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Swept Away Saga by Kamery Solomon

A time travel romance fraught with danger and secrets on the high seas! The story contains adventures with pirates, treasures and psycho villains.

Title: Swept Away
Author: Kamery Solomon
Genres: Fantasy > Time Travel – Adventures – Pirates – Mythology
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 2,267
Reading Date: 01st May 2022 – 31st May 2022

The Reading Order – How to Read Swept Away Saga by Kamery Solomon

  • 0.5 Taken Away
  • 1 Swept Away
  • 2 Carried Away
  • 3 Hidden Away
  • 4 Stolen Away
  • 5 Buried Away
  • 6 Passed Away

Taken Away

William MacDonald feels his life is missing something. With an arranged marriage soon approaching, and the knowledge that he’s expected to someday take his father’s place in society, he pushes forward, holding himself to the high standard of honor he always has.

However, when a strange woman arrives on the clan lands, William’s world is turned upside down. While everyone whispers the stranger is a witch, and a rival family threatens to destroy the peace everyone has become accustomed to, William finds himself contemplating one thing: what is more important–honor, or love?

My thoughts…

Taken away is the first book I have read from this series, and I hope the rest of the books in the series are as entertaining as this one. However, this book has the saddest ending ever, and I hope that I’ll get to read more of them and a possibility of a happy ending from the main books!. – May read this book before reading Hidden Away.

Swept Away

Dead men tell no tales…

For more than 200 years, the Treasure Pit on Oak Isle has baffled treasure hunters, engineers, and the common man alike. When Samantha Greene arrives, she finds her estranged father has spent years funneling energy and finances into the endeavor, finding nothing.

When an accidental death occurs in the pit, fulfilling the prophecy that seven lives must end before the treasure can be found, the search kicks into high gear, with more than one party vying for the secrets that lie below.

Finding herself the closest to the treasure anyone has ever been, Samantha throws herself into the work, landing among the coveted prize. Just as she’s about to discover what’s truly hidden beneath the island, the pit begins to flood with ocean water, sweeping her away despite her attempts to swim to the surface.

Upon awaking, Samantha discovers that, not only did she not drown, but the year is 1695—one hundred years before the Treasure Pit was even discovered. Carried off by the pirate Tristan O’Rourke, a rouge Irishman with more than his share of secrets, she soon finds that there is much more than she realized in play.

Will she discover the secrets of Oak Isle, or will an unexpected love keep her from finding out the truth? Will she ever make it back to her own time? Perhaps the real question is this; will she want to?

My thoughts…

Fantastic read! It has treasures, pirates, adventure, time travelling and romance! The ending leaves me wanting more, and I cannot wait to immediately jump into the next one!

So far, there’s no mention of the couple from the Taken Away book. I wonder if the next one is about Samantha or another character?

Carried Away

Ever since his friend, Samantha, drowned in the Treasure Pit, he’s been running from her ghost. When his path takes him to a historical site and shipwreck in Texas, he hopes the past will stay where it belongs.

However, the more he uncovers, the clearer it becomes that something is not right. Old friends need his help, and he doesn’t know if he’s the man to get the job done.

Samantha O’Rourke is a time traveler trying to survive in the past. Trapped in the social pyramid of the French Court and the secret society her husband, Tristan, defends, she feels more out of place than ever before.

Nothing ever stops a treasure hunter for long, though, and she soon finds herself caught up in another mystery, only to have life yanked to a precarious perch, where only the truly strong will survive.

Can the future be changed? Or is everything set in stone, destined to follow only one course?

My thoughts…

I’ve been curious about what happens after Sam’s disappearance in modern times, and I get to read the update from this book, plus a bonus where Kamery throws another character into the rank with Sam. The new addition excites me, but it also tortures me, for it takes a while before the two finally meet.

The plotlines in this story never cease to amaze me. There is never a dull moment in Sam’s adventures, albeit, for Sam and Tristan, some of it is a painful experience. In this book, the POVs alternate between the two time-travellers, and another likeable side character is added – Abella. The ending tho, the prospect that the enemy is getting stronger, terrifies me!

Hidden Away

Scott Williams, determined to solve the mystery that is the Treasure Pit, has very suddenly and unexpectedly discovered that two of his friends have traveled back in time.

Not only that, but they’ve sent him a letter through the three hundred year gap, asking for his help. However, he doesn’t exactly agree with what they want him to do.

Mark Bell is still in love with Samantha, a woman more than ten years his junior, a fellow time traveler, and very much not available.

It’s all he can do to keep from taking her in his arms as he watches her struggle with the demons of her past, wishing that there was anything he could do to ease both of their suffering. Throwing himself into the work of the secret order of The Knights Templar, Mark tries to focus on anything but what his heart is telling him.

Samantha O’Rourke feels like she is drowning, nightmares of being a captive and losing her family plaguing her. Not even the touch of the man she loves most, her husband, Tristan, is soothing the ache they both feel for what they’ve lost.

