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Love at Stake Series by Kerrelyn Sparks

Kerrelyn Sparks wrote this fabulous series about the Vampires and Shapeshifters who are looking for their one true love. It’s quite humorous, fun, and with some action and steamy scenes.

Although these books can also be read on their own, it’s best to read them all according to the reading order because, in the end, the stories are all linked together, and you’ll get to see the whole story of how they eliminated their foes as well as getting a glimpse of their life after the marriage.

Series Title: Love at Stake
Author: Kerrelyn Sparks
Genres: Fantasy > Paranormal > Vampires / Shapeshifters / Angels / Demons
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 6,214
Reading Date: 28th May 2019 ~ 22nd July 2019

The Reading Order – How to Read Love at Stake Series by Kerrelyn Sparks

  • 1 How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire
  • 2 Vamps and the City
  • 2.5 A Very Vampy Christmas
  • 3 Be Still My Vampire Heart
  • 4 The Undead Next Door
  • 5 All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire
  • 6 Secret Life of a Vampire
  • 7 Forbidden Nights with a Vampire
  • 8 The Vampire and the Virgin
  • 9 Eat Prey Love
  • 10 Vampire Mine
  • 11 Sexiest Vampire Alive
  • 12 Wanted: Undead or Alive
  • 13 Wild About You
  • 13.5 V wie VampWoman
  • 14 The Vampire With the Dragon Tattoo
  • 15 How to Seduce a Vampire (Without Really Trying)
  • 16 Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire

How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire

Roman Draganesti was over five hundred years old, and he wasn’t just an ordinary vampire, he was a coven master and also the founder of Romatech Industries, a place where synthetic blood, vampire cuisine and other brilliant ideas were created for the welfare of human beings.

When his scientist, Laszlo presented him with a new product for a test, he ended up losing a fang, and he has only a few hours left to find a dentist before the sunrises, and his natural healing abilities kicked in and close the wound which will make him a one-fanged vampire for all eternity.

Roman’s quest to fix his tooth led him to Shanna Whelan, a dentist who’s in deep trouble. Shanna’s life was turned upside down after she witnessed her friend’s gruesome murder. To top it off, she became Hemophobia and has been living under a different identity ever since the FBI placed her in the witness protection programme.

Roman not only has to save her from the Russian mafia, but also needs to fix her phobia before he can get what he wants, and it wasn’t easy to control Shanna because she was able to resist his mind control.

I loved this first book in the Love at Stake series. It was sweet, fun and easy to read. The author has a great sense of humour, and I found myself chuckling more than a few times while reading the story. However, if I were to change one thing about this book, I’d choose to name it differently – ‘How to Fix a Vampire Fang’, instead of ‘How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire’ which was completely irrelevant to the storyline.

Fun fact: ‘God’s blood’ was mentioned 50 times in this book!

Vamps and the City

Curiosity had cost Darcy Newhart’s mortality four years ago when she worked as a reporter. Since then she became one of Roman’s youngest Harem, and compared to the others that were ancient, she disliked the idea of relying on her master. She was happy when Roman ‘disowned’ them, and she took the opportunity to try her luck in the DVN, a Vampires TV network.

Darcy came up with an idea of a reality show called ‘The sexiest man on Earth’, and she also included a surprise for the audiences and the judges – mortals competing in the title, and her superior wasn’t aware of it, hence the surprise. During the interview with the mortals, Darcy immediately was drawn to a candidate named Adam Olaf Cartwright. He’s what she pictured as perfect male specimens, if only she’s still alive!

The Stake Out team AKA Vampire hunters were led by Shanna’s father, Sean Whelan. He’s convinced that Roman had brainwashed Shanna, and he assigned the other four members, Austin Olaf Erickson, Garreth Manning, Emma Wallace, and Alyssa Barnett on a different task in order to find out Shanna’s whereabouts.

Stake Out team members have psychic power which enables them to resist mind control as well as other talents, and they believe that all Vampires are evil even though Shanna had told them about the two sides of vampires, a good one and the Malcontents.

Austin’s assignment was to monitor the DVN, and in his observation, he saw that there’s mortal working among the Vampires, and on his fourth nights of duty, he saw a lady that caught his attention. He was immediately smitten to her and convinced that she’s a human being, held captive by the vampires and needed help. He disregarded Emma’s advice about the possibility of her being a Vampire and determined to find a way to get close to the DVN and find out about her.

