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Shifter Island Series by Leia Stone and Raye Wagner

Nai from an outcast werewolf pack faces danger at every turn on the shifter island with enemies trying to kill her and a fated mate who is ashamed of her.

If you love YA fantasy, wolf-shifters, and enemies-to-lovers romance, get ready for a pulse-pounding story that will keep you riveted until the very last word.

Title: Shifter Island
Author: Leia Stone & Raye Wagner
Genres: Fantasy > Paranormal > Werewolves / Magic
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 1,142
Reading Date: 22nd October 2023 – 26th October 2023

The reading order – How to Read the Shifter Island Series by Leia Stone and Raye Wagner

  • 1 Midnight Kisses
  • 2 Midnight Lies
  • 3 Midnight King
  • 4 Midnight Truth

Midnight Kisses

Nai expected the summons to Alpha Academy…but not this year.

She’s trained her entire life to lead her pack, and the elite school is where she’ll receive the elemental magic that distinguishes her as an alpha heir.

But the four sexy guards sent to escort Nai are not only early—they’re her sworn enemies. Then when she arrives at Alpha Academy, the Alpha King is not happy to see her.

And if that isn’t enough…

Mysterious magical marks pop up on her skin, outcast shifters keep attacking the school, and someone is trying to kill her.

There is no way things could get worse. No way.

Until she meets her fated mate at a masquerade party…
He’s sexy as sin.
An Alpha Heir.
And completely and totally forbidden.

My thoughts…

The story is right up my alley again. Thus, I read this book in one sitting and got sleep-deprivation again. Leia Stone’s masterpiece has fruitfully captured my attention with this spellbinding tale of an outcast werewolf named Nai, who turns out to be a powerful alpha wolf and feared by the rulers.

The moment she leaves her pack (unwillingly) to study at the Alpha Academy in Shifter Island, danger seems to be knocking on Nai’s doorstep. From rogue wolves, the kingdom’s ruler, her people or some jealous chick, they are all gunning to try to eliminate her. However, worries not, Nai is not without help. Friendship will form, and Nai will find her destined mate as well.

I like the mystery in the story and keep on guessing the answers to the questions.

Why is the Crescent Clan being cast out?
What are Nai’s elements?
Who is her fated mate?
Who are the people behind the black onyx stone door in the library?

But the ending of this book is cruel, and I hope Nai can fix it 😢. Based on this first book, I’ll say the plot is a bit similar to the Fallen Academy series by the same author, and if you like this book, please have a go at the mentioned series.

Midnight Lies

Nai thought nothing could be worse than Alpha Academy’s midyear games…

The first few months of school weren’t exactly easy: fated-mate from the rival clan, selkie attacks, and that minor, aka huge, plot to kill her.

But things seem to be going from bad to worse.

After watching a loved one’s horrific death at the hands of the alpha king, Nai decides another visit to Dark Row is in order. After all, a witch there knows the Keeper of Souls, and Nai wants her friend back.

But the trip to the Realm of the Dead doesn’t go quite as planned. Nai discovers a family member has been keeping secrets—BIG secrets. Scratch that. Make that TWO family members—and LOTS of secrets.

When Nai’s negotiation skills land her and Rage in a contract that is near impossible to meet, the consequences of success and failure are equally dire.

Ah, hello, trouble!

She’s determined to bring her friend back from the dead and still keep her mate, or die trying.

One thing’s for certain, nothing on Shifter Island will ever be the same.

My thoughts…

It is a fun, engaging, action-packed storyline with twists and turns. Secrets will be revealed, the enemy will be slain, a new alliance will form, and love will prevail. Hopefully, like 100.1%.

Book two answered all my questions, and if the King were the only villain, the tale would have wrapped up nicely by the end of this book. However, there are greater foes here, and Nai will need to be physically and mentally ready in the final book!

Midnight King

After a vicious battle for the crown, I’m now Alpha King. My brothers are safe, as is my mother, but my fated mate Nai Crescent is…


In the middle of my coronation ceremony she disappears.

All signs point to a kidnapping, but the High Mage Realm is off limits for my kind.

I’ll be damned before I let anyone take her from me.

Unfortunately, Nai’s abduction isn’t my only problem.

Between the outcast shifters, the lower class mages, and strange deaths in Dark Row, I struggle under the weight of royal responsibilities.

The longer I rule, the more I discover how dirty the high mages are playing… and how desperate they are for power.

And I start to wonder if Nai was abducted, or if she left of her own free will.

Was fate wrong about us?

Told from Courage “Rage” Midnight’s POV, this fast-paced novella gives exclusive insight into the new Alpha King’s heart and mind after Nai’s disappearance.

My thoughts…

While book one and two are written in Nai’s POV, book three is her mate’s POV. This book should be considered as 2.5 as it’s only a short novella telling a story in the absence of Nai.

In this short story, we will read the desperation and effort of the newly crowned king, searching for Nai. This book will include a little spoiler of what is going to happen in the next ‘main book’, such as the timeframe when Rage and Nai are going to meet again.

If you do not like any spoilers, or if you are not a fan of Rage, you may skip reading this and continue with the Midnight Truth book. Once they both have reunited, you may then read this book.

Midnight Truth

Just when I thought my problems were over…

Everything is at stake: my fated-mate bond, my family members’ lives, even my freedom.

Get ready for a pulse-pounding young adult fantasy adventure with twists and turns you won’t see coming. Fated mates and forbidden romance with a slow burn that will curl your toes. Shifter Island is everything you could want in a YA romantic fantasy series!

My thoughts…

Midnight Truth continues the tale of Nai, the destined mate of the newly crowned Alpha king, Rage. Born as a part wolf-shifter and spirit high mage, Nai is an abomination hated by the high mage council, and until she inherits the spirit magic, she will have challenging days ahead of her.

This last book brings us some epic actions never before read from the previous books. If you think fighting the old King Declan was tough, this will let you sit on the edge of your seat, for Nai will take you to a whirlwind of emotions – pride, inspiration, fear, love, sadness and happiness. She will show you her newly learnt magic, kick some evil asses, have teary reunions, and save the day. So, fasten your seatbelt and ride along.

I finished reading this series in four days. One book a day, and I did try to prolong it but failed. The conclusion is almost perfect for everyone, but I feel gutted for Noble as he lost his wolf forever to Honor, even after the successful transition. Noble lives up to his name, and Honor should feel honoured by the selfless act. Oh, and because there was no mention in the book, I would like to thank her ancestors for the final help 😜.

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