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Blood Coven Vampire Series by Mari Mancusi

Blood Coven Vampire series written by Mari Mancusi features stories about vampires, and although the main story was about the night creatures, it didn’t end there. They also have a werewolf issue followed by a shocking revelation of their fae heritage. Then the author got creative, she included Disneyland characters, and just before the whole series ended, Mythology, time travelling and Zombies followed suit.

Series Title: Blood Coven Vampire
Author: Mari Mancusi
Genres: Fantasy > Paranormal > Vampires, Werewolves, Faeries, Mythology, Time-travel, Zombies
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 2,087
Reading Date: 22nd July 2019 ~ 20th August 2019

The Reading Order – How to Read Blood Coven Vampire Series by Mari Mancusi

  • 1 Boys That Bite
  • 2 Stake That
  • 3 Girls That Growl
  • 4 Bad Blood
  • 5 Night School
  • 6 Blood Ties
  • 7 Soul Bound
  • 8 Blood Forever

Boys That Bite

The McDonald twins, Rayne and Sunny both have different personalities. In their family, Rayne considered being the troublemaker and Sunny the good one.

However, Sunny’s peaceful life is about to turn chaotic the moment she accompanies Rayne to Club Fang, and some hot Vampire mistakes her for Rayne and bites her instead.

With only less than a week to reverse back her transformation before she bonded eternity to Magnus the vampire who bit her, Sunny and the creature of the night went on a quest to find the cure. However, when the time comes, how can she proceed with the plan, especially when she has developed a feeling for him?

My thoughts…

I have a mixed feeling while reading the book. I loved the storyline, but I didn’t like the heroine, Sunny. She’s weak, indecisive and constantly whining about her life. However, I liked her twin, Rayne who has a strong personality and knew what she wanted.

When I learned that the Vampire’s name was Magnus, I kept on envisioning Magnus Bane the High Warlock of Brooklyn in the Shadowhunter series by Cassandra Clare! Anyway, the unexpected twist at the ending was a great motivation for me to continue reading the next book. I’m excited to learn more about Rayne and the conflict she’s about to face.

Stake That

For months, Rayne McDonald had been planning on turning into a vampire, but too bad her supposedly Vampire blood mate bit her twin sister instead. Now, not only that she still not a vampire, but Rayne learnt that her destiny was to become a slayer, to kill evil vampires, and if she refused, her life would be at stake.

Rayne’s first task was to kill a vampire named Maverick, who owned a Vampire bar. During her undercover mission, Rayne came across Jareth, a vampire from the Blood Coven who was sent to investigate the same target.

Working together seemed to be the logical way to achieve a promising result and defeat the evil Maverick who’s purposely spreading a blood virus. If only Rayne could endure the cocky Vampire, and Jareth stopped hating vampire slayer.

My thoughts…

Based on the first book, I thought I knew Rayne’s character. I assumed she was a badass, but I was wrong, and she had tons of issues. Rayne’s social circle was next to nothing, and her daddy issue had rendered her helpless.

Tasked with a new role in which Rayne had no clue how to act, plus with the conflict of interests and a boy that triggered something in her heart that meanwhile also annoyed her to death, the story was light and easy to read. Just like the first book, the ending always included a clue for what to expect next.

Girls That Growl

Rayne’s dream finally came true. She’s now a member of the Blood Coven, and although she didn’t have all the vampire powers due to the mutated blood virus, she and Jareth were able to walk under the sun, which was unique.

Since she’s turned into a vampire, Rayne assumed that her vampire slaying days were over, but she was wrong.

Slayer Inc. contacted Rayne once again, and this time it was about the disappearance of her high school’s football team, and her boss thought it had to do with the cheerleaders.

It wasn’t easy to infiltrate the squad and find out their secret. Rayne had to swallow her pride, put her Goth style on hold and befriend the cheerleaders who disliked her.

My thoughts…

I already knew that the cheerleaders were infected with werewolf’s virus; I was just surprised that it was still about Rayne. I thought it would be alternating between the two of them. I missed Sunny because now that I know Rayne’s character (she’s a bitch), I wasn’t a big fan of her anymore. I was so ready with other new characters’ POVs or go back to reading Sunny’s story!

