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Curse Trilogy by C.M. Owens

Welcome to Araya’s messy life. Destined for one who shattered her heart, and in love with one that she never imagined she could trust.

Series Title: Curse Trilogy
Author: C.M. Owens
Genres: Fantasy > Vampires
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 822
Reading Date: 14th January 2021 ~ 28th January 2021

The Reading Order – How to Read Curse Trilogy by C.M. Owens

  • 1 Gifted Curse
  • 2 Forgotten Curse
  • 3 Lifted Curse

Gifted Curse

Vampires, sex, and blood… oh my.  Araya Crush is a hybrid who constantly finds herself torn between her hybrid lover and her full blood vampire lover. With her dark secrets emerging, her life becomes all the more complicated, driving her back and forth between the men she loves.

A world with blood addiction, rigid rules, and horrific consequences, they are all forced to fight for their love as much as their lives.

My thoughts…

After 30% into the story, I still didn’t have any ideas about Araya’s power. I knew she was a hybrid, but what’s so special about them, how many of them, the full blood’s ability and politics, etc?

It was a slow-paced story, concentrating more on Araya’s love conflict. Whilst engaged to a full-blood vampire, Brazen, she still couldn’t let go of her ex, Hale, and when she finally got back to Hale again, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

After that, the story went downhill, with just plenty of sex scenes and less action, and I got bored. Hale’s POV in the last chapter gives us a glimpse of why he left Araya in the first place and the reason they broke up. This insight had pretty much sealed Brazen’s fate even though he might be given a chance to be with Araya again in the next book.

Forgotten Curse

Araya Crush has suffered another broken heart after falling for Hale again, and she has started all over once more. But fate is meddling in her will to stay away this time, making it almost impossible to push her feelings aside.

Her full blood hasn’t given up his rights to her either, and she finds herself constantly falling into his consoling arms. Seeking closure from one, finding love from the other, her heart struggles with the twisted, relentless game of tug of war, while a war is promising to be eminent.

My thoughts…

The plot of the second book was way better than book one. Added with additional new characters, exciting discovery on Araya’s unique blood and also about her parents. As usual, the ending gave us an insight into what was to come in the final book, and I couldn’t help but try guessing who the girl was. Could it be Alex? Did she ever give blood to her?

Lifted Curse

Hale and Brazen are relentless, and it’s time for Araya to choose, and even with the new hybrid threat still at large, love keeps finding a way to reign dominant. Each day is full of more threat and more promise at the same time.

Old wounds, old faces, and new enemies emerge to make the struggle all the more severe. When the newest bomb is dropped, and one lover finds the hope he thought he lost. But the time for sacrifice comes, and Araya is ready to lose it all to save the ones she loves.

My thoughts…

It was an exciting conclusion for Araya’s love life! One that has seldom been given when involving two ridiculously perfect characters to choose from. For those in team Hale, this was your chance, and for Brazen, you may need to continue reading the next spin-off to this series, Gifts Trilogy.

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