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The Morganville Vampires Series by Rachel Caine

I started reading this series while on my Christmas holiday in Texas, purposely read this book because of the location setting in this story set in Texas, though Morganville wasn’t real, in one of the books, they went away to Dallas.

The Morganville Vampires Series by Rachel Caine consists of 15 main books which are Glass Houses, The Dead Girls’ Dance, Midnight Alley, Feast of Fools, Lord of Misrule, Carpe Corpus, Fade Out, Kiss of Death, Ghost Town, Bite Club, Last Breath, Black Dawn, Bitter Blood, Fall of Night and Daylighters.

There’s also another book called Midnight Bites which has a compilation of 22 short stories. The short stories that can be read in this book are Nothing Like an Angel, Myrnin’s Tale, New Blood, The First Day of the Rest of Your Life, Amelia’s Story, Grudge, Dead Man Stalking, Murdered Out, All Hallows, Worth Living For, Sam’s Story, Drama Queen’s Last Dance, Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Vexed, Anger Management, Automatic, Signs and Miracles, Dark Rides, Lunch Date, A Whisper in the Dark, Pitch-Black Blues, and also And One for the Devil.

Another two more short stories that can also be read from Rachel Caine’s Wattpad are Eve’s Diary and Your Mileage May Vary.

Series Title: The Morganville Vampires
Author: Rachel Caine
Genres: Fantasy > Paranormal > Vampires
Read Format: Kindle Edition + Ebooks + Wattpad
Total Pages: 5,111
Reading Date: 14th December 2018 ~ 08th March 2019

The Reading Order – How to Read The Morganville Vampires Series by Rachel Caine

  • 1 Glass Houses
  • 2 The Dead Girls’ Dance
  • 3 Midnight Alley
  • 4 Feast of Fools
  • 5 Lord of Misrule
  • 6 Carpe Corpus
  • 7 Fade Out
  • 8 Kiss of Death
  • 9 Ghost Town
  • 10 Bite Club
  • 11 Last Breath
  • 12 Black Dawn
  • 13 Bitter Blood
  • 14 Fall of Night
  • 15 Daylighters

Glass Houses

Seventeen years old smart student, Claire got herself into trouble when she pissed off the wrong person – Monica. To stay alive, Claire ran away from her dorm, rented a room at the Glass House, and befriended Eve, Shane and Michael. But trouble seemed to be following her around, and she was lucky to have caring and loyal roommates.

Claire, even though only started living in the Glass House for a short period, she had already discovered Michael’s secret and was also so lucky to obtain the book, that the others have been searching for so long.

In the end, everything was resolved easily, but I was still curious about Michael’s case. I hope he can live or maybe get turned into a proper Vamp with superpowers and fight against the bad ones!

The Dead Girls’ Dance

Imagine living in a town where Vampires are roaming around, and you live in a protected house but are pretty much in danger when stepping outside the house (especially at night). I can’t think of why human beings still want to live in that place. I’ll run away the moment I have a chance!

Claire, Shane, Eve and Michael have been trying their best to stay alive, but trouble always seemed to be following them. Just when they are finally granted protection from the oldest Vampire, Amelia, Shane’s father showed up and brought nothing helpful but truth and troubles.

When Shane is accused of murder, Eve and Claire risk their lives and look for help from the creature they despise, Vampires. Meanwhile, Michael feels useless for not being able to get out of the house to save his friend. Desperate and since he doesn’t have any other choices, he asks Amelia to change him.

I can’t wait to see what’s Claire decision will be. But judging by her character, she would definitely accept Amelia’s offer to protect her friends. However, there’s always something before it finally happens right?

Midnight Alley

I thought Claire’s friends would find out about her intention of signing the contract and therefore prevent her from doing it. But that was meant to happen, and her friends only found out later on.

Once she signed the contract to be Amelia’s slave for the rest of her life, she became an instant celebrity; even Monica trying her best to befriend her. But when she realised the real purpose of Amelia signing her, she didn’t really mind saving the vamps ass because she cared for Michael, Sam, Amelia and pitied Myrnin.

