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Shadow Beast Shifters Series by Jaymin Eve

Join Mera and her pack sisters as they embark on a thrilling journey to find their destined mates and protect the realms from impending doom.

Get lost in the seductive and mysterious world of dark paranormal romance filled with sizzling scenes and humorous twists.

Title: Shadow Beast Shifters
Author: Jaymin Eve
Genres: Fantasy > Paranormal > Shapeshifters / Magic / Vampires / Fairies
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 2,418
Reading Date: 25th January 2024 – 22nd February 2024

The reading order – How to Read Shadow Beast Shifters by Jaymin Eve

  • 1 Rejected
  • 2 Reclaimed
  • 3 Reborn
  • 4 Deserted
  • 5 Compelled
  • 6 Glamoured


My father made a terrible mistake. One I’m left paying for.

As a wolf shifter growing up in a strong pack, I should be living my best life. But after my father tried to kill our leader, I’m labelled an outcast, traitor, less than dirt.

When I can’t take pack life any longer, I run, but apparently they don’t like losing their punching bag. Torin, the leader’s son, drags me back before my first shift… a shift that will reveal my true mate.

I never could have predicted who mine would be, but the moment my wolf looks upon him, I’m filled with hope for a brighter future.

After all, no one ever rejects their true mate, right?
Wrong. Very wrong.

When the wolves attack, my soul screams for vengeance, and somehow I touch the shadow world.

Somehow I bring him to our lands.
The Shadow Beast. Our shifter god. The devil himself.
Turns out being rejected by my mate was only the beginning.

Rejected is the first book in this Shadow Beast Shifters series. The protagonist, Mera Callahan, is a werewolf who is desperate to escape the Torma pack after enduring the bully for over a decade. The bullying only began after her father challenged the pack’s alpha for a mysterious motive and was subsequently killed, leaving Mera and her mother to suffer the consequences of his betrayal.

In the pack land, Mera’s two most cherished individuals are Simone, her best friend, and Dannie, the wanderer who also happens to be her boss at the bookstore where she is employed.

It is not until the full moon and her initial transformation that she discovers her true mate, who then rejects her, causing her immense anguish. In her distress, she unknowingly taps into the shadow realm and also conjures the Shadow Beast, the deity revered by the shifters.

Now, Mera finally gets her wish to escape the Torma pack when the shadow beast drags her to his plane with a Solaris system that allows travel from one world to another. In this new realm, she discovers countless other worlds beyond just Earth and forms new friendships. Above all, she uncovers the reason behind the shadow beast’s insistence on keeping her there.

The main character tends to chatter quite a bit! Her clever remarks can be bothersome at times. I can’t fathom why the almighty Shadow Beast band would tolerate her rude remarks. But I suppose that’s just to demonstrate that this girl has guts.

However, my adoration lies in the intricately crafted world and its one-of-a-kind denizens. I eagerly anticipate delving deeper into the lives of these inhabitants, particularly Angel, with whom Mera has forged a bond, and hopefully get to explore the other worlds in the upcoming instalments.

I’m also excited to find out about Mera’s heritage, and based on the cliffhanger of this book, she seems to be the female equivalent of Shadow Beast himself. If this is true, I hope Mera also has her own Inky!


They all made a terrible mistake. One they will pay for.

For the past ten years I’ve been a victim. A victim to my pack. A victim to my true mate, who rejected me in the most brutal of ways. And a victim to Shadow Beast, who used me for his own gains.

Or did he?

The beast of mystery never reveals his whole hand, but one thing is for sure… in my time with him, I’ve changed. Now I will no longer walk the path dictated by the powerful men in my life. Never again will I let my strength be taken from me.

I must evolve or die.
And we all know, with a choice like that, there’s really only one answer.

Do exercise caution when nearing the end of the story, as it has the power to completely ruin your mood!

In the second installment, Mera, Angel, and Shadow set off on a quest to Shadow’s place of origin, to reclaim Shadow’s rightful position and unveil the secrets surrounding Mera.

As they traverse this voyage, Mera becomes enlightened about the diverse beings that populate the land, experiences passionate moments with Shadow, and constantly has a mental war after she finally meets Shadow’s true mate, Ixana.