This second book in the series wasn’t that funny compared to the first one. The main characters didn’t seem to have much of a sense of humour at all. Austin was way too serious, well I understand he’s a CIA agent going undercover, and Darcy directing her first show ever in her new world, but they were both very passionate. They deserved the happy ending, and I hoped to see more of Austin battling alongside the Scottish Highlander vampires in the next book!

Fun fact: ‘Good God’ was mentioned 22 times in this book!

A Very Vampy Christmas

Darcy’s assistant in her reality show of The Sexiest Man on Earth – Maggie O’Brian finally got what she dreamed of, acting in a soap opera with the man she had been lusting after for a long time – Don Orlando de Corazon, the famous Vampire lover in the world. However, when she learned from others what a womanizer he was, she was disappointed.

Don Orlando was drawn to Maggie when he first saw her, and he desperately tried to assure her that he wasn’t a womanizer. He told Maggie about the amnesia he’s having, and sweet Maggie encouraged him to search for the answer. They went on a mission to uncover his true identity and discovered more than his lost memories.

There were other short stories in this book by different authors, but I was more into reading A Very Vampy Christmas by Kerrelyn Sparks, a follow up from Vamps and the City story.

I loved the humour in this short story, and the main characters were loveable too. Maggie was so kind and sweet, and at first, I thought that Don Orlando was a jerk and didn’t deserve her. However, once I read about his past, my heart went out to him. The conclusion was somewhat too simple, a Coyote and Rabbit? Unbelievable 😅!

Fun fact: ‘Sweet Mary’ was mentioned 15 times in this book!

Be Still My Vampire Heart

Four hundred and ninety-three years old vampire, Angus MacKay was the leader of the British coven, and he also owned MacKay Security and Investigation. When he was called to solve the vampire hunter problem in New York, he met the vampire slayer who’s responsible for killing the Malcontents members. Angus was immediately attracted to the mortal woman fighter that mirrored him in so many ways. However, convincing her to stop the killing proved to be hard work, especially when she had a beef with the vampires.

One of the reasons why Emma Wallace joined the Stake-Out team was to exact revenge to the vampires after what they did to her parents. Meeting Angus was like a fantasy came alive to her, his old-fashioned style and polite demeanour touched her heart, but the problem was that they’re from a different world. Emma tried her best to ignore her heart’s desire, but eventually, she succumbed to the calling in the midst of danger.

Be Still My Vampire Heart was by far the best among all the books that I’ve read earlier on from this series. It’s very humorous, packed with plenty of actions, and a kilted Highlander as the main character equipped with Claymore and ‘purse’ AKA Sporran.

I really enjoyed the story for it successfully made me laugh out loud in certain scenes, it also made my blood boil when Emma acted tough, refused to listen to Angus and got caught because of her stubbornness, and finally, it made my heart raced fearing for their safety. I just hope that the next book will maintain the quality or get even better than this.

Fun fact: ‘Bugger’ was mentioned 30 times in this book while ‘The God take it’ was mentioned 18 times in this book!

The Undead Next Door

Who could have thought that going to a grand opening of a shop owned by a famous designer from Paris could land Heather her dream job? Heather Lynn Westfield was a history school teacher who also has a passion for design. Her sketching act while in the store caught the attention of the store owner who had mistaken her for spying and copying the outfit design, but once things finally cleared up, not only that she got offered a two-week job, but also the possibility of a future with him, if she could stay alive and overcome her fear.

Jean-Luc Echarpe got himself into trouble when the reporter started questioning his eternal youth looking face, and to solve the problem, he decided to open a new shop in Schnitzelberg, a small town in Texas. Jean-Luc’s intention was to close it down after two weeks and stay inside the building for 25 years before making a comeback by posing as his son.

However, when he finally fell for a woman after 500 years never got involved in a serious relationship, he began to dread the moment, and with his old nemesis – Louie showed up again threatening to kill the woman he loved as he did with two of her former girlfriends, he’s more determined to protect her, but will she accept him?

Jean-Luc and Heather’s story was okay, but it wasn’t as intense as Angus and Emma’s story. I love the fact that in every book that Kerrelyn wrote in this series, she will always include her previous featured characters’ latest development. In this case, it was Shanna who dropped the biggest bomb. Anyway, I’m so looking forward to reading Ian’s story, and I’m sure he’ll finally get the love he always wanted.

