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Night Out in Sangsu and Hongdae

Shamrock & Roll Irish Pub, Queens Head, Persian Land (Food, Hookah, Bar) & ChiMaek place, Noo Na Hol Dak. The first two places are near Sangsu station and the other two are around Hongik University station.

However, walking from one area to another is possible as it’s not that far. I jotted down some of the prices for beers and food here for reference in case you guys need some idea on the prices and also the type of beers and food available in these places.

Shamrock & Roll Irish Pub

Shamrock & Roll Irish Pub Drink Prices

Draft Beer (Glass)
Guinness: 8,000
Kilkenny: 9,000
Stella Artois: 7,000
Paulaner: 10,000
Heineken: 8,000
San Miguel: 7,000
Indica IPA: 8,500
Evil Twin Red Ale: 9,000
Magners Apple Cider: 9,000
Red Rock: 4,000

Bottle Beer, Fruit Liquor
London Pride: 9,000
Corona Bernini: 8,000
Hoegaarden: 7,000
Bulmers: 13,000
Brothers: 10,000
Somersby, Strongbow: 9,000
Bundaberg Ginger Beer:
Budweiser Cafri: 5,000
Cass: 4,000

Coke, sprite: 4,000
Juice: 5,000

Mojito: 12,000
Margarita Daiquiri: 10,000
Pina Colada: 10,000
Sangria: 10,000
Jager Bomb: 8,000

There are many other cocktails, wine and shots too.

The Location map

Queens Head

This place is only 40 steps away from Shamrock & roll on the opposite side of the road. I have listed most of the menu here, the missing one is the side dish 😃

Queens Head uses its own small-scale manufacturing facility to produce house beer by implementing a traditional German brewing method.

Queens head has two stores, the main store in Suwon which offers a simple pub-style theme, and the second store in Hong Dae which offers a European style pub with vintage design and furniture.

Queens head is a small scale microbrewery who thrives on providing quality house beer. In the near future, Queens head aims to become a specialist in the industry by keeping this traditional principle of microbrewery.

Queens Head Food & Drink Prices

400cc: 5,500
1000cc: 13,000
2000cc : 26,000

400cc: 5,500
1000cc: 13,000
2000cc: 26,000

400cc: 6,000
1000cc: 14,000
2000cc: 28,000

Red Wine
Trapiche Oak Cask Malbec 2014
Argentina: 45,000
Urmeneta Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
Chile: 35,000
Urmeneta Merlot 2014
Chile: 35,000
1 Glass Chile: 6,000

White wine
Urmeneta Chardonnay 2014
Chile: 35,000
1 Glass Chile: 6,000

Coffee (Ice / Hot): 4,000
Coke / Sprite / Orange Juice: 4,000

Special Barbeque
Assorted sausage with roasted vegetables: 20,500
Chicken BBQ with roasted vegetables: 21,000
Pork belly BBQ with roasted vegetables: 21,000
Queens special assorted BBQ with roasted vegetables: 41,000

Spaghetti with tomato sauce and seafood: 11,000
Carbonara spaghetti with cream sauce and bacon: 11,000
Vongole spaghetti with oil sauce and clam: 12,000
Gamberetto: 12,000

Fresh salad
Queens head (Cherry tomato & black olive) salads: 16,000
Fresh mozzarella cheese & tomato salads: 17,000
Grilled Tai chicken breasts salads: 17,000
Fresh assorted seafood salads: 18,000
Smoked salmon with vegetable salads: 19,000
Grilled beef salads: 20,000

The Location map

Persian Land

Persian Land is about 719 metres from Queen Head and we walked for about 19 minutes to get there.

They asked for my ID card here, so don’t forget to bring yours.

Persian Land Food, Drinks & Hookah Prices

Cass: 4,000
Cafri: 5,000
Budweiser: 5,000
Hoegaarden: 6,000
Heineken: 6,000
San Miguel: 6,000
Tsingtao: 6,000
Asahi: 7,000
Corona: 7,000
Leffe Brune: 8,000
Sapporo: 8,000
Guinness: 8,000
Cannabiz: 9,000
(Not sure bottle / Can)

Draft Beer
500cc Cass: 3,000
2000cc Cass: 11,000
3000cc Cass: 17,000

Soju: 5,000
(Fresh, Peach, Grapefruit or Apple)
Coke: 3,000
Black Tea: 5,000
Hot Chocolate: 5,000
Juice: 5,000
(Mango, Orange, Pineapple, Grapefruit or Cranberry

Long island iced tea: 8,000
Peach crush: 7,000
Midori Sour: 8,000
Blue Margarita: 7,000
Tequila Sunrise: 7,000
White Russian: 6,000
Rum & Coke: 6,000

House Wine
House wine Red + Fruit: 35,000
House wine White + Fruit: 35,000

French fries: 8,000
Assorted fruit: 20,000
Assorted sausages: 15,000
Nacho cheese: 8,000
Spicy chicken wings: 15,000

Double Apple, Mint, Blueberry, Lime, Melon, Orange, Peach, Lemon, Blueberry, Rose, Lime + mint, Pineapple, bubble gum, Cocktail, Watermelon, Coconut, Cherry
1 Flavor: 15,000
2 Flavors (2 mix): 18,000
3 Flavors (3 mix): 20,000

The location map

Noo Na Hol Dak

Walking down towards our final destination, Noo Na Hol Dak. We came across this busy street. Despite the chilly weather, people still stood and watched various performers executing their energetic dances.

This place is a 3-storey building with a big bottle of Cass near the entrance. When we were there, the first and second floor was crowded with people and we had to go up to the 3rd floor to get a table.

We had Crispy baked chicken and I really liked it. The chicken was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. It’s a little bit spicy for me but still bearable. I have been to a few ChiMaek places in Seoul and for me, the chicken in this chain restaurant was one of the best I’ve ever tasted.

Noo Na Hol Dak Food & Drinks Prices

Cass Draft Beer
500cc: 3,500
1700cc: 12,000
2700cc: 16,000

Soju: 4,000
Chungha: 5,000

Coke / Fanta: 2,000
Orange Juice: 3,000

Korean Beer (Bottle)
Cass: 4,000
OB: 4,000
Kloud: 5,000
Hite: 4,000
Cafri: 5,000
Maehwasu: 5,000

Foreign Beer (Bottle)
Tsingtao: 7,000
Budweiser: 5,500
Corona: 7,000
Hoegaarden: 7,000
Stella: 7,000
Heineken: 7,000
Asahi: 7,500
Guinness: 7,500
Bernini: 8,000
Set (Soju + Bernini): 19,000

Soy sauce chicken: 17,900
Spicy pepper chicken: 17,900
Seasoned spicy chicken: 17,900
Honey butter chicken: 17,900
Crispy baked chicken: 16,900

French fries: 3,500
Corn cheese: 5,000
Salsa sauce & Nacho: 6,000
Fried squid legs: 7,000
Peel and eat grilled squid with butter: 7,000

The location map

* Prices shown are in Korean Won and it’s nett.
* We spent 77,400won for the night out (2 persons).

Date Visited: 17th December 2016

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