 30 - Pina Colada Virgen
GTQ 35 - Pina Colada/ Sangria/ Margarita Frozen o Coctel/ Vodka Tonic/ Gin Tonic/ Cuba Libre/ Ruso Negro/ Bloody Mary/ Tom Collins/ Mojito
GTQ 40 - Martini
GTQ 30 - Frijoles con Nachos
GTQ 40 - Sopa de Frijol
GTQ 45 - Mollejas de Ternera
GTQ 50 - Champinones al Ajillo/ Champinones a ala Mantequilla/ Chorizo Tipo Argentino
GTQ 55 - Queso FUndido - con Chorizo/ con Champinones/ con Tocino
GTQ 60 - Queso FUndido con Camaron

GTQ 95 - Puyazo de 1/2 Libra Individual
GTQ 105 - Lomito de 1/2 Libra Individual
GTQ 130 - Entrana o Costilla sin Hueso 1/2 Libra Individual
GTQ 180 - Puyazo de 1 Libra (2 Personas)
GTQ 185 - Mixto de 1 Libra (Para 2 Personas)
GTQ 190 - Lomito de 1 Libra (2 Personas)
GTQ 260 - Entrana o Costilla sin Hueso 1 Libra (2 Personas)
GTQ 295 - Super Mixto (1/2 Libra Lomito, 1/2 Libra Puyazo, 1/2 Libra Pollo y 1/2 Libra Lomo de Cerdo)
GTQ 330 - Puyazo de Libras (4 Personas)
GTQ 335 - Mixto de Libras 1 de Puyazo y 1 de Lomito (Para 4 Personas)
GTQ 340 - Lomito de 2 Libras (4 Personas)
GTQ 510 - Entrana o Costilla 2 Libras (4 Personas)
Todos nuestros platos incluyen una guarnicion de: Ensalada, Pure o Papas Fritas
GTQ 45 - Ensalada Mixta (Tomate, Lechuga, Zanahoria, Cebolla y Aguacate
GTQ 50 - Ensalada de Aguacate/ Ensalada de Palmito
GTQ 55 - Ensalada de Aguacate y Palmito
GTQ 65 - Ensalada Caprese

GTQ 12 - Porcion de Pan/ Porcion de Tortillas
GTQ 20 - Papas Pequenas/ Ensalada Pequena
GTQ 25 - Porcion de Frijoles
GTQ 30 - Porcion de Guacamol/ Papas Medianas/ Ensalada Mediana
GTQ 40 - Papas Grandes/ Ensalada Grande
GTQ 65 - Porcion de Chorizo (8 Onzas)

Address: 12 Calle 6-41 Zona 9
Phone: 2362-6551 / 2331-1429

Like any other big city, crime is a big concern. The hotel that we stayed located in Zon 9, away from the most dangerous zones in Guatemala city which were zone 3, 6, 8 and 21. While walking around the hotel’s area, we noticed that even the restaurant or shop guarded by security guards with guns on their hand ready for any possibility.

I didn’t dare to take my phone out frequently to snap photos, only when I see police nearby that I quickly snapped these picture.

The next morning after we had our breakfast, we took the free shuttle to La Aurora airport at 9 am. Wifi was available in the shuttle, and it only took fifteen minutes for the journey of 1.3km.

There’s nothing memorable in the flight back to Bogota, just that when we stopped at Panama airport for our connecting flight, the seats in our gate were not enough to accommodate the passengers, and we weren’t even allowed to sit at other’s gate’s empty seats.

Travel Date: 7th ~ 08th January 2019

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