Fun fact: ‘Good Lord’ was mentioned 32 times in this book!

All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire

Ian MacPhie a Four hundred eighty years old vampire that trapped in the body of a fifteen-year-old finally got what he wished thanks to the stay awake drug Roman had created. Now that his physical appearance had aged 12 years, he could finally find love. He wanted a vampire girl who was honest, loyal, intelligent and pretty.

Vanda, Roman’s ex Harem helped him to set up his account in an online dating service called Single in the city, and he became instantly famous, every mortal and vampire girls trying to date him, but one particular human girl already seemed to be gripping his heart, and he might not need the dating service after all.

Toni was investigating Sabrina’s claim about being attacked by vampires when she got attacked by the Malcontents, thankfully, Connor was around and saw her fighting off the vampires. Impressed with her skill, Connor hired her to join the day guard team since they were short of staff.

Toni was more than happy to accept it because she has her own agenda. However, when she met Ian, she was immediately attracted to him, and her heart was torn into two sides. Sabrina needed her and Carlos, her best friend has something on his sleeve too, but what about her own heart desire?

I’ve been waiting for Ian’s story for ages, and when I finally read it, I was quite disappointed, for me, the journey for the sweet 15 turned 27 Vampires wasn’t exciting enough, maybe because I’ve set a high expectation.

I felt annoyed by the Malcontents who kept on teleporting away, and Toni who often overslept, and she also didn’t do her guarding duty but be with Ian, and her supervisor was cool with it. Since the introduction of shapeshifters in the previous book, I knew more of it will be featured in this series, and I liked it. I loved the new characters, Teddy, he was so funny, I looked forward to reading his journey in this series.

Fun fact: ‘Good Grief’ was mentioned 23 times in this book!

Secret Life of a Vampire

Ian MacPhie held his bachelor party in a hotel, but it went out of control, and when polices showed up on the door, Giacomo di Venezia, son of the world-famous Casanova was the only one left who’s sober enough to take control of the mess. Everything worked perfectly except for one officer who was immune to his mind control.

Lara Boucher was intrigued by Jack, a mysterious man she met who could control minds, teleport, and with super speed. Her roommate LaToya speculated a few theories about Jack, but none of it made sense, and Jack wasn’t going to tell her his secret no matter what she tried until when she tried playing with fire and put herself in danger, but could she accept the truth?

I loved this couple, the son of Casanova and the woman who worked as a police officer with a mind that couldn’t be controlled by the vampires and the story infused with mythology! Just what I always wanted!

Jack tries his best to conceal Lara from his world, but a relationship wouldn’t work without honesty, and when he finally lets Lara into his world, it’s up to the heroine to decide whether to follow her brain or her heart. Lara’s friend, LaToya, came out with many theories about Jack, and it was hilarious. I think she would be great with Dr Phang!

Fun fact: ‘Merda’ was mentioned 31 times in this book!

Forbidden Nights with a Vampire

Roman’s ex-harems Vanda Barkowski who opened the Horny Devils nightclub together with two more of the ex-harems got herself into trouble with her bad tempers. Vanda Barkowski was then forced to enrol in an anger management class with Phil who sponsored her willingly.

Vanda has always loved flirting with Phil who’s their day guard back then when she’s still Roman’s harem, but she never opened her heart to anyone else, not after her sister’s betrayal and the death of her loved one. However, when Phil kept on risking his life to save her, the wall she built to protect her heart crumbled, and the revelation about Phil shocked her core, how could she accept him knowing what he was?

Phil Jones or his real name Philupus was the firstborn son of the most influential Alpha wolf in America, and being firstborn, he was next in line for the position. However, at the age of eighteen, Phil was exiled from the pack for disobeying the pack master’s order, and he was left fending for his life until Connor found him and offered him a job as a day guard at MacKay Security & Investigation.

In the company, only a few of the team members knew about Phil’s shapeshifting ability and Alpha status that he achieved while being away from the pack, and if words reached his dad, he wouldn’t have any problem in getting back to his people. However, Phil wouldn’t trade the freedom and his new life and go running back to the pack that had banished him, not now especially when he claimed a Vampire as his mate.

The beginning of the story was quite boring with not much action on it, it’s just Phil demonstrating how much he cared about Vanda, and Vanda trying to resist him. It was halfway to the story when things started to sail smoothly, and I wasn’t able to put it down. In my opinion, Vanda was more to being a stubborn bitch, and her short temper level was average, just like every mundane if you forgo her Vampire strength that causing all the damages.

