The Gold Seer Trilogy by Rae Carson

Series Title: The Gold Seer Trilogy
Author: Rae Carson
Genres: Fantasy > Historical Fiction > Magic
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 1,253
Reading Date: 29th January 2018 ~ 07th February 2018

Book Series In Order

  • 1 Walk on Earth a Stranger
  • 2 Like a River Glorious
  • 3 Into the Bright Unknown

“I suppose I’m a stranger walking on earth, but I’m no son of God. I’m no son at all”.

The story took place in 1849 during California’s gold rush. The heroine, Leah Westfall, has a unique ability of being able to sense gold. However, it’s also a gift that cost the life of her parents. After her parents died, Jefferson asked her to go to California with him, but Leah couldn’t leave because she still had to take care of a funeral and her parents’ property. Before leaving her, Jefferson had set up a location for the meeting in case she changed her mind.

During the funeral, her uncle Hiram whom she barely spoke with suddenly showed up claimed to be her guardian and also the rightful owner of her property. She lost everything that was keeping her from going to California, and when she realised her uncle was the killer and wanted to use her unique ability, she plans for an escape. Riding her beautiful horse, and carrying her father’s gun with a little bit of money, she set off on a long journey to find Jefferson. But not before disguising herself as a boy and changed her name.

This series was fascinating; I enjoyed every moment reading about the adventures and challenges Leah faced. She was a brave young lady, in her teens, she was very mature and knowledgeable. Surrounded by friends, she overcame every hardship and set up in a foreign place she called home.

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