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The Hybrid Trilogy by G.K. DeRosa

I finally had a chance to read this series which I should have done once I finished with the last book in The Guardian Series – Wilder Legacy about nine months ago because I couldn’t remember much about the storyline.

So I re-read the last few pages from the previous series to refresh my memory on the characters such as Celeste, Roman, Nico, Stellan, Marie, and Brian. Anyway, so the last book mentioned that Celeste asked Stellan to check on Aria as she sensed something about her, but nothing was said about the character – Damian.

Series Title: The Hybrid Trilogy
Author: G.K. DeRosa
Genres: Fantasy > Paranormal > Magic
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 902
Reading Date: 23rd ~ 30th October 2018

The Reading Order – How to Read The Hybrid Trilogy by G.K. DeRosa

  • 0.5 Before Magic (Prequel Novella)
  • 1 Magic Bound
  • 2 Immortal Magic
  • 3 Beyond Magic

Before Magic

The prequel novella was a story about Damian Spiros, the main male character in this series. Stressed from being suspended from his cop duty following the accident involving his trainee, and with his wedding happening in a month and the bills to pay, he went to a bar to drown his sorrow.

But he was unfortunate to stumble upon Isa, a vampire queen who took an interest in him and wanted him to be the king. He wasn’t interested though and utterly loyal to Sofia, his fiancee. Upon hearing that, the queen ruthlessly killed Sofia and turned him forcefully. However, once he became a Vampire, he ran away from the queen. The book ended with fast forward to 30 years later where he accepted a job from Camellia to protect Aria who reminded him of his late fiancee.

Magic Bound

Aria Negrescu lived from one foster home to another, not knowing who her birth parents were, dropping out of school, and finally settling herself working in a coffee shop, where she met her BFF named Ricky. But Aria didn’t get to work there for long because out of the blue, she received a notification that she was being accepted to a college in Oak Bluff, with accommodation and college fees paid for even though she never applied for it.

Ricky convinced her to grab the opportunity, and she took his advice. While settling in her new home in Oak Bluff, she met Nico, a charming and caring guy. Things started getting weird when Aria found herself glowing, and fire seemed to appear on her fingertip whenever she felt a strong emotion. To top it off there were monsters that were hunting her. But, luckily Damian was always there when she needed help. Having two guys on her side, it’s a blessing but also giving her a headache.

Immortal Magic

Damian couldn’t let anything happen to Aria, so he forced Aria to ingest his blood before the battle with the monster, and when Aria woke up becoming the being that she never wanted to be, she refused to accept help from Damian. She turned to the ex-vamp, Nico for help, who was also her boyfriend. But when Aria almost killed Ricky and Nico, she didn’t have a choice but to accept Damian’s help.

On the other hand, Aria thought that once she became a Vampire, the monster wouldn’t hunt her anymore, but she was wrong. With the monster tailing her, she determined to fix the problem from the root. Her love life faced a more significant problem when the truth about her father was revealed.

Nico couldn’t accept the fact that the person he hated the most was the father of his beloved. I was actually really happy with it, I was rooting for Damian and Aria from the start! Team Daria!!

Beyond Magic

With power comes jealousy. When Aria became the talk of the supernatural, everyone was either scared of her power or wanted to have her on their side.

The monster got stronger and continued hunting her, the high priestess tried to eliminate her by reporting her to the FBI, and the Vampires wanted her power- which she didn’t want to have anything to do with them; therefore added to her growing enemies’ list.

With her life on the line, she mastered her magic quickly with help from the other coven’s leaders, and she even took the gamble and trusted her sinister half-brother, Alex.

While reading this series, I encountered two facts that left me questioning my understanding of this book. As far as I know, the first time Nico met Aria was at the Christmas party, and by that time, he was no longer a Vampire. Thus he didn’t have any power to compel Aria during the end-of-year dance.

Another minor issue was Aria’s day walking ring was taken during her time in the tribunal, but there’s no mention that she got it back after the power outburst and they fled the place during daytime. Does that mean she no longer needed it?

Anyway, overall, it’s a brilliant story with a great conclusion to the series. The tiny part of me just wished that the ending for Alex was different. Being a powerful witch, Aria should be able to at least drag Alex out of the place.

For those who want to read the prequel novella Before Magic, get it for free here.

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