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Daughters of the Sea by Kathryn Lasky

Series Title: Daughters of the Sea
Author: Kathryn Lasky
Genres: Paranormal > Mythology > Mermaids
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 1,172
Reading Date: 02nd ~ 11th August 2018

Book Series in Order:
# 1 Hannah
# 2 May
# 3 Lucy
# 4 The Crossing

The story happened in the nineteenth century. Three siblings separated at birth and then raised in three different levels in society.

Hannah raised in an orphanage, and when she was 15 years old, she was sent to work at the Hawley’s residence as a scullery girl. While working there, she met an artist named Stanish who had been hired by her employer to paint a portrait of the three daughters, Lila, Clarice and Henrietta. Hannah was drawn to Stanish, but so does the eldest daughter, Lila who disliked her from the start.

Raised in a lighthouse, May lived with her loving father and a deranged mother who loves nothing but her sickness. She ordered May around like a servant, and forbid her to study. May meets Hugh, a Harvard student and their relationship weren’t without a challenge, a local guy named Rudd who had taken a liking on her would do anything to prevent it from happening including murdering.

Lucy raised in a family that’s a bit ‘wealthier’ than her two other siblings. Her father was a reverend, and her mother loves nothing but status. Things turned ugly when her mother realised that she had fallen in love with the shipbuilder named Phineas instead of the wealthy Duke from England.

The three of them, of course, didn’t know that they were a mermaid until their skin made contact with the sea water. Fate had brought three of them together, but before they could finally be reunited and live the life they were supposed to be, the sisters need to decide whether to live on the land or sea, and the more pressing issue would be to find a way to escape the death sentence.

There’s not much suspense happening in this series, easy reading with a simple conclusion. The last book was concise; I wish it were longer, where there’s more story of their happy reunion with the others on the island and how they were settling in there with their beau. My next reading also having the same title, Daughters of the Sea, but it was written by Kristen Day, and I hope the story would be much more interesting than this one.

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