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Immortality Bites Series by Michelle Rowen

Sarah and Quinn are both newly turned vampires. They aren’t happy with the new lifestyle and will do anything in their power to become human again, including betraying their loved ones.

Series Title: Immortality Bites
Author: Michelle Rowen
Genres: Fantasy > Paranormal > Vampires
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 1,885
Reading Date: 20th April ~ 03rd May 2021

The Reading Order – How to Read Immortality Bites Series by Michelle Rowen

1 Bitten & Smitten
2 Fanged & Fabulous
3 Lady & The Vamp
4 Stakes & Stilettos
5 Tall, Dark & Fangsome

Bitten & Smitten

Dear Mom,

I might be a wee bit late for Cousin Missy’s wedding. It’s been a tough week. Turns out, my blind date from hell was literally from hell. Guy bit me. Next thing I know, I’m being chased all over the city by vampire hunters. And did I mention that I got fired, too?

Bright side-I met a man. Thierry de Bennicoeur. How great is that name? Anyway, he’s sexy, six-hundred years old, and a tad suicidal, but no one’s perfect, right? And we have a deal-he’s gonna show me the ropes of the vampire world, and I’m supposed to help him end his existence.

Or maybe I’ll just try to convince him life is worth living – no small challenge with the mostly immortal, let me tell you. I’ll admit it’s a complicated relationship. But with any luck, I just might have a date for that wedding after all…

Hugs and Kisses,

My thoughts…

Enjoyable light reading story. The storyline was simple and easy to understand. The female heroine, Sarah, was snarky. Some scenes made me laugh out loud, and many comments made me snicker. 

It was pretty entertaining, and I could have finished reading the whole book in one sitting, but it was getting late at night. Hence, I only managed to read 75% in one sitting! 

The ending to this first book was without a cliffhanger, so you could say goodbye if you did not enjoy the story. But, if you would like to find out what more Sarah had to face in the following seven books, stick with it.

Note: Did you notice the content of the letter which Sarah addressed to her mum? Well, she didn’t send it out, though.

Fanged & Fabulous

My name is Sarah Dearly, and I’ve got major problems. Last month, I was turned into a vampire by the world’s worst blind date. Then I may have, totally by accident, started a war between the mostly peaceful bloodsuckers and a bunch of sociopathic vamp hunters who have nicknamed me the Slayer of Slayers.

Now I’m being used as bait to draw out the hunters’ bad-ass leader, while my gorgeous 600-year-old boyfriend Thierry seems to be blowing me off, and my sizzle-hot, fanged friend Quinn is trying to turn my self-defence lessons into make-out sessions.

So you know what? I’m done. I’ve had it. There comes a time when a vamp has to just suck it up and go after what she wants. And as soon as I figure out what that is, that’s exactly what I’ll do…

My thoughts…


“So that means that Peter . . .” I swallowed. “That his full name was Peter Parker?”
I burst into tears. “Oh, my God! I killed Spiderman!”
“Sarah, get a grip.”

Those who didn’t read the first book could easily read this book and still catch up with what had happened earlier. Usually, when the author re-tells the story from the first book, I would be annoyed, but not this one because the explanation wasn’t lengthy.

The synopsis pretty much summed up what transpired in the book. There are not many plot twists and no cliffhangers as well. By the time I finished reading this book, I pretty much had an idea of what to look forward to in the next few books in the series.

I still wish, by some miracle, Sarah would be a badass character. Maybe in a few more books? Only time will tell.  I also have high hopes for Quinn and Janie to be together. Fingers crossed 🤞!

Lady & The Vamp

Former vampire hunter Michael Quinn is living a nightmare: he’s been turned into a vampire. His only hope is the “Eye”–a long-lost artifact that, once every millennium, will grant one wish to its possessor. Fortunately for Quinn, he has a map detailing the path to the “Eye.” All he needs to do is find it, then he can wish himself back into humanity.

Janie Parker has made a lot of many mistakes in her life, not the least of which was getting tricked into working for a demon. Not only is the pay awful, but she has to successfully complete all her unsavory assignments or risk a torturous death.

Her latest mission is to track a vampire who apparently knows where some stupid treasure is. No problem. Until she sees who the vampire is — Michael Quinn, a man she’s had a crush on since she was twelve years old. Too bad she’ll have to kill him to get to the “Eye.”

But Quinn and Janie are kindred spirits, and soon they’re falling in love even though they’re after what the other person is desperate for: the “Eye”.

My thoughts…

When reading a series, I only read the synopsis of the first book and never check on the rest of it because I want it to be a surprise. So, I never realised that this book wasn’t about Sarah anymore until I started reading it. But I don’t mind it, and I think the story about Quinn was fantastic.

I thought Janie was a badass character in the previous book, and I liked her. My opinion stayed the same even after I learned more about her in this book. She had her flaws, but most importantly, she wasn’t coldhearted.

Now that they have their happy ending, I wonder if we’ll get back to Sarah? Or will we get to know more about Barkley? I wouldn’t mind him, but I miss Sarah, and her wittiness – Barkley and Lenny weren’t that funny 🙄.

Stakes & Stilettos

Newly vamped Sarah Dearly wants her normal life back, but fate is fighting against her. She tries to get a regular job and gets staked in the interview, only to be rescued by a masked vampire who calls himself the Red Devil.

Then a wallflower-turned-witch curses her, making her a bloodthirsty, sun-allergic nightwalker–the worst vampire there is. As if all that weren’t enough, she can’t get married because her 600-year-old boyfriend, Thierry, is in a centuries-long marriage of convenience he can’t escape.

As Sarah’s nightwalker tendencies make her more dangerous, even to those she loves, she’ll have to counteract that curse, unmask the increasingly intriguing Red Devil, and get a commitment from her man. But if that’s what it takes to secure her happiness, Sarah is ready…even if it means embracing her inner vamp to do it.

My thoughts…

Yes! Sarah is back in the story. Not only that, but the mysterious vampire master, Thierry, also has his part in the story where he reveals the past events. It was interesting to read because, seriously, he’s a ‘man’ who spoke little.

In the previous books, the author had included werewolves in the story and this time, it’s witches. This book has two main plots: the mysterious Red Devil’s identity and breaking the curse.

Unlike the previous books, this time, the story ended with unfinished business. But the cliffhanger wasn’t too intense to have me read the next one immediately – they were both aware that it was a temporary breakup 😉.

Tall, Dark & Fangsome

Sarah Dearly’s vampire life is not all B-positive cocktails. A curse made her a nightwalker, the most vicious vamp there is; the charm she wears to curb her deadly tendencies is losing its juice; and a hunter from hell is turning up the heat.

Gideon Chase will kill the ones she loves most if she doesn’t obey his orders. That includes breaking up with master vampire Thierry and turning Gideon into an immortal vamp so he can escape a doom of eternal hellfire.

Making things worse are Sarah’s growing feelings for Gideon, a bad boy who keeps showing a vulnerable side . . . but is it for real? Will Sarah’s dark side take over? Or can she cure herself of the nightwalker curse in time to stop Gideon and finally live happily ever after with Thierry . . . forever?

My thoughts…

When you were so sure about how it would end only to find out that you were entirely wrong, that was so damn satisfying. Hence, praise the author for making an excellent conclusion!

If you love the story, you might as well continue reading the spin-off to this series – Immortality Bites Mystery. As usual, I refused to read the synopsis, so I have no idea if it’s still about Sarah and Thierry. I hope Barkley will be there as he’s the only one that’s without a proper closure.

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