Hoping to find some sense of their old life, the couple sets out on another mission from the Order, heading toward the legendary city of Atlantis. However, nothing is ever as it seems, and Samantha soon finds herself in a place where friendships will be tested, loyalties questioned, and relationships tried. Will she be able to overcome what’s happened to her, or will she fall by the wayside, locked in a prison cell of her own creation?

My thoughts…

Hidden Away is a continuation of Carried Away story in the Swept Away Saga. Book three starts with POV from Scott in the present time, followed by the team in the past, Mark and ends with Sam. The contents are as entertaining as the previous one and with some twists and turns. My favourite part of the story is the visit to the Bermuda Triangle.

However, all events in the story are slightly dull as they lack the real danger present in the previous books. The main villain does not surface until, of course, the end. Hence, making it the worst cliffhanger ever! Nonetheless, we finally get to read about the characters from Taken Away. Yay!!!

Stolen Away

Since its formation in the twelfth century, The Order of The Knights Templar has kept its fair share of secrets. Eric Ray, a young man living in the present, didn’t intend to stick his nose in The Order’s business, but that’s somehow exactly what happened.

Amidst a budding relationship and heartbreaking revelations, he finally learns the truths he’s been longing to hear. However, the more he learns, the more he realizes that some things are better left in the dark.

The same issues plague Samantha O’Rourke, a time traveler living more than three hundred years before her time. Disturbed by revelations about Thomas Randall, a viscous pirate who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, she struggles to maintain the balance that once filled her home.

Wanting nothing more than to move on with life and leave the past behind her, she faces each day with resolute strength, keeping her own secrets under lock and key.

With a new leader at the head of The Order and his own standing as a Templar at risk, Tristan, Samantha’s husband, knows that now is not the time to rock the boat. No matter how hard he tries, though, he can’t seem to shake the demons of his past—or the ones threatening to tear him to shreds now. Desperation leads him to recklessness. He will fight to regain what was stolen away from him.

My thoughts…

When the ending ended with a terrible cliffhanger, we would want to read the continuation immediately. However, this book follows the pattern of the previous books, which is frustrating.

It starts with a POV from Eric, which is in the present time, where he gets to know Sam’s granddaughter. Ten chapters later, we finally get to know what happens to Sam!

Don’t get me wrong, tho. I enjoy reading the modern time story too, but the plot where I found exciting in this book was when the team ventured into the otherworld. The ending is kind of sad this time. I wonder what is in store for them next and hope Cal will be alright.

Buried Away

The world is nothing like it seems. Eric Ray knows this now, especially as he’s thrust into the inner workings of a secret society. As he rushes to save the woman he’s come to love, Eric realizes that those who are the kindest can often be the most nefarious.

Samantha Greene thought she’d finally managed to let her identity as a time traveler slip away. Now, she is a fisherman’s wife, living on the Irish coast at the turn of the eighteenth century with her new baby, husband, and brother-in-law. Fate waits for no one, though, and she soon finds herself tied up in another adventure with the Templar Knights.

Vowing to never be pulled into the fray like she was before, Sam realizes that they’ve been called upon for a reason. Their villain, Thomas Randall, wants them for something. To discover the truth, she’ll have to set sail with more pirates and travel to a land she’s yet to see. With her family by her side and a hope for a brighter future in her heart, Sam hopes this fight will finally be the end of it all. Will it, though?

My thoughts…

We’re closing towards the end of the story, and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds. Now that Tristan is equal to Randall, these two characters will face the final battle in the next book.

Meanwhile, I’m also eager to find out the present-time story. How will the team help in the conflict between the black knight and the Templar? On the romance side, I hope that Eric and Mark may have their happy ending and Cal will be with Abella!

Passed Away

Mark Bell thought he would escape all his troubles if he went home.

He was wrong.

Upon returning to his own time, Mark is thrown into another Templar Knight mess. Unwillingly forced by different factions, and with a bad taste in his mouth when it comes to Knights, he agrees to help his old friends search for Pandora’s Box. When push comes to shove, though, he discovers a horrible truth that will shatter everything he believes.

In the past, Tristan O’Rourke is struggling with the voices of the gods inside his head. They ask him to do unspeakable things, urging him to let them take over and give him ultimate power. With his family at risk, he is determined to find the strength to remain himself despite the changes inside him.

Samantha, worried about her husband, is doing all she can to make life seem normal for Tristan. As the pressure on her grows though, she wonders if she is truly up to the task. With a new position among The Order of the Knights Templar, she struggles to keep the composure she’s strived to maintain in the face of adversity.

Danger is lurking around every corner–will their opportunity for success go up in flames or will they will stand victorious at the end of it all?

My thoughts…

Perfect ending for the couples in the past! However, I’m not satisfied with the future/modern time’s conclusion. The last-minute character’s addition seems to be an easy way out of the problem.

Nevertheless, I still love the tale of time-travelling, with pirates, treasures, and otherworldly, which Kamery has creatively interwoven into this fantastic saga. Swept Away Saga is definitely a series where you need to read the book continuously to understand the whole ordeal and storylines.

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