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Whisper Duology by Lynette Noni

Speak, and it shall become a reality. Jane Doe tells a story of her struggle, her inability to utter a word without consequences. But it all changes in one single incident, a turning point that ends her suffering being a lab rat, or so she thought.

Series Title: Whisper
Author: Lynette Noni
Genres: Fantasy > Sci-Fi
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 635
Reading Date: 08th November – 15th November 2021

The Reading Order – How to Read Whisper Duology by Lynette Noni

  • 1 Whisper
  • 2 Weapon


“Lengard is a secret government facility for extraordinary people,” they told me.

I believed them. That was my mistake.

There isn’t anyone else in the world like me.

I’m different. I’m an anomaly. I’m a monster.

For two years, six months, fourteen days, eleven hours and sixteen minutes, Subject Six-Eight-Four — ‘Jane Doe’ — has been locked away and experimented on, without uttering a single word.

As Jane’s resolve begins to crack under the influence of her new — and unexpectedly kind — evaluator, she uncovers the truth about Lengard’s mysterious ‘program’, discovering that her own secret is at the heart of a sinister plot … and one wrong move, one wrong word, could change the world.

My thoughts…

I jumped into this book after finishing Lynette’s mind-blowing series, the Medoran Chronicles. However, I was pretty disappointed with this first instalment.

Unlike Medoran, this story was slow-paced, and I must admit that the beginning 30% was boring. I got bored reading her routine, suffering, the poke and prod, training etc., with nothing much to grasp. I felt trapped like the main heroine in her bleak cell and went into motion in reading it, just to get to the exciting part.

Nevertheless, now that I know what to expect, I’m not giving up reading Weapon, the second book. I foresee it would be engaging with more actions, and dramas, and uncovering more secrets of the mysterious Alyssa Scott, the Jane Doe, nicknamed JD, Chip, and 684.


I already knew he was a psychopath. But now?

He’s more dangerous than ever.

And I have less than twenty-four hours to stop him.

After escaping Lengard and finding sanctuary with the Remnants, Alyssa Scott is desperate to save those she left behind — and the rest of the world — from the power-hungry scientist, Kendall Vanik. But secrets and lies block her at every turn, and soon Lyss is questioning everything she has ever believed.

When long-lost memories begin to surface and the mysteries of her past continue to grow, Lyss battles to retain her hard-won control. Allies become enemies and enemies become allies, leaving her certain about only two things: when it comes to Speakers, nothing is ever as it seems . . . and the only person she can trust is herself.

My thoughts…

What I loved about this book were the non-stop actions. Not so much on the plot twists because I already knew what was coming by connecting all the dots. The obvious one was when Kael stopped them from visiting a particular memory, which was the main key, the turning point.

Anyway, this book is much better than Whisper, the first book. It has a better pace with plenty of things going on – the revelations, the plot twists, betrayal, reunion, heartbreak, etc. But I don’t find this up to the standard because I’ve read the Medoran Chronicles and have high expectations.

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