Claire loves a challenge and with the mission Amelia trusted her with, she was happy and since then has tried her best to fulfil it, but time was running out, and Claire might need an extra hand & certain drug help to push her project forward.

Besides rushing for her project and keeping it a secret, other issues happened in her life such as Eve’s brother, Jason threatening her, Sam almost dying, Shane being stabbed, and last but not least her parents showing up, bringing a shocking news as well as the interesting guests who showed up at their doorstep.

Feast of Fools

The main story in this book was about Bishop and his entourage. They came to Morganville with an agenda, but Claire, Shane and Eve didn’t have any clue until Miranda, who’s a seer showed up in their house and told them (Michael probably knows a little about it). However, they couldn’t do anything about it because it wasn’t detailed enough.

On the other hand, Claire’s project had a little help from doctor Mills, and with modern technology, the new version of medicine lasted much longer, enough for Myrnin to execute his plan of getting confirmation of the real cure.

Other things that happened were that Eve’s dad passed away, Michael started playing music again, and Claire’s parents moved into Morganville, and finally realised what this little town has in store for them.

When I read that Ysandre got chased away from the house with Claire’s command and that even Michael admitted he couldn’t do it, I felt so happy. Claire had become more mature and badass in this book. There’s probably some mystery to that.

Lord of Misrule

Morganville was on fire! Amelia’s father, Bishop tried to take over Morganville, a place where Amelia rules. He also came with a purpose, to take the mysterious book from her daughter.

Three groups were formed: Bishop, Amelia and Revolting Human. Amelia had separated Claire, Shane, Eve and Michael, and gave each of them tasks to protect the town. Hannah was a new character added in this book, who had helped protect Claire, but towards the end of the book, she wasn’t there to help anymore. I hope I get to read about her again, she was a badass!

This book was chaotic and packed with action, and the ending was a complete surprise. I can’t believe Myrnin did that, but I don’t believe he’s evil. After all, he’s a ‘man’ full of tricks on his sleeve. I won’t be surprised if he’s actually playing a role.

Carpe Corpus

When Bishop took over the town, Claire became Bishop’s errand girl, she was spelt and couldn’t disobey his command, and that made Eve hate her. Claire’s boyfriend, Shane was in prison while Michael and Myrnin had to pretend to be submitted to Bishop to gain his trust. But Claire didn’t know about it until her 17th birthday when Myrnin took her to see Shane in prison, and Amelia showed up after missing in action for sometimes.

I’m happy that the Badass from the last book, Hannah made an appearance in this book. She worked as a police officer and still sided with Amelia and another character, Richard, became a Mayor. I’m utterly speechless about Ada, a computer vampire. Seriously that was weird.

Anyway, the mystery of the killer of the innocent human was finally revealed in this book, and with Bishop defeated, Amelia retook control of the town and changed some rules in Morganville. It looked like a pretty good ending for me, but of course, there’s more to tell with the human rebel and the loyalty of Oliver and Frank Collins.

Fade Out

Finally, the resident of Morganville was at peace, but of course, Claire and the gang weren’t fortunate to get the privilege. The new character from the previous book, Ada the computer vampire was more determined to kill Claire.

Meanwhile, Claire’s friendship with Eve faced some tests when Morganville welcomed back the legendary Kim. Eve worshipped her and unintentionally hurt Claire’s feelings. But Kim didn’t come back to make friends; she had her agenda, one that would jeopardise the vampires in Morganville.

There was a new vampire gang in town led by Morley; his group was made up of vampires who were not siding with either Amelia, Oliver or Bishop. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, Claire made a deal with them, and if she failed to convince Amelia to let the vampire group leave Morganville, Eve and Shane’s life would be on the line.

In this book, Amelia already told Claire her answer; I wonder if her decision would change in the next book. Amelia also declared that the three of them were neutrals and that no Vampires could hurt them. But what were the services that Amelia required from them in exchange for the protection?

I can’t wait to read the next book and find out more. By the way, one thing that baffled me was about Oliver kidnapping Claire. How could they forget the issue and treat it like it was not a big deal when they met each other the following day? It’s ridiculous.

