The Angel Knights Series by Mary Ting

The Angel Knights series written by Mary Ting is a spin-off to her Crossroads Saga series, and most of the books told a story in Lucia’s point of view. I’ve included a synopsis and a short review to each book in the series as well as the reading order.

Series Title: The Angel Knights
Author: Mary Ting
Genres: Fantasy > Paranormal > Angels
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 985
Reading Date: 13th ~ 27th April 2019

Book Series In Order

  • 0.5 The Angel Knights
  • 1 The Chosen Knights
  • 2 The Blessed Knights
  • 3 The Sacred Knights
  • 4 Snow Queen

The Angel Knights

The battle between Angels and Demons continued in this short introduction to The Chosen Knights book. Michael and Claudia have taken a role in the council, but they couldn’t stop worrying about the safety of their children whenever Zach and Lucia were sent away for a mission. They have been trained to be Venators ever since they were able to handle a sword.

It’s great to find out what had become to the previous series’ characters, and I was glad to read that my favourite character still in this book. Davin oh Davin, you never stop making me chuckle whenever I read your witty acts, and I loved you for that. Michael and Claudia sounded matured now, and their children were impressive too. I can’t wait to read their mission on earth!

The Chosen Knights

A new adventure for Zach and Lucia on earth while trying to solve the mystery of missing teens. Having no experience on earth, uncle Davin must guide as well as protect them. Disguised as high school students, Zach and Lucia made friends and tried to blend with the rest of the kids in school while trying to find a clue. Lucia befriended with Jack, who’s also her neighbour, and he’s one of the descendants of the Knights Templar.

Jack played a significant role in unravelling the mystery they’d tried to investigate, and with the book that had been past down by Jack’s ancestor, they realised that the case wasn’t that simple. Riddles needed to be solved to get to the treasure which Cyrus, the lord of the possessor demons were desperately trying to get a hold. With help from other hybrid supernatural beings, they raced through time trying to find the clue.

The world created by Mary Ting was utterly amazing. The storyline was engaging, and while reading it, I could picture everything in my head. Lucia and Eli’s relationship could be seen from miles away, and I couldn’t wait to see how they could make this forbidden relationship works. The ending of this book was heartbreaking, thankfully I have the Blessed Knights book ready, and I could read it right away.

The Blessed Knights

When Eli got caught by Cyrus, the whole team was devastated, especially Lucia, and to top it off, the team couldn’t travel back in time to find the second clue to get closer to the treasure. However, thankfully, Milani, even though she’s depressed, she’d been practising her astral travel skill in which enable them to retrieve the clue and also escaped from a dire situation.

Eli wasn’t forgotten though the team tried their best to save him. However, when they finally got the chance, it was already too late. Cyrus got controlled over him, and in the process of rescuing him, Lucia almost got killed in his hand. But, there’s still a way of saving him, and they won’t stop until all hope was gone.

There’s plenty of others point of view in this book, and while reading it, I have to double-check on who’s telling the story. Anyway, there’s plenty of action, twist and mystery in this book, and I couldn’t wait to find out who’s the mysterious person leaving the Edelweiss flowers to the blessed knights, though I think I have an idea who’s behind it.

The Sacred Knights

Resuming their quest on solving the riddle, they found out some good news, people who’re believed to be dead was still alive, and there’s hope when things seemed lost.

I really enjoyed reading through their adventure, and for once I could pretend that I was one of the team members. Mary Ting described all the action and emotion cleary that I could picture myself in it.

So far, I had read all of her completed series – Descendant Prophecies and Crossroad Saga, and I’ll definitely check her page frequently to see if she’d finished writing The Snow Queen’s Knights or if any of the books she’s currently writing has completed. See you when I see ya!

My previous thoughts…

At the moment, this series consists of three main books which are The Chosen Knights, The Blessed Knights and The Sacred Knights. It also comes with one book with a short story which is The Angel Knights, a prequel to the first book.

Normally, I only read completed series, and whenever I found books that caught my attention, I’ll check the readers’ commentaries on the last work published to find out if it’s the final one. And Oh, my angels, I couldn’t believe that I’ve been tricked to read this series, and I blamed those who mislead me.

Though I could understand why they claimed that The Sacred Knights to be the last book, it’s because the ending in this story sounded like a perfect conclusion to this series!

If only I didn’t read the author’s comment about another book after The Sacred Knights, I would also conclude that it’s the end to the Angel Knights Series. But because I loved the series so much, I took the initiative to write to the author, and she replied to me even though she’s busy writing her other books for her publisher.

Mary Ting told me that she purposely left the ending open-ended so if she had time she could write more, and her intention is to write The Snow Queen’s Knights, but it might not be until the end of this year or next. Oh, and Davin was her friend who passed away in a car crash a long time ago. I believed Mary Ting wrote his personality based on the real person, may God blessed his soul!

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