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Soul Guardians Series by Kim Richardson

Kara was only sixteen when she died. But what she didn’t know was that there’s life after death, and her new role as a guardian angel was about to take a different turn with her unique heritage.

Other readers might find the story predictable and annoyed with the repetitive storyline, but for a clean reader, this might be just the series for them.

Series Title: Soul Guardians
Author: Kim Richardson
Genres: Fantasy > Paranormal > Angels / Demons
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 2,148
Reading Date: 20th May 2020 ~ 13th June 2020

The Reading Order – How to Read Soul Guardians Series by Kim Richardson

  • 1 Marked
  • 2 Elemental
  • 3 Horizon
  • 4 Netherworld
  • 5 Seirs
  • 6 Mortal
  • 7 Reapers
  • 8 Seals


Sixteen-year-old Kara Nightingale’s ordinary life is suddenly turned upside down when she dies and wakes up in a strange new world with a new career—as a rookie for the Guardian Angel Legion.

Kara is pulled into the supernatural, where monkeys drive the elevators, oracles scurry above giant crystal balls, and where demons feed on the souls of mortals.

With the help of her Petty Officer and friend, David, Kara hurtles towards an adventure that will change her life forever.

My thoughts…

I never read stories written in the third person before. It sounded weird to me, and I found that I couldn’t connect well with the main character, Kara. I would much enjoy the story if it were in a first-person point of view.

Anyway, the plot was quite interesting and unique. The angel world that Kim has conjured was fun, and the way she wrote about the place was detailed enough for me to picture it in my mind.

I was annoyed with Kara in the scene where they were in the construction site, and David had asked her to throw the salt to the demons which she was so slow in obeying him. I had fun reading the interaction between Kara and the monkeys, which I think was the funniest characters in the story.

Kara having unique ability was very predictable, in fact when they were given the particular task and got informed on the boy’s heritage, it was apparent she was also one of them because of her mother? Duh!

Because Kara’s mortal life was cut short in this book, and now she got a second chance, I would love to get to know her more as a mortal in the next book and hope that I could connect with her. Otherwise, I won’t be enjoying the story much.


When seventeen-year-old Kara Nightingale is suddenly struck by lightning and dies—yet again—she finds herself back in Horizon, where angels, oracles, and other supernatural beings occupy a mystical world unknown to humanity.

But when Kara accidentally strikes an angel with her newfound powers and nearly kills him, she is banished to the angel prison Tartarus. What’s more, Kara soon discovers her mother’s soul has been taken by Demons.

Hunted by the Legion, Kara takes refuge with a new band of angel friends. She finds herself torn with her feelings for David—when angel romance is forbidden. And when Kara decides to venture into the Netherworld to find her mother’s missing soul, will her powers be enough to save her mother and save the mortal world?

My thoughts…

Even though Kara had been given a second chance to live as a mortal, she felt something was missing in her life. I thought she would have a longer ordinary life, finishing her school, fall in love and married etc. before they call for her service as a guardian angel. However, it wasn’t long before she died again for the second time.

Back in the horizon, Kara was promoted to the special task force, leaving David behind doing his petty officer job. In the new team, Kara befriended with Jenny and Peter, after she saved their lives. However, it wasn’t long before she made a mistake and nearly killed a GA. She was then sent to Tartarus jail to wait for the trial. But, David and her new friends broke her out.

The revelation about Kara’s father was exciting news because I didn’t expect that. However, the plots concerning David was ridiculously unbelievable. He seemed always to find himself with Kara no matter how high the security level and managed to outsmart the archangels.

When I finished reading the second book, I still couldn’t connect with Kara, and there’re six more books to read. My only hope was to be able to enjoy the story because I started to feel like putting this book as DNF, which is the first time in history since I started reading series about five years ago!


Much to Kara’s horror, a horde of demons is released into the mortal world, through the Mirror of Souls. Thousands of human souls are dying every day.

The Guardian Angel Legion works relentlessly at trying to secure the mortal world from Demons.

But when Kara discovers the truth behind the Demon Lord’s plans, can she return to Horizon safely and warn the Legion before it’s too late?

My thoughts…

The story picked up where book two left off. While in Tartarus waiting for her trial, a mysterious prisoner told Kara how to safe herself, which involved exposing the evil archangel that hides among the legion members.

Free at last, Kara continued her mission in searching and freeing her mum’s soul from the grip of the evil archangel, and that’s not the only problem Kara would face, as her father released more new breed of demons, swallowing human’s soul on earth. Kara felt responsible and kept blaming herself for the event.

The battle that took place in Horizon was gruesome, and the ending in this book was super cool. It made me excited to read the next book, where I hope Kara finally gets what she wanted, on earth! The story doesn’t sound too bad now, and I will continue reading the rest of the books in the series!


Kara had only just begun to enjoy her life as a mortal with David—when they are pulled back suddenly into the world of the supernatural. The Legion has made an important discovery: a new Elemental child, whose whereabouts are unknown.

Kara immediately prepares herself for battle and comes face to face with the evil Seirs—a group of mortals devoted to the Netherworld.

What’s worse, someone close to her is taken. Kara and her friends embark on another dangerous journey to seek out this child. But is this being really an Elemental—or something else entirely?