Kiss of Death

Finally, a story that’s not centred in Morganville. Getting out of Morganville wasn’t easy, one must have the approval from the founder of the town, and when Michael received an invitation from a recording company based in Dallas, Amelia permitted him to go away with his friends.

Michael, Eve, Shane and Claire were so happy when they heard the news, but when they realised Oliver had become their escort, their mood went downhill. During their trip, Oliver had his agenda and asked them to stop at a little town, and that’s when bad luck followed.

They pissed off the drunk local, got caught by the policeman, have Eve’s car destroyed by the drunk local, were kidnapped by Morley’s vampire group and also face vampires that were much more animalistic than their kidnapper.

The first 10% of the book was about Eve being insecure about her boyfriend and throwing a tantrum. It’s a bit boring, but since Morganville seemed to stabilise now, it’s time to insert some drama into their romance. I knew Eve was a goth chic, but I still couldn’t accept her choice of car, a Hearse, really! That’s creepy.

I was also happy with how this book ended, looked like Morley got what he wanted, and therefore saving Shane and Eve’s heads from the platter, and Michael recording’s a success. However, they couldn’t run away from Morganville forever and still needed to go back to Morganville.

Ghost Town

When the computer vampire, Ada died in book 7, residents of Morganville including the Vampires could easily slip out of the town, and it has been a serious issue since then. Claire and Myrnin have been working on a new system because Claire was opposed to the idea of placing a brain on the computer.

During a Rave concert which Eve attended to, a fight broke down between the students and the Vampires, and Claire accidentally killed a Vampire. Amelia took the chance to punish Claire by sentencing her to fix the machine without rest and with no outside contact.

Claire managed to finish the project, and the machine works. But something strange has been happening since then, the residents and Vampires have experienced memories lost. She told Myrnin about it, but Myrnin didn’t take any serious action, Claire needed to find the error before the same thing happened to her.

I enjoyed reading this book more than the previous books, and the last 30% of the book was so intense and chaotic that I couldn’t stop reading it. I was also happy with what Shane’s dad had become, it was a great solution to the brain problem, and I disagreed with them keeping the secret from Shane. He deserved to know the truth, and I believe Shane would be happy for the chance to talk to his dad again.

Bite Club

The opening of a new gym in town by a vampire had become the talk among the members of the Glass House. Michael, Eve and Claire were quite sceptical about it, but Shane couldn’t contain his excitement and immediately enrolled.

Shane has always despised the vampires, and when given a chance to kick some vampire ass in the fight club, Shane didn’t hesitate to join, because that’s how he found his release. But what he didn’t know was that there was a hidden agenda behind the fight, and with his mind being glamoured by the beautiful vampire, Gloriana he didn’t care about his friends and even breaking up with his girlfriend.

Bite Club was the first book that had an alternating POV between Claire and Shane. It was great to know what’s inside Shane’s mind while we dove into the book, it helped in understanding or even predicting what would happen next. But frankly speaking, I’ve always disliked Shane in a relationship with Claire, I wished Claire was with Myrnin, they’re both smart and Myrnin cares about Claire in his own crazy way.

The return of their old foes was a nice touch in this book, but I have a few complaints about the story though. Firstly, when I read the short story – Drama Queen’s Last Dance before this book, I had no idea who’s Gloriana. I wonder why the librarian placed it as book #9.5, they should have put it after this book because by the time Eve blurted out she was getting married to Michael, it’s no longer a surprise for me.

Secondly, I don’t see Miranda’s role in this book at all, all her premonitions didn’t get acknowledged by the Glass gang, it’s just a waste of time, and I was disappointed because she was super cool with her power! I hope they will listen to her and act accordingly in future.

Lastly, it was about Kim, the last thing I read about her in book 7, she had lost her mind, it doesn’t make sense to recover that fast and immediately start being cocky again. Anyway, I’m deeply concerned about Michael and Eve’s relationship especially after Amelia heard about them getting married.

Last Breath

Not everyone in Morganville was happy with Michael and Eve’s relationship. Eve was frowned upon and labelled as a traitor by the humans, while other Vampires were looking down on Michael.

