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Storm Princess Saga by Jaymin Eve and Everly Frost

A girl who controls storm, a power-hungry Elven command and turmoil in the Gargoyles’ land. Discover the tale of hardship and heartbreak in this saga.

Title: Storm Princess
Author: Jaymin Eve and Everly Frost
Genres: Fantasy > Magic / Fae / Gargoyles
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 983
Reading Date: 17th January 2024 – 25th January 2024

The reading order – How to Read Storm Princess Saga by Jaymin Eve and Everly Frost

  • 1 The Princess Must Die
  • 2 The Princess Must Strike
  • 3 The Princess Must Reign

The Princess Must Die


In an Elven city beneath the streets of Chicago, the perfect storm rages, kept under control only by Marbella Mercy, the Storm Princess.

Now she is of age, champions from each of the elven houses will play a game of wit and strength to fight for her hand – and for the chance to control the forces of nature.

Baelen Rath, a warrior and leader of the feared House of Rath, is the only male Marbella has ever trusted. He’ll risk everything to be her champion. But what he and the others don’t know? The princess is fighting too.

Because she’s discovered that the winner is cursed to kill her, not marry her, and the only way to save herself is to win.

But Marbella is fighting a power greater than herself, because someone believes that the perfect storm should be unleashed and for that to happen – the princess must die.

The story reminds me of the NYC Mecca series. The protagonist, Marbella, is already quite formidable upon her introduction. However, like Arianna, she still has much to learn in controlling her storm abilities.

They also have a few different groups of people, and in this case, it’s the ‘House’ and the same system of governing the country, a council, despite using a different title, Elven Command. One last similarity is having a trustworthy and reliable advisor, Elise.

Compared to the other works by the authors, I do not find this book as enjoyable. I struggle to connect with the characters. However, I am confident that reading the next instalment will solidify my love for the series, as it promises much potential.

I am particularly excited for the journey into the Gargoyle country, Erador, as it will provide an adventure into enemy territory and see what is beyond the country. Would there be a fight or simple acceptance from the enemy, what challenges would Marbella face, and could she save Baelen Rath in time?

The Princess Must Strike

A power lost. An enemy gained.

In a gargoyle city beneath the streets of Chicago, Storm Princess Marbella Mercy walks a dangerous path to find the only source of magic that will save Baelen Rath’s life.

Now in control of her storm power, she must infiltrate gargoyle territory, heal Baelen, and escape. It’s a simple get in, get out plan … until she crosses paths with the brutal gargoyle king.

Already in possession of savage power, the king is hell bent on adding the storm to his list. Wanting the Princess for his own, he is prepared to do anything to bend her to his will.

When the king’s ruthless actions push Marbella to the edge, she is left with only one choice – the princess must strike.

The story of The Princess Must Strike takes place immediately after the events of The Princess Must Die. Marbella, along with her companions Jasper, The Storm, and the injured Baelen, are on a journey to the magic spring in the Gargoyle land in hopes of healing Baelen.

However, they face a major obstacle as the gargoyle King, obsessed with power, has blocked the path to the spring. Marbella must find a way to defeat him if she ever wants to save Baelen.

The second book in this series is a significant improvement from the first. The adventure into the Gargoyle land is thrilling, and it is interesting to see how Marbella gains allies and inspires them to stand up for themselves. Even the high-ranking officer, who was once loyal to the King, has a change of heart.

I am eager to discover what has happened in the Elven country and fear for the safety of Marbella’s devoted Storm Command and her advisor, Elise. But before that, I am curious to know what Marbella has become. I wonder how powerful she has grown and if it is enough to defeat the Five Elven Commanders.

The Princess Must Reign

The battle begins. The storm will rage.

In a world of elves and gargoyles hidden beneath the streets of Chicago, Storm Princess Marbella Mercy has awakened a deadly power in a bid to free Baelen Rath from the savage gargoyle king.

But the consequences of her actions are far more significant than she could have known, threatening to tear the gargoyle kingdom apart and leave Marbella vulnerable to an elven attack.

Among her elven enemies is a dangerous new sorcerer whose powers rival her own. Ripping Marbella away from Baelen, the sorcerer ignites a war that threatens to spill over into the human world.

When the battle between the elves and gargoyles begins, only one thing is certain – the princess must reign.

The entire narrative is building up to the inevitable war between the Gargoyles and Elves, and I am satisfied with how the events unfold. We are treated to a thrilling final battle with an impressive demonstration of magic and witness Marbella’s handling of the situation with her strong leadership skills.

Throughout the three books, we witness Marbella’s personal growth as she endures hardships during captivity, heartbreaks for losing persons close to her and joy when she finally reunited with her loved ones. It is truly a rollercoaster journey. However, I have one question: during the coronation ceremony, where were Jasper and Elyria?

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