The story wasn’t over for me because there’s still a question of settling the issue with his betrothed, and the future of his father’s pack if he’s going to be the heir. I understand it’s still another 300 years or so before it happened, but I hoped that I’d get the answer to it in the next 10 books. I also hope to see the progress of Dr Phang and LaToya’s relationship, they will make a great couple!

The Vampire and the Virgin

The ability to read human’s emotion, including lie, came handy in Olivia Sotiris’s job as a professional consultant with the FBI. However, having this unique talent also meant that she could tell whenever her boyfriend cheated on her, and after what she’d been through in her love life, Olivia never contemplated in finding love again until she met Robby.

A man she couldn’t read which was new and exciting to her but it also frightened her, for she wouldn’t know if Robby lied to her, or if he was the one she’d been looking for, the accomplice to Otis Crump, a murderer and rapist which she came into contact in her job, and obsessed with her.

Robby MacKay never thought that he would fall in love during his recuperation time on the island of Patmos. However, meeting with Olivia has changed his perception in life, and his priority had changed from revenge to winning Oliva’s heart. When Olivia left the island in a hurry without even telling him, Robby knew that what she was trying to escape from had tracked her down, and Robby will stop at nothing to find Olivia again and protect her from her terror.

Robby and Olivia were unquestionably a couple made in heaven. What a cute romance story! Besides Be Still My Vampire Heart, this was one of my favourites, the story had everything from humour, romance, suspense, heartache, and action, and I couldn’t get enough of it.

I hope to read about their wedding or children in the next books. While reading this book, it made me though back to Hannibal Lecter movies, and also the Netflix series ‘Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons – Ukraine’, where the woman fell in love with the criminal after reading the interview in the media, and she married him.

Funny quote: “And do ye expect me to kill Casimir by holding a yoga pose for thirty seconds?”

Eat Prey Love

Caitlyn Whelan was utterly baffled when she received an invitation to her nephew’s fourth birthday party. She never knew that her sister got married, let alone with children. During the visit to Romatech, Caitlyn learned the truth behind her sister’s disappearance and the world of the supernatural and also was smitten by a handsome man.

Caitlyn’s ability to understand any language would be valuable to the company and her sister suggested her to join them instead of joining the CIA stakeout team, and when MacKay Security & Investigation offered her the job, Caitlyn didn’t take a long time to consider before she agreed to it. She could finally be reunited with her long-lost sister again, and a chance to try winning the handsome Were-Panther’s heart.

Carlos Panterra was the only adult Were-Panther survivor in his tribe along with five other children, and with only a few of them left, it’s essential that Carlos find Were-Panther mate to ensure their species’ survival. However, the arrival of Shanna’s sister had triggered something inside of him, and he desperately tried to get away from her, but when she tagged along in his mission to find his mate in the jungle of Thailand, everything changed. The danger had brought them closer, and he was willing to die for her.

Officially my third favourite book in this series so far. What a great story this one was. I especially loved the adventure in Thailand, and when I read the part about ‘Chiang-Shih’, I started picturing the vampires hopping around wearing the dark colour costumes in my head. It’s cool that Kerrelyn included Chinese folklore in the story.

I liked Caitlyn, she wasn’t afraid to follow her heart’s desire, she’s very determined and stubborn, and when her seducing act didn’t work, she was willing to set aside her comfort and trudged the jungle and face the danger with him.

Carlos, on the other hand, was also a loveable character, his willingness to sacrificing his own need for his species survival was admirable, and when he threw himself as a shield to protect his loved ones, he’s a hero. Oh, and I was also glad when I read J.L. Wang adjusting pretty well in the company and also played his part in this book.

Now I can’t wait to read the next book, and hopefully, it will be about the heartless Connor or the playboy Gregori, I also want to find out more about the new villain as well as the newly recruited team members in the MacKay Security & Investigation.

Vampire Mine

Burdened by his sins from the past, Connor Buchanan, a vampire who’s approaching his 500 years living on earth believed that he’s beyond redemption, and unworthy of being loved by other women. His only goal now was to protect his maker, Roman Draganesti and his family member from any danger.

However, when Connor accidentally brought back an angel of death to the facility and caused harm to the one he tried to protect, the guilt was eating him alive, and he hoped that one day he would be forgiven. In the meantime, Connor promised the beautiful angel that he would protect and help her to get her back to heaven, but he quickly realised that it wasn’t that easy. The demon was far more powerful than him, and his burning desire to have her overwhelmed him.