I have always enjoyed embarking on adventures in unfamiliar territories, and this second book brings me immense gratification. I thoroughly enjoy envisioning a fresh and imaginative realm, and Jaymin’s depiction is so vivid that it allows me to fully immerse myself in it.

In this story, we gain a deeper understanding of Shadow, also known as Drakor. We catch a glimpse of his upbringing and the extent of his abilities. Additionally, the bond between him and Mera is strengthening with plenty of steamy moments, and I find myself quickly scanning through most of it.

One thing I wish to happen is for Angel and Mera’s bond to be taken to a new level. We hardly perceive any distinctions that have occurred so far. I believe this could be instrumental in overcoming any challenges that may arise in the next book if what I assume would happen came true!


The epic conclusion to the Shadow Beast Shifters.

I finally have the life I always dreamed of. So why does it taste like ash on my tongue?

Growing up in Torma, the strongest of the shifter packs, I wanted nothing more than to find my true mate and live my best life. Of course, that dream existed before my father betrayed the pack and turned me into their punching bag.

I’d all but given up, until a quirk of true mate genetics gifted me a true mate like no other.

It seems my childhood dreams were finally a reality. Funny how quickly dreams turn into nightmares.

I’m being lied to and missing weeks and months of time. Someone messed with me and no matter how often I’m told to forget it and move on as Torin’s mate, there’s no way I can. Whoever did this to me should have known I’d pick at it until it bled. It’s my nature after all.

As I search out random growls, flutters in my chest, and a suspicion that there’s so much more going on than I could even imagine, I sense that I’m racing against an unknown clock.

I need to get to the bottom of this mystery.

And when I figure out who stole my memories, they’re going to wish they never messed with Mera Callahan.

Game on.

The impending battle is upon us!

Book three continues with Mera waking up in Torma’s pack with some lost memories. As she embarks on a quest to uncover her lost past, Mera meets Sam, another woman rejected by her true mate from a different pack.

Mera and Sam manage to get across to the Solaris system but only to discover that Shadow has also lost his memories. In addition, he has destroyed Mera’s beloved library and damaged the Solaris system.

‘Reborn,’ the third instalment in the series, surpasses its predecessors in every way. Its poignant exploration of courage, love, grief, and selflessness captivates and astounds us. The extraordinary journey it takes us on leaves us in awe.

Mera and Shadow’s tale has enchanted me with its magical essence, taking me on a thrilling and emotionally charged rollercoaster of an epic narrative. At its core, their story is a heart-stopping and passionate romance, and I couldn’t help but envy Mera and long for my team, including Inky and Midnight!

I eagerly anticipate delving into Angel’s journey in the spin-off of this series. I am curious to unravel the truth behind her tense relationship with Reece, as their undeniable chemistry suggests more than meets the eye. Additionally, I cannot wait to read the stories of Simone and Lucien and the new character, Sam, in the upcoming books.


A standalone story in the Shadow Beast Shifters world. Best read after Reborn for storyline continuity.

Melalekin “Angel” of the Honor Meadows has been a warrior her entire life. Battle. Death. Loss. They were her constant companions until the day she met Mera Callahan. A shifter who ended up being so much more. A shifter who changed her life, and now… she has been reborn. The scars of her past are gone. Her losses muted under the new life she plans on living.

There’s just one being standing in her way. A grudge holding desert deity who has made an art form out of making her life hell.

Reece of the Desert Lands is a god unused to being defied, and he has a very long memory when it comes to those who wronged him. Angel is the one he blames for the worst loss in his life, and he’ll never let her forget it. Their history is tragic and bloodied, and the pair are set to clash one more time, especially when they end up trapped in the very spot where they lost it all. A meeting of the dynasties in the Delfora, the ancient desert lands, will force them to the place it all began.

Here they will learn that sometimes the past defines your future. And that there is a fine line between love and hate.

The fourth book centres around Mera’s twin souls, Angel (also known as Melalekin). Despite this, the story still includes Mera and her recent updates from Angel’s perspective.

As the team ventures into Reece’s realm for yet another save the world from destruction mission, the past stories between Angel and Reece unfold, shedding light on the reason for their separation.

