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Descendant Prophecies Series by Mary Ting

Descendant Prophecies series by Mary Ting. A short review, synopsis and book series in order. The series consists of four books.

Series Title: Descendant Prophecies
Author: Mary Ting
Genres: Fantasy > Paranormal > Mythology
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 1,048
Reading Date: 08th ~ 27th March 2019

The Reading Order – How to Read Descendant Prophecies Series by Mary Ting

  • 1 From Gods
  • 2 From Deities
  • 3 From Origins
  • 4 From Titans

From Gods

10 years ago, Skylar’s dad left her without explanation, and whenever she tried asking her mum for the answer, she wouldn’t tell her. Now 18 years old Skylar was all grown up and ready to go to college. But before starting her first semester, Skylar went away to her cousin’s house, Kayla, for a summer holiday.

While on her way there, she was stopped by a gorgeous cop for a random check and was immediately attracted to him but didn’t do anything about it, except take note of his name – Doug.

Kayla’s mum owned a restaurant, and due to a shortage of staff, Skylar offered to help, and that’s when she saw the cop again. However, he didn’t acknowledge her, and he was also using a different name – Mason.

Skylar was confused, and when Nick, Mason’s brother invited Kayla and her to a beach party, she agreed, she thought it would be a great chance to find out more, but what she didn’t realise was that it was the beginning of her dangerous discovery.

Mason was surprised that Skylar remembered him despite having her memory wiped. He was intrigued by it and also felt something was special about her, so he kept a close eye on her. It was lucky that he did because Skylar was almost drowned on the beach.

Besides noticing that Skylar was able to see the Vultures, Mason also was curious about how she managed to kill his Demigod brother. While discovering the truth, protecting and being so close to her, Mason’s wall surrounding his heart slowly crumbled.

“To some you’re the keeper of death, but to me, you’re the keeper of my heart.”

This book was a page-turner. Mary Ting wrote it beautifully, the emotion felt realistic, and I loved how the story progressed steadily. While the story centred on the romance between the two couples, Mason and Skylar, and Kayla with Nick, this book was also packed with adventures and mysteries. I loved it!

From Deities

Skylar finally got what she wanted, an answer to why her dad left her ten years ago. But it wasn’t what she expected, and the truth hurt her so much that she couldn’t forgive her dad, not until another revelation, but by then, it was already too late.

Meanwhile, discovering that there’s more of their kind residing in the new Olympus built by Zara, the Oracles long ago was mind-blowing for the Grand brothers, but they wouldn’t trade their long-built sanctuary for the new place. However, they needed to work with the others to protect Skylar, as well as find the missing brother.

The second book still looking good, I loved Mason and Skylar, Kayla and Nick and the new coming couple Amanda and Noah. Their relationship was part of the reason why this book was so good. It was lovely and emotional and some scenes were funny. Sometimes I felt mad at Skylar for not telling Mason when something looked odd – about Ian and Mia etc.

The story was also predictable. I started to feel something was off with Steven when Mason didn’t get to see him at the house. I was guessing that Nick would tell Kayla in the future about the truth too! Anyway, I couldn’t wait to read about their journey to the underworld!

From Origins

Skylar and the gangs ventured to the underworld to kill Hades, but instead of killing the one and only god alive left on earth, Skylar followed her guts and accepted Hades’ proposal. It’s not only this mission that she went sideways, in her journey to retrieve Medusa’s head, she also didn’t follow Hephaestus’s order, but it turned out fine.

Skylar managed to save her parents and brought back all the gods and goddesses, and together they fought against Hephaestus and his vultures’ armies. It seemed like all was alright, the Oracles sisters were back together, the other gods forgave Hades, and Skylar’s mum was finally safe.

The plot twist on Skylar’s mum was unexpected, and the prologue was heartbreaking! Poor Skylar, hopefully, she will resolve everything in the next and final book!

I love the story of bringing Hades and the other gods back into the current modern world. Reading how they handled the experience in the new world was funny. I was also happy with the outcome of Skylar’s life, her parents were doing well as well as her fiancé.

I couldn’t wait to read the solution to the problem in the next final book in this series!

From Titans

Skylar’s world crumbled when Mason suddenly vanished, sucked into a wall and not even the gods and goddesses could find him. But when the goddess of chaos, Eris sent them an invitation to her engagement party with Mason, the rescue mission started. But it wasn’t an easy journey to fulfil Eris’s requirement, and when she broke her promise and sent them to a mouse and cat hunt game, that’s when all hell broke loose.

I always loved reading books with a happy ending, and this series nailed it to the top of my favourite list. I could feel the happiness radiated from all of the characters.

Besides Mason and Skylar, I also loved Nick as he always made some funny statements, and reading about the awesome gods and goddesses trying to fit into the modern world was freaking funny. But when I think of the relationship between Hephaestus and Skylar’s mum, it’s kind of weird. It’s his grandmother for Zeus’s sake!

When I finished reading this book, I still couldn’t find the answer to how old was the Grand family members, I knew that they were not immortal, but probably lived longer and aged slowly. I also wondered what Skylar would do with the gold water.

At first, I thought she would use it to turn the Titans into gold, and I would be very satisfied if she did that. But who knows one day the author would continue writing the spin-off of this series with the excuse that the prisoners escape! One can only hope.

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