Ever since God had created Marielle as a Healer Angel, she always felt compassionate towards human beings and had been questioning her superior whenever she was stopped from helping one that wasn’t in her list. It wasn’t the first time that Marielle had disobeyed the order, but on the second time when she healed a human being without permission, especially one that didn’t deserve it, her act had caused many more innocent people to die.

Marialle was then ‘demoted’ to a Deliverer – a death angel, responsible for delivering the soul to their afterlife, and she despised her role for, her touch would mean death to the human. However, Marielle never stopped caring for the human and the third time when she disobeyed, it cost her wings, and she also being cast down to earth.

In the mortal realm, the Kilted Scotsman who found her unconscious brought her back to Romatech for treatment and also gave her sanctuary. Marielle found comfort and protection from the fierce warrior, who also defended her bravely from the demon named Darafer.

His willingness to sacrifice himself to protect her from the devil who wanted her to join the Fallen Angel team in Hell touched her heart, and Marielle never felt this type of love to any human in her long existence. However, this warrior also burdened by his dark past, and Marielle wanted to help him before she returned to where she came from – If Heaven would accept her back, and if that’s what her heart desired!

This book contained two of my favourite genres, Vampires, and Angels, and I freaking loved it! I read this series according to the reading order, and I’ve been waiting for ages to see what’s in store for Connor, and which lady would melt his hardened heart, and when I finally read it, I have to say that Connor was a lucky bugger!

I also finally learned more about Connor, and I changed my mind about him being a heartless vampire, and from the start of the story, I’ve been wondering about his dark secret, and I only got the answer towards the end of the book, and it wasn’t that bad, it’s understandable!

Marielle’s learning process on her human body part and the bits of advice she got to acclimate to the human and Vampire world were funny, and her interaction with Connor was sweet and innocent. I half hoped that Connor would sink his fangs on her pretty neck and that her angel blood would bring miracle to the Vampire world, either turning them back to human or enable them to walk in the sun, but it never happened! Anyway, I hope I’ll get to read about their Vampire + Angel baby in the other books.

Fun fact: ‘Bugger’ was mentioned 31 times, and ‘Good Heavens’ was mentioned 27 times in this book!

Sexiest Vampire Alive

When the video of the fight scenes between the Malcontents and the good Vampires had made it out to the human world, the coven masters made a decision to let their youngest vampire, Gregori Holstein convince the US president to declare the video a hoax, and in return, they will provide services to the government.

The president had agreed to take down the video but with conditions that Gregori must ensure the happiness and safety of his eldest daughter during their trip to retrieve the rare plants in China. It wasn’t difficult with their teleportation ability, but keeping his desire and hands to himself was hard, and the new villain caught them off guard.

Abigail Tucker had dedicated her life to finding a cure for her sick mother, and as the eldest daughter to the US president, she never cared about living glamorously, let alone sparing her precious time in searching for love. However, when she first laid her eyes on Gregori, she was immediately attracted to him not knowing that he’s a vampire, and when Abigail realised what he was, she had a tough time controlling herself, knowing that their relationship would be impossible. How could her dad approve of their love?

Gregori and Abigail’s story was alright, but it wasn’t enough to be placed into the shelf of my favourite book in the series. There wasn’t much resistance from the two of them in terms of their romance, they both gave in rather quickly, and as for action, it only started almost towards the end of the story.

Now that we know the leader of their new opponent, fighting the Malcontents felt like a warm-up exercise, and I pray that all the characters that we’ve read so far would stay alive in the next five books!

Wanted: Undead or Alive

Phineas McKinney or also known as Dr Phang, a self-proclaimed, Love Doctor in the Good Vampire community had obtained a celebrity title when he did the new vampire cuisine advertisement with the DVN. The ladies adored him, but that’s just it, it was easy for him to score a one-night stand, but finding his one true love had never been easy for him, not even with his famous title, in fact, it brought quite the opposite effect as it might be the one that drove the ladies away from him.

Brynley Jones had trouble finding her loved one. Born in the family of the most powerful werewolf Pack Master in North America, all the suitors that approached her were only after her wealth and title. When she found out about the arranged marriage, Brynley ran away from the pack and reunited again with his brother in the Good Vampires community. She found freedom and what she desired the most, love, but the only problem was that they were from a completely different species.

