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The Merworld Trilogy by B. Kristin McMichael

Join Whitney in her story where she rejoins the supernatural world, befriends the enemy, uncovers a legend and prepares for the impending war.

Series Title: The Merworld Trilogy
Author: B. Kristin McMichael
Genres: Fantasy > Mythology > Mermaids
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 560
Reading Date: 08th February 2018 ~ 13th February 2018

The Reading Order – How to Read The Merworld Trilogy by B. Kristin McMichael

  • 1 Water and Blood
  • 2 Songs and Fins
  • 3 Scales and Legends

Whitney was born in a night human world as a skinwalker. However, her ability was taken away from her by a witch, and since she was no longer a member of the night human world, Whitney was made to move away from her birthplace and live with her day human relatives in Florida.

Whitney thought that the night human world was finally over for her. However, when she took the swimming lesson in school, she was sucked right back into the world she just left a year ago.

Back into the Night Human world especially as an outlawed breed proved to be challenging with the constant absence of her maker.

Things got complicated when her friends were forced to abandon her, and she unknowingly befriended the beings that were supposed to kill her kind.

However, that’s not all the problem she faced. There’s war and also a legend to be unrevealed.

The author did it again! I found myself unable to put down this book for long because I was so into it. I’ve read all the series written by this author, and I loved every one of them. If you haven’t read her book, please do it. Her book’s contents were exciting and unique.

You can read this series on its own, but it will be fun to read all the other series first before reading this one. It’s connected but not necessary to know unless you were the curious one, and would like to find out how Whitney lost her ability to a witch and also who and what the other characters’ abilities.

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