When Michael and Eve decided to throw the engagement party, Eve asked for Claire and Shane’s help to extend their invitation to the human community. While Eve, Shane and Claire were busy preparing for the party, Michael seemed to be worrying about something, and when Naomi, a vampire girl showed up at the Glass House requesting to meet up with Michael, it almost caused a big misunderstanding.

However, nothing else matters when the biggest and oldest enemies of the Vampires show up in town. Even the badass vampires such as Oliver succumbed to fate, while Amelia the founder of Morganville decided to leave everything behind and run away with her ‘peoples’. And as usual, it’s up to Eve, Claire and Shane to save the city, again!

Last Breath was the second book where we get to read from Claire’s POV and also from other characters such as Shane, Eve, Michael and even Amelia. My first impression when I read the title was pure excitement!

I thought that since Michael and Eve were planning to get married, Eve had to be turned into a vampire so that she could be with Michael, and therefore it would be her last breath! But I was so wrong and surprised when I read whose last breath it was, and as the story progressed, I was also disappointed with Claire, I wished she had chosen the other path!

Black Dawn

In the aftermath of the fight between the Draug AKA Siren with the Morganville Vampires together with their allies, GHG – Glass House Gangs, the founder of Morganville was bitten by the master Draug, Magnus. Since then, chaos befell Morganville.

The Draug took over half of the town, forcing most of the residents and Vampires to fleed the city. However, the GHG remain there side by side with the remaining Vamps trying to find a way to defeat the Draug, and also the possible cure for Amelia.

While Oliver was busy tending to Amelia, keeping her sane, Myrnin launched his mission – shutting down the water treatment plant to cut off the movement of the enemy. However, during the mission, Shane was caught by the Draug, and since then, he has been living in a fantasy world, not realising that he’s coming closer to his end.

This book was loaded with relationship issues, a sort of kamikaze mission, death and also betrayal. I felt sad for Richard and Miranda, it wasn’t fair at all, and I wished the ending was different. But I’m sure the author has a reasonable excuse for that action.

Bitter Blood

In the previous book, the Vampires managed to kill the enemy that they’ve been running away from ever since they walked the earth. It was the only reason why Amelia, the town founder chose Morganville – due to the lack of rain. Now that they had nothing to be worried about, they were free to do whatever they wanted. It didn’t take Oliver long before he sunk his claws to Amelia, but there’s a reason behind it.

There’re so many things going on in this book, for instance, the newlyweds couple planned to move out from the house to get more privacy (due to the increase of residents in the house), however, they also need to think of their safety as they’ve been treated poorly by each side, Vampires and Humans.

Meanwhile, on the political side, the mayor’s seat was open for election, and a new captain was competing with Monica to get the job – It was Claire’s idea to get Monica in the position.

However, that’s not all, there’s also a Ghosthunter team roaming around Morganville looking for a story, but with the new rule for the vampires which enables them to hunt their victim once a year freely, will they be safe?

Reading this book, I had the same anxious feeling as when I read the story about Bishop and Draug took over the town. It gave me the impression that all hope was lost. However, I thought that the conclusion was quite simple – Naomi needed to sink her fangs into the humans/vampires to gain control, but Amelia solely needed to command them, and their consciences were back.

If she’s that powerful, she shouldn’t be deluded easily by Oliver. Anyway, what really touched me in this book was Claire’s growing concern about Myrnin’s sudden disappearance, and the desperation of Myrnin calling out Claire for help.

I can’t wait to see what happens next, will Claire leave Morganville for MIT, and if she would reconcile with Shane? I also wonder what crisis will befall Morganville next since everything looks in order now.

Fall of Night

Studying at MIT has always been an ultimate dream for Claire, but when the moment came, she actually felt sad leaving Morganville. Being away from her friends, especially her boyfriend Shane made her sad, but because of her relationship issue with him, she didn’t ask Shane to go with her.

In the new place, she kept reminding herself to stay strong, and to enjoy her own space away from the vampire business.

Claire rented a house with her old friend from school, Elizabeth @ Liz, however, Liz didn’t act like what she used to be, and the changes annoyed Claire. But there’s a reason behind it. Besides Liz, Claire also got to know some other new friends from school and also Jesse @ Lady Grey who has a secret.