My thoughts…

The mortal life for Kara and David only lasted one chapter before they’re catapulted back into Horizon. The team’s mission was supposed to be easy, find out about the other person who might be an elemental just like Kara, but it turned out to be the hardest as they weren’t allowed to kill Seirs, a group of mortal humans in allegiance with the devil.

Captured and helpless, Kara and the team almost gave up her vows to protect the mortals. Thankfully, the sensitives, a group of human who could see the supernatural beings and also sided with the angels, saved them. It was too late for Jenny though, as Kara’s evil half-sister abducted her into the Netherworld. However, Kara would do anything to save Jenny, including venturing into the Netherworld.

Kara was supposed to go alone on her mission, but David and Peter found a way to venture into the Angel prohibited zone. The adventure in retrieving information for the legion and also saving Jenny was very nerve-wracking. If this were a movie, it would be super cool.

I loved the author’s imagination about the underworld and the badass evil. However, I was confused by Kara’s sudden power control management skill! Since when did she learn to control her elemental power?


Having only just accomplished her last mission, Kara learns that the evil Seirs are slaughtering Sensitives that refuse to swear an allegiance to Lilith—the Netherworld’s princess and her diabolical half-sister. While on assignment, Kara discovers that Lilith is searching for an ancient weapon that can destroy mankind.

The Seirs’ army grows with every Sensitive they recruit— the odds of victory are grim. With the help of her friends, Kara finds herself on another dangerous mission entrusted to her. But can Kara find the weapon before Lilith annihilates the entire human race?

My thoughts…

The mission in this fifth book was much more exciting. Non-stop action and surprises await in the story. I seriously have no idea how to solve Kara’s problem, but in the end, she pulled it through. Although I felt that it was unfair for her, I also happy she had another chance as a mortal, again.

Hopefully, this time we would be able to see more of her with David in her mortal life. Her life so far has always been paused and resume back; at one point, it made me re-think how was that possible. But of course, it’s a story, so, anything was possible. Now I can’t wait to read the next book to find out more.


As Kara settles back into the world of the living, she gets an unexpected surprise and finds herself back in Horizon—the Legion has given her a second chance. Kara and her friends face a new enemy: a Dark warlock, an ancient and evil adversary of the Legion.

But when Kara finds out that their GA weapons have no effect on Dark magic, can she defeat the warlock and save the mortal world from Darkness?

What’s worse, the Legion orders Kara to carry out her new mission undercover, as someone she never expected…

My thoughts…

In this mission, Kara had to battle the Dark warlock as a mortal, without her M-suit to protect her fragile human body, which made the task nearly impossible.

Finding the white witch and convinced her was another challenge, and then Kara had to tap into her elemental power as a mortal which she never did before. Time was running out and the fate of human beings depended on her. Thankfully, her team always being there to support her even if it would cost their life.

One thing bothering me was the fact that Kara has to work her ass off to be mortal again, but David and Kara’s mum kept on appearing in the human world as a mortal which I find quite odd and unfair.

I also have just realised how funny David was in the story. Usually, I didn’t put much thought into him. But his wicked humour entertained me in this book. Lilith’s appearance was a surprise; I never expected to see her again in the story. Now that she’s back, probably we’ll see her again as a GA? Let the half-sisters fight alongside Kara’s mum. That would be nice.


Kara has lost her elemental power, and with her guardian angel days behind her, all is back to normal—or so she thought. But when she’s injected with a mysterious substance by a shadowy man, she begins to change…but into what?

As Kara deals with the change that brews inside her, a new menace threatens the angels and the mortal world: Reapers. And now back in Horizon, it’s up to Kara and her friends to figure out who is powerful enough to control the Reapers and how to stop them.

What’s worse, rumors of something far worse than Reapers surface, of beings more sinister and evil. Something that the Legion believed they had banished forever is now resurfacing—creatures rumored to be so powerful they could destroy Horizon forever.

My thoughts…

After they battled warlock in the previous book and Kara met the chief for the second time, I honestly have no idea on what would happen next in her life. Kara no longer has her elemental power, but Kim always finds something interesting to messed up Kara’s life.

In this book, I was cheering when some mysterious entity injected her with an unknown substance. The story was interesting with surprise elements; some question was not answered yet by the end of this book. I’m curious about the deals between Kara and Metatron and I can’t wait to read the final book for the warp-up to the series.


Kara has survived the threat of the Reapers, but at an unspeakable cost—the Archfiends have escaped their eternal prison. Now, with the mortal world on the brink of the apocalypse, with the threat of evil beings as powerful as gods, she must break the rules and travel across the mortal world on an unauthorized mission.

Along the way, she must face her darkest truth . . . a truth about the change inside her, a truth that she cannot stop. Meanwhile, the Archfiends and their brutal and monstrous forces are gathering on Earth, intent on enslaving the mortal world, and to destroy Horizon and all the angels.

Will Kara find the strength to not only fight her inner demons, but to take on the evil that is about to be unleashed?

My thoughts…

I enjoyed the storyline, and I thought it was action-packed, and not so much concentrating on the romance between Kara and David. The ending was predictable, the same as in previous books; finished the big job and rewarded to live a mortal life.

Well, except for that part, which wasn’t enjoyable as I was sick of the repetitive ending. Thank god it’s the last book, and I could move on to the next series, the Horizon Chronicles which also based on the same concept as Soul Guardian’s world.

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