After Angel and Reece finally reached a truce, their passion was ignited. Nothing could hold them back from expressing their bottled-up feelings and resolving any misunderstandings. As a result, their bedroom antics soared to new heights.

I enjoy reading the adventure into this unique realm, getting to know the animals, the food, the plants, the landscape, and the sand river. It was all fascinating. However, the constant inclusion of sexual encounters in the narrative was a drawback. Once they began, they seemed unable to cease, causing me to skim through much of it.

Anyway, I cannot fathom the thought of swimming in a sand river. How could one possibly spot any creatures within the river amidst the multitude of sand particles?


A standalone story in the Shadow Beast Shifters world. Best read after Deserted for storyline continuity.

Simone, of the Torma shifters, thought she was finished with the world of supernaturals that existed outside of Earth. She’d been there, done that, and had the near death experience to show for her time.

Then a summons back to Valdor-the vampire world- is dropped in her lap.

Turns out that the last time she was there, her teeny tiny mistake sent out an energy burst that called to an ancient powerful master. A master who is looking for a mate and wants Simone to participate in the Selection to prove her worth. Attendance non-negotiable.


Lucky for her, she still has one ally up her sleeve: Lucien.

Okay, yeah, he’s a snarly, powerful, frustratingly perfect master himself, but at least she knows where she stands. Lucien agrees to enter himself as a master-looking-for-a-mate in the Selection so they can pretend to fall for each other.

Only, it’s never been that simple with Simone and Lucien, and all too soon the lines between pretend and real get very blurry. Especially when there’s feeding involved.

Simone now has more at stake than just her life… her heart is on the line.

After reading about Simone’s inability to disclose what happened to her while under Lucien’s care, I eagerly awaited the opportunity to read their story together. Simone’s experience in the vampire bachelorette competition added an intriguing element to the already interesting story.

Despite feeling irritated by Lucien’s inner turmoil and his staunch belief in not taking a mate, his heart ultimately has a different opinion. Lucien’s protective and possessive nature towards Simone makes it clear that the lone vampire, Carter, will not stand a chance.

Finally, when the story comes to a close, I am left wondering if Galleli will also find his happily ever after or if it is reserved solely for Len in the next book. Additionally, I am disappointed that Bowley, the Froden I grew to love, did not have a longer presence in the story.


A standalone story in the Wall Street Journal bestselling Shadow Beast Shifters world. Best read after Compelled for storyline continuity.

Samantha, of the Clarity shifters, has a secret. And it’s going to cost her everything.

To save the most important person in her life, Samantha promises to form a mate bond with her pack’s future leader. If she can produce one heir, she’ll finally have her freedom.

During the ceremony, the leader invokes the Shadow Beast’s name, calling the powerful and scary god right into their midst. A god with an even scarier mate. Mera, a shifter Samantha once counted as friend, never lets anything rest. She demands her secrets be revealed, and in doing so, uncovers a way to save them all from this fate.

And it turns out that the Clarity pack leader isn’t Samantha’s greatest challenge.

It’s one of Shadow’s brothers: Len, prince of the Silver Lands. The fae with the knowledge to save the one she cherishes above all others, and now she must tie herself to him and Faerie.

A world that she’s long feared. A world that could steal her heart.
And her soul.
If the prince doesn’t take them first.

I believed we had encountered every formidable entity by this point, but as it happens, the most significant one is showing up in the final instalment. It’s unfortunate that the tales conclude here.

It feels like an unfinished business because I also would really like to hear the story of Galleli’s task on earth. It must be related to the two remaining members of the twelve-member circles they have yet to meet on Earth.

On the other hand, the romance in Samantha and Len’s relationship is not as compelling as that of the other three couples in this series. The lack of details about their past on earth in the story disappoints me as I was left wondering about their initial meeting and the moments that solidified their bond.

Overall, the stories within this series are charming, thrilling, and heartwarming. I thoroughly enjoy immersing myself in the journeys of each female protagonist and learning about their true mates.

What a wonderful life they get to live now! I feel sad leaving Solaris system and not knowing what future catastrophic events the three powerful babies, Aurora, Damon and Tabitha need to face.

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