At MIT, Claire was asked by Myrnin to be Dr Anderson’s lab assistant who was once Myrnin’s assistant too. Claire brought her own special project – VLAD from Morganville and showed it to her new ‘boss’ to get an idea on improving it. But what she didn’t know was that it was what brought chaos to her new life.

Shane always said that Claire was a trouble magnet, and he realised that he couldn’t leave Claire on her own in the new place. But he also respected Claire’s decision and planned to just keep an eye from far away, not telling her his intention. He left Morganville shortly after that but not before getting bitten by a new creature in Morganville, a ‘Dog Vampire’, probably.

When I first read Nothing Like an Angel, the short story, I actually liked Lady Grey to be with Myrnin and kept on waiting for her to show up, but she didn’t, not until in this book anyway. Over the time while reading the main story and getting to know about Claire, I’ve had a change of heart and rooted Claire to be with Myrnin even though she clearly head over heels with Shane.

With the series coming to an end, with only one book left, I finally let go of that dream and just hoped for Myrnin’s happy ending, as well as the other Vampires in town.


After defeating the Daylighters back in Boston, Claire and the gang headed back to Morganville, but only to find out that the town wasn’t the same as before. While they were gone, the enemy had gained control over Morganville and captured all the Vampires, and some of the town folks seemed to welcome the changes happily.

All the Vampires including Michael were housed in an abandoned mall, and that left Claire, Eve and Shane to find a way to save the Vampires. However, with Micheal’s absent, Eve was so upset that she followed her heart’s decision blindly.

Shane on the other hand was turning into some sort of hellhound when commanded by the Daylighter leader, he couldn’t control himself but despise Vampire and set to kill them. That left Claire to find a way to save the day, again for one last time.

Vampires have always been my favourite choice of books. However, after reading this book, it didn’t leave me wanting to read more. But please don’t get me wrong, this book, as well as the previous one, has a great storyline. It’s just that the ending was perfect, and I don’t need another drama again as I’ve had enough mental suffering reading through what the GHG had experienced, it’s time to let them have a rest.

However, I have a question though. How did Bob the Spider get back to the lab? I remember Claire took it back to the Glass House when Mynin went missing. Maybe I overlooked it, do let me know, please.

MIdnight Bites – Compilation of most of the short story

The Reading Order – How to Read the Short Stories of The Morganville Vampires Series by Rachel Caine

  • 0.02 Nothing Like an Angel
  • 0.1 Myrnin’s Tale
  • 0.3 New Blood
  • 0.5 The First Day of the Rest of Your Life
  • 1.5 Amelia’s Story
  • 2.5 Grudge
  • 4.5 Dead Man Stalking
  • 6.5 Murdered Out
  • 6.6 All Hallows
  • 7.5 Worth Living For
  • 9.1 Sam’s Story
  • 9.5 Drama Queen’s Last Dance
  • 10.1 Wrong Place, Wrong Time
  • 10.2 Vexed
  • 10.5 Anger Management
  • 10.6 Automatic
  • 12.3 Signs and Miracles
  • 12.5 Dark Rides
  • 13.5 Lunch Date
  • 15.5 A Whisper in the Dark
  • 15.6 Pitch-Black Blues
  • 15.7 And One for the Devil

#0.02 Nothing Like an Angel

Imprisoned, tortured and betrayed by his friend, Poor Myrnin was rescued twice by his ‘angel’ – Lady Grey. This was the first book I read from the series, so I didn’t know much about the storyline yet, and why he was so important.

#0.1 Myrnin’s Tale

Poor Myrnin, his mum was scared of him turning to be a madman like his dad, and she gladly sent him away to be an Apprentice to a Vampire at the age of 5 or 6.

#0.3 New Blood

Short story on the trio Eve, Shane and Michael. How they pissed off Monica and the consequences as well as learning about Eve’s crush…❤❤

#0.5 The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

A story about Eve’s 18th birthday. A day when she lost her friends and was disowned by her parents. It was also a new beginning for her.

#1.5 Amelia’s Story

Amelia’s short story – too short to be considered as a story. Barely any info, just showing a soft side of her protecting Michael, Shane, Eve and Claire. Also, there’s something special about Shane’s lineage.