Phineas and Brynley were brought together as a team during the mission to hunt down the Malcontents queen. They fought hard to resist the attraction that already formed in their heart as they knew that their relationship was impossible.

However, when they found out that they both have so many things in common, and even Brynley’s inner wolf approves of her choice, they surrender to the passion, but their newfound love bound to be interrupted by the impending danger. The one that Brynley escaped from had found its way back, and it’s threatening her newfound freedom and the safety of her loved one.

The first time when I heard about LaToya, I thought she would be perfect for Phineas, but as the story progressed and I got to know more about her, I started to dislike her, and I was so glad that Phineas didn’t end up with her, but with Phil’s sister. However, the news about the two of them got together didn’t surprise me at all because of their mannerism in the ‘Vampire Mine’ book, which was a dead giveaway.

Here’s the recap:
Phineas nodded and released Brynley’s wrist. “Be careful,” he mumbled.
She cast a worried look his direction. “You, too.”

I was disappointed because the author didn’t include an update about Connor and Marielle in this book. I hope I’ll get a glimpse of their marriage life and if they’re soon-to-be parents in the next story. Another thing was about the powerful villain led by Darafer. I was surprised that they didn’t treat the issue as a priority. I was panicking here, and they still relaxing over there!

Wild About You

Once upon a time, there were three Guardians who’re responsible for creating the Werewolves and the Were-Bear @ the berserker to protect the villager. But then the Berserkers betrayed the forest guardian and had been killing every one of the forest guardian’s descendant.

Twenty years had passed since Howard Barr had last been to his hometown. They banished him for causing death to the werewolves, but the punishment was proved to be unnecessary as he recently found out that his old foe was still alive. Howard took leave from the company and returned home to execute his revenge plan.

While Howard was away, Shanna discovered about him having a crush on one of the celebrities, and she’s determined to help him get the woman. Howard was pleasantly surprised when he saw the woman he’d been lusting for stood in front of him, and not even the curse couldn’t stop him from getting what he always wanted, a mate.

Elsa Bjornberg was stunned when she first saw Howard, that man was huge and damn hot, and she felt overjoyed as it’s not often that she met someone that’s perfect for her massive frame which weighing about 170 pounds and with the height of six foot two. Everything about him was perfect for her, but the birthmark on her right shoulder warned her something wasn’t right about him for he had triggered the curse, one involving a tale that she never once believed on it.

Howard and Elsa were both physically fit for one another, and they were another couple made in heaven. I couldn’t think of any story that’s better than this to test these two lovebirds. The curse and their forbidden love made this more exciting. Ula and Greta’s determination to protect Elsa sometimes made me laugh because I know there’s no danger coming from the sweet Kodiak bear, after all, Howard was only after Elsa’s heart as he’s wild about her.

V wie VampWoman

In the past, Lady Pamela Smythe-Worthing had always been running away from danger, abandoning her family and friends when they needed her the most. Now, Lady Pamela determined to change the course of her life by making up for her past mistakes. She wanted to fight alongside the warriors battling the malcontents, but one of them was overprotective towards her, making her knees go weak, and her heart burned with desire.

Mikhail Kirillov tried his best to protect the VampWoman, the most stubborn, disobedient woman he’d ever met. He had asked her to stay away from the battle but to no avail, and if anything happened to her, it would break his heart for he had secretly been in love with the woman for almost two hundred years.

There were other short stories in this book by different authors, but I was more into reading V wie VampWoman by Kerrelyn Sparks, another successful love story for the employee of MacKay Security and Investigation.

I was glad that the author picked these two as a couple because I never really knew these two, Lady Pamela Smythe-Worthing and Mikhail Kirillov. I admired the courage Lady Pamela possessed to change her life, and Mikhail for his bravery to pursue what he wanted, although it took him over 200 years to finally fulfil his desire.

Overall, a tale that’s straight to the point without much drama, because after all, it’s a short story, but it never failed to leave me wanting for more!

The Vampire With the Dragon Tattoo

Dougal Kincaid lost his right hand during the battle with the Malcontents, but it never deterred his spirit. He learnt to fence with his left hand, and also with his prosthetic one, and now he could fence equally well with both. After a long break from field duty, he’s determined to prove that he’s capable, and with the new position Angus had offered him, he wouldn’t let him down.

