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Daughter Trilogy by C.M. Owens

Adisia didn’t know that she was a descendant of powerful lineages, one that prophesied to battle the evils. She was just a mortal girl, you see, until she met Devin and then all hell broke loose.

Series Title: Daughter Trilogy
Author: C.M. Owens
Genres: Fantasy > Paranormal > Mythology
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 1,136
Reading Date: 01st January 2021 ~ 14th January 2021

The Reading Order – How to Read Daughter Trilogy by C.M. Owens

  • 1 Daughter of Aphrodite
  • 2 Daughter of Asteria
  • 3 Daughter of Kaos

Daughter of Aphrodite

Just when Adisia Titan gives up on men, she finds Devin Cole. He’s sexy, rich, and… persistent. Against her better judgment, she falls for him harder than she ever thought she could.

But, Devin’s secretive eyes and cryptic conversations leave her worried a stinging heartbreak is inevitable. Devin’s secrets come to light, leaving her completely shocked and horrified. But not as horrified as she is when she learns her own secrets.

Adisia never believed in the world of supernatural until it came crashing down at her feet. Now she’s stuck in between the two realms, both promising to leave her destroyed.

Devin refuses to lose her, and to keep her safe, he’ll sacrifice everything. With death’s breath on their back, they’re forced to face a force they’re not ready to contend with. Too many fates lie in their hands, and too many are ready to tear them down. Their love may just be the key to saving the world from the fate the dark hands are trying to deal.

My thoughts…

The story was engaging from the first chapter until the end. Adisia and Cole loved fiercely, and I was on cloud nine with so much love. However, when things went south, which both of them hurt badly, it tugged my heartstrings.

The heroine, Adisia had suffered from bad relationships in the past, which led her to be suspicious of Devin’s behaviour. I should have understood her for that, but sometimes I wanted to shake Adisia out of her childish act. The hero, Devin, was a lovable character. He was super cool and patient in handling the goddess.

If I were to read this book before the other two books were out, it would’ve halted my life! The only thing I disliked was this couple couldn’t keep their hand off of each other. Seriously, Adisia, tone down a bit and have more control of your power.

Daughter of Asteria

After having destroyed the world, Adisia wakes up unaware and disturbed by the sense she’s forgetting something. The problem is, she’s replaying everything… just in a different way.

As soon as her mind catches up and brings her back to the danger still after them, several new disasters occur, each leading Devin to worry about the safety of his only love. With time against them, no one is willing to risk a repeat of the last encounter they had with Safina.

Everyone goes all in to prepare, but will it be enough this time? Along the way, Adisia still struggles with her inability to trust the man she loves. It only gets worse in the small world of immortals where Devin is a known womanizer. Then comes a new face, one claiming Adisia is destined to be his, causing Devin’s jealousy to surface for a change.

Love’s never easy for an Aphrodite, cursed by beauty, destroyed by the ones she trusts the most.

My thoughts…

The story starts with a series of events that we’ve already learnt from the first book. The knowledge which Adisia acquired from the past event thought would give the team an upper hand because they would know what to expect.

However, history didn’t play out exactly as it was before the rewind. New allies, enemies, and power had shaped the story in a different direction. Adisia also had to overcome her fear to ensure victory.

I would have thought that after the first book, the trust issue would not be a problem anymore. But, jealousy was still on the card for the couple and I was slightly disappointed with Adisia and Devin for being immature.

The information provided in the last chapter also gave us an insight into what’s next to come, and I couldn’t wait to read the final book to find out how the story would play out. Devin or Jace? What’s Jace role and the meaning behind his mother’s vision? Who’s the villain?

Daughter of Kaos

Just when they think it’s okay to be happy, fate’s cruel sense of humor strikes again, stripping them of their right.

Adisia and Devin find themselves in a place where they’ve never been before, and all of Adisia’s crippling insecurities hit her harder than ever when her faith in the man she loves is lost… possibly gone forever.

But Devin is not one to lose the girl he loves more than life itself, and he’s determined to find a way to prove it was never his choice to hurt her.

While death lurks, betrayal sings, and the life of immortals proves to be all the more entangled.

My thoughts…

In this final book, Adisia and the team faced stronger enemies and greater responsibility. The betrayal from Devin had weakened Adisia, and with emotion running high, she must find a way to counter the problem on her hands before she could battle the culprit behind all the havoc.

I loved the author’s ability in making me feel connected to Adisia. I could feel the heartache, the insecurities, the emotional conflict, the happiness etc. The conclusion to the story was fantastic! However, by the end of the story, I was still baffled by their immortal bonding ceremony. When did they do it? It did feel like some parts of the stories were left out.

The epilogue and Devin’s POV were a nice touch, though. At first, I thought it was the story of Aster meeting up with the guy destined to be with her, but it wasn’t. Seriously though, I couldn’t get enough of the world the author had created – I’ll miss them! 

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