#2.5 Grudge

A short story about Shane and his sister – Alyssa, Monica’s pathetic moved on Shane, and also the fire scene. If I hadn’t read this, I wouldn’t know that Monica was actually interested or ever made a move on Shane.

#4.5 Dead Man Stalking

A short story about Shane and his dad, Frank who has found a way to resurrect a dead person.

Frank asked Shane to join him in his quest to kill the Vamps with help from zombies, but Shane refused his offer and even helped Michael escape from his dad.

#6.5 Murdered Out

A short story of Shane. If it wasn’t because Claire sprained her ankle, and they couldn’t reach Eve for help, Shane wouldn’t be thinking of getting a car urgently. However, I couldn’t remember the scene where Shane drove this car in books 1 to 6; it’s probably just an unrelated/additional story to the main books. But it’s still sweet though ❤

#6.6 All Hallows

Eve, Shane and Claire went to a Halloween party and were planning on meeting Michael there, but when he didn’t show up, Eve got worried. She called him but didn’t get any answer, later on, she got info saying that Michael was being held up by a group of students and the three of them set off for the rescue mission.

It was a surprise when I learnt that Miranda wanted to become a Vampire, and I thought she was content with her power being a seer. But frankly speaking, we don’t know her that much because Miranda seldom made an appearance in the main books. Hopefully, when the story progresses (book 7 – 15), we’ll learn more about her, and I want her to be in Team Glasshouse because she would be a powerful ally!

#7.5 Worth Living For

A short story from Shane’s POV. He was spying on Michael and ended up working together to defeat their nemesis, Bishop. Sweet Michael was protecting Shane by telling Amelia that he’s the one who staked Bishop, but clearly, Amelia knew the truth too!❤

#9.1 Sam’s Story

This short story provides us with some information on Michael’s grandfather, Sam in his human life and how or why he was turned to be a vampire. If it weren’t because of this book, I wouldn’t know about Michael’s grandma died giving birth to his dad, and how Sam and Amelia first met.

#9.5 Drama Queen’s Last Dance

This book was a short story about the new alluring female vampire in town. Gloriana with its glamour had made Michael powerless to resist her, and Eve tried her best to control her jealousy and win back Michael. I read this series according to the book order here, and this book is labelled as 9.5, and so far I’ve read books 1-9, but I couldn’t remember seeing Gloriana. Maybe I’ll learn about her somewhere in book 10-15 🤔.

#10.1 Wrong Place, Wrong Time

A short story about Morganville’s town mayor, Richard Morrell handling a robbery case involving his sister, Monica. It’s not often we read about him anymore in the main book after book 7. In this short story, he’s showing his protectiveness over his sister. But we already knew that he loved her even though she’s always giving him a headache.

Here’s a recap from book 5 ‘Lord of Misrule.’
“Richard nodded. “Already done,” he said. “My mom and dad are at City Hall. Monica’s headed there, too.” He paused, thinking about it. “You’re right. I should make sure she gets there all right before she becomes another statistic.” His face had tightened, and there was a look in his eyes that didn’t match the way he said it. He was worried.”

#10.2 Vexed

A short story written in Myrnin’s POV. He’s on a mission with Oliver to hunt down a loose vampire. In the abandoned house, when they finally captured the Vampire, Oliver stepped out from the house, but Myrnin couldn’t leave the house — trapped inside the house by a ghost.

It’s not often we see these two workings together, and even Mynin was surprised to see Oliver still waiting for him outside when he was finally released from the house. I always loved reading Myrnin’s story. He’s crazy but also funny, and I especially like his remark about his bunny slippers and the snake.

Here’s a recap:
“The riding boots he wore weren’t good for running, but he was somewhat grateful that he hadn’t chosen the bunny slippers tonight. They were certainly not made for harsh terrain, and the area in which they’d gone was littered with rusted metal scrap, discarded lumber, and snakes too slow to slip out of the way, but still fast enough to strike at him in the darkness. Dangerous footing, even for a vampire.
He managed to pull next to the still-running Oliver and said, “There are snakes, you know.”

