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Hamburg was the second-largest city in Germany, but with only three nights to spend here, we definitely didn’t have enough time to explore the city.

On this trip, Mike’s parents travelled with us too, making this trip merrier 😉. We reached Leonardo Hotel at 6:30 pm after an hour-forty minutes flying with Easyjet from Manchester.

The hotel was located just 1.4km away from the airport, and it was perfect to spend a night there before moving to the other hotel in the city centre the next morning.

Gröninger Privatbrauerei

On the first night out, we took Hansa-Taxi to Gröninger Privatbrauerei which was located about 26 minutes drive from our hotel. The restaurant was packed, but we were lucky we didn’t have to wait for long to get served.

We sat on benches with long tables a couple of rows away from the copper mash tuns. We ordered a huge platter that came with various ham, sausages, pork, salad, coleslaw, and radishes. We also tried their brew, and each had a 1-litre glass, but of course, I wouldn’t be able to finish it, so I settled with the smaller one.

The next morning, we had our breakfast at the hotel, checked out and took a taxi to Hotel Terminus which is about half an hour away. The hotel was strategically located in the middle of places that we planned to visit during our stay.


We spent about 4 hours at Alsterpark strolling through the landscaped garden paths while enjoying the view of Außenalster artificial lake.

We stopped for lunch at Bodo’s Bootssteg cafe, a cafe on a floating platform at the lake.

Throughout the walk, I saw people jogging, bicycling, kayaking, sailing and also picnicking.

On our way back, we walked past the Atlantic Hotel, the hotel that featured in the James Bond ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ movie.


In the evening, we took a taxi to ‘Reeperbahn’, which means ropewalk. The street was buzzing with activities. People were coming from all directions. Some were on a stag do, and others were just having a night out. Oh, and I also noticed a group of teenagers dressing punk.

Their hair was spiked and coloured with green, blue or red. I wanted to take a picture with them but I was too scared to approach them, and now I regretted it. It’s an entirely different world here compared to my country.

There were plenty of restaurants, nightclubs, strip clubs and also sex shops around this area. We spent our night in Albers Bar.

Albers Bar drinks price :
Beck 0.4L @ €4.00 
Becks 0.25L @ €3.00 
Tequila sunrise @ €8.00
Mai Tai @ €9.50

Around Hamburg

The next day, we wandered around the city.

Mike and I had our lunch at Nagel restaurant located just behind the hotel. We went to this place quite often during our stay. I loved the food!

Astra beer @  €3.50

Food prices in Restaurant Nagel Bierstube
Schnitzel Wiener Art @  €10.90
Schnitzel Jager Art @  €11.90
Schnitzel Meerrettich @  €11.90
Sauerfleisch @  €10.50
Labskaus @  €10.50
Bauernfruhstuck @  €8.50
Bayerischer Leberkase @  €8.50
Sechs Nurnberger Bratwurstl @ 8.90
Schinkeneisbein @  €12.90 

We had our dessert at the Alex Pavillion overlooking Außenalster lake. It was a beautiful place to relax and enjoy your meal.

In the evening, Mike’s parents joined us at Paulaner’s Miraculum Kirchenallee 45 for dinner.

Paulaner’s Miraculum
Mixed grillteller @ €16.00
Helles 0.5L @ €3.50
Helles 0.3L @ €2.70

On our final day, while waiting for our flight back to Manchester at 05:45 pm, we stocked up our belly with German beers and food at Prego and also at Coffee Lounge Hamburg.

Prego Lilienstraße drinks price :
Warsteiner 0.5L @ €4.50
Warsteiner 0.3L @ €3.00
Ananas saft 0.2L @ €2.90
Kirschsaft 0.2L @ 2.90

Is that Außenalster Lake? I’m not sure. Anyway, Auf Wiedersehen Hamburg!

Travel Date: 30th May ~ 02nd June 2014

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