However, the newly hired doctor had made him lose control, and he couldn’t fathom why his dragon tattoo reacting to this woman, could it be that she’s the reincarnation of his lost love, Li Lei almost three hundred years ago?

Thrust into the supernatural world she never imagined was real, Leah Chin thought of running away on the first day she arrived at Romatech Industries. She didn’t trust her new employer, how could she work with a bunch of bloodsuckers and shapeshifters around?

However, the one particular vampire with black hair and green eyes had made her change her mind for there was something about him that made her heart racing, and when he made his move to court her, could she resist him?

This book had made it to the shelf of my favourite book in the series. I loved the storyline, and the couple, Leah and Dougal. The heroine’s reaction when she was first introduced to the supernatural world was believable, and Dougal’s past story was touching.

It’s been a while since I last read about Connor and Marielle, and I was glad to have the update in this book. I didn’t know Connor was semi-retired! Last but not least, the moment that I had been dreading finally arrived, fighting the demon, Darafer was tough and required help from the special angels, as expected. I was glad it was over for him, and hopefully, he won’t return!

“I will find you. No matter what. If it takes a thousand years, I will find you.”

How to Seduce a Vampire (Without Really Trying)

The Coven Master for Eastern Europe, Zoltan Czakvar had been searching for the truth about his father’s death, and it’s also the reason why he became a Vampire at first, to stay young and healthy to keep searching for the answer.

When Zoltan finally got his first-ever clue after almost eight hundred years, it led him to Beyul-La, a sacred valley in the Himalayas where a beautiful warrior woman had tied him up demanding his seed! Zoltan’s quest had turned into a mission to uncover the secret of the valley and then protect the community from Master Han’s invasion, but first, he needed to earn the trust of this tight-lipped woman who was having difficulty trusting the male species.

No man was allowed to be in Beyul-Na, and when an intruder had crossed into their territory, the queen had asked Neona and a few others to locate the invader. They had lost a few warriors, including Neona’s twin sister in their recent battle with Master Han’s soldiers. With only a few of them left, they’ve suggested increasing their number by having a child with the invader, provided he’s up to their standard.

Neona never met a man who could survive her attack without any weapon, and with his handsome face, he would provide her with a beautiful daughter. However, the man demanded to know more about herself before agreeing to it, and she couldn’t do so because the Valley’s secret and her heart would be exposed.

While I was reading it, I couldn’t wait to find out more about the warrior women and what they’re protecting in the sacred valley. On my 32% reading through it, it kept me guessing about the killer, afraid that it was Neona who did it, and how it would break Zoltan’s heart.

However, it all turned out well, and on my 63%, I was anticipating the effect of the living water to the Vampire! This book was another one of my favourite in the series! The story was marvellous, fun and engaging, and it made me sad thinking that there’s only one book left.

Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire

Russell Ryan Hankelburg, a Marine-turned-vampire have only one thing on his mind, REVENGE. He’s determined to hunt down Master Han, the responsible vampire who left him in a Vampire coma for nearly forty years in one of the caves in Thailand. In his mission, Russell preferred to work alone, and he even refused help from the others, that’s until the princess came into his life.

Jia, the were-tigers had trained since the age of eight, learning martial arts for thirteen years solely to revenge for her dead parents. In her mission, she met a gruff cowboy vampire who saved her from danger, and Jia thought that they could become partners since they had the same goal. Jia had less than two weeks before her fiancee came and took her away, and she desperately needed to accomplish her mission.

The rules that Russell had set in their partnership proved to be futile. Their feeling grew as the day went by, and it wasn’t until one of them was injured that they realised they couldn’t pretend anymore, and not even hell could stop them from rescuing each other, but what about her betrothed?

Russell and Jia were both determined to get their revenge on the same vampire, Master Han. Russell set a rule in their partnership, but it was useless as they were both attracted to one another. The conclusion to this series was mind-blowing, and I loved it!

However, I still couldn’t accept the reality that the series was over. I’ve read all sixteen books and two of the short stories, and I was sad to say goodbye to the gangs. The journey had been great, the stories were unique, and I especially loved the humour in the series.

One thing that I would like to get an answer to was about Laszlo and Gu Mina. Were they together? I doubt I’ll get the answer anytime soon because according to the author, she wasn’t sure when she would write the spin-off series where she’ll skip 20 years and the children had grown up.

Anyway, I couldn’t wait for it! I recommend reading this series, and my advice was not to skip any of the books, but to read them all!

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