#10.5 Anger Management

Shane oh Shane, I didn’t even have to read the book’s synopsis to know that this one was for you. Shane has always had an issue with his inner demon, and this short story was about him having his first therapy session with Doctor Theo and the challenge @ homework given by the doctor afterwards. It wasn’t easy for him, but at least he tried, and hopefully, it would stick to him and be a better person for Claire’s sake.

#10.6 Automatic

Thankfully, this short story has nothing to do with the main book. I don’t want to read anything containing a spoiler about Michael and Eve from the main story; I want it to be surprising! Anyway, this book was about a task given by the town’s founder to Eve and Michael. They were to demonstrate to the older vampires how to use the blood vending machine. However, when Michael consumed the blood in a can, he had a side effect and almost hurt Eve, almost… but not quite because he could still control himself.

#12.3 Signs and Miracles

Hannah Moses, the chief police of Morganville finally has her own short story. Hannah was first introduced in book 5, and I liked her. She was badass in that book, but since then, it’s not often that we read about her. In this book, she was investigating a crime scene where Monica Morell had helped the unconscious victim to call for help, as we were all aware, it’s not often that She’s that caring.

Anyway, this story was more about Hannah and her principle to help human beings and protect them from the vamps even when they committed crimes. She’s brave for defying Oliver’s order, and I admire her for that.

#12.5 Dark Rides

A short story told in Eve’s POV. It’s about the duo / Mr & Mrs Glass who was being sent off for a mission by the town’s founder to rescue a fourteen years old vampire named Jeremy. Captured by humans, Jeremy was locked in a silver cage for a show inside a carnival. He was a bit creepy though, but at that moment I never heard of him being mentioned in the main book yet, so I couldn’t comment much about him.

However, he sounded interesting, and I couldn’t wait to find out more about him. However, there’s a thing that I could comment on, and it was about Michael. Up until this point, I never knew that Michael has the ‘forget-about-me abilities’, I never heard him practise it or even use it in the main book 1-12.

#13.5 Lunch Date

This story was written from Claire’s point of view. One day while she was having lunch at home, she heard noises coming from Shane’s room. She went to investigate, but there’ nothing significant in this short story. Just about Shane’s latest job, and then they have lunch together at home. By the way, this book should have been numbered between books 4-6. While in its current sequence, it didn’t sound right because, at the end of book 13, there’s a problem in Shane and Claire’s relationship.

#15.5 A Whisper in the Dark

Michael’s POV – An old vampire visited the Glass House asking for Eve, and it was not often that Vampires looked for her, mostly they sought out Claire. So when one does, it’s not good news. Eve thought she’s doing a correct thing by giving away her blood to prevent the old vampire going mad, but turned out it’s a wrong move. It’s a great short story, and we got to know more about Eve’s lineage as well as seeing the protective side of the GHG – Glass House Gang.

#15.6 Pitch-Black Blues

Shane’s POV – Myrnin hired Shane to dig a grave and retrieve a device that enables him to go back to the past. It’s not often that we see Shane with Myrnin without the urge to ripe the head from one another. This book gave us a short sneak peek to Myrnin’s and Lady Grey’s past, as well as the answer to the question of who took the book in ‘Nothing like an Angel’. It’s a must-read short story!

#15.7 And One for the Devil

Claire’s POV – Myrnin had something in mind when he took Claire to room number 13 in an abandoned hotel. He ended up trapped in the room by some force, and Eve and Claire have to rescue him the next day when the room reappeared again. A creepy short story, and I’m not quite sure why at first Myrnin took Claire to that place, probably as a backup, in case if he’s trapped, Claire will know where to find and rescue him.

Other Short stories and information

#0.2 Viper and the Farmer

This story can be read for free on Rachel Caine’s Wattpad

Myrnin was turned into a Vampire when he was at the age of 25. From what I’ve learned so far, he was a compassionate vampire.

#15.1 Your Mileage May Vary

This story can be read for free on Rachel Caine’s Wattpad

The story was written in Michael’s POV, and it took place after Michael was turned back to human and married to Eve. Michael was struggling to cope, and he felt hopeless that he wanted to die. One faithful event changed everything, and Michael’s problem was solved.

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