Bad Blood

The Coven had ruled out that as a leader of the Blood Coven, Magnus needed to find a blood mate, a vampire who could be his co-ruler. Sunny knew that the time would come, but she never expects it to be so soon. She’s still breathing for god sake!

When she met Jane Johnson, the Coven’s chosen candidate, Rayne couldn’t shake the feeling that the soon-to-be boyfriend’s blood mate had an ulterior motive.

Determined to stop the bonding ceremony from happening, Rayne launched her investigation alone since her twin sister wouldn’t help her, and she soon found out something was wrong. However, Magnus wouldn’t believe her.

In the meantime, Rayne met Jayden, a normal human being who touched her heart. It would be so easy to give up everything and be with Jayden instead, especially when Magnus seemed to be happy with his chosen mate.

My thoughts…

Oh my, poor Sunny! Although she knew that one day Magnus would have to find his blood mate, Sunny never expected it to be so soon. Shame on you Magnus for being a soft leader, and to you too Rayne for abandoning your twin sister when she needed you the most.

Jayden, I hope that you’re the same species as Sunny and that she’s your soulmate! 😉 I couldn’t wait to read the next story and find out more about the family affairs, secrets and the coming war!

Night School

The McDonald twins finally learnt about their shocking fae heritage, and it wasn’t long before the chaos followed suit. Forced to hide from the fae armies in Riverdale Academy and cut off from the outside world, the twins faced a difficult time.

Sunny didn’t get to tell Magnus about her whereabouts, and she missed him terribly, as for Rayne, she had more pressing issues to tackle than missing her boyfriend. Since she joined the undead rank, Rayne had never liked human blood, and she survived solely with a blood substitute.

When things became unbearable for the twins to handle, Rayne and Sunny decided to run away from the school, and they almost made it if it wasn’t because of the arrogant Alphas who caught them in their act. However, they faced a more dangerous situation when a group of Fae armies attacked them. Rayne was injured during the fight and lost plenty of blood, and in her weak moment, she bit her helper, Corbin, the leader of the Alphas group.

After the incident, Rayne succumbed to her bloodlust, and the moment distracted her from noticing Sunny’s weird behaviour. By the time she found out the truth, it was already too late to save Sunny and herself from the impending danger which would cost her loved one’s life.

My thoughts…

Another book featuring Rayne’s POV, and I like her in this story. She’s strong and the sensible one, unlike her twin, who had always been the weakest in the family, and just like the previous instalment where Sunny has developed feelings for another guy, this time it’s Rayne’s turn. Although it’s the bloodlust thing, it still counts right?

Vampires, vampire slayers, fairies, and Disneyland all came alive in the story, and I freaking loved the creativity! The ending, however, wasn’t what I expected. I hated it when one of the characters died.

Blood Ties

How can you ever forget the person who has protected you from danger and almost lost his life? When Sunny stumbled into Jayden, the guy she owed her life to, and possibly owned a piece of her heart too, she almost couldn’t recognise him.

The sweet Jayden was turning into a vampire, and it was all because of her. Sunny felt guilty, and she was determined to help him to reverse the transformation.

Meanwhile, in the Vampire world, the leaders were facing a more pressing issue. They were on the brink of war with the Slayer Inc. As a leader of the Blood Coven, Magnus was under pressure, dividing his attention to his coven and also to fulfilling Sunny’s request.

However, despite all the things he’s done to ensure her safety, Sunny still felt neglected, and when she heard Magnus had given the order to kill Jayden, she was furious. Sunny and Jayden flew down to the country where the mission took place. However, little did she know that her actions could jeopardize the entire mission.

My thoughts…

Yes! Jayden was back in the story. For a second, I thought that the two of them would be together, however, as much as I wanted him to be with Sunny, I was glad they didn’t because once I found out the truth, I switched my loyalty back to Magnus. Back then, Magnus vowed to put Sunny first in everything, and he did it, unlike Sunny, who couldn’t keep her promise!

Anyway, I was glad that they finally resolved their trust issue, and Sunny was finally treated as his equal. However, their future wouldn’t be the same anymore after breaking the rules, and I couldn’t wait to find out more. Also, I was curious about Corbin’s plan. He managed to escape, didn’t he?

Soul Bound

Rayne had been commissioned by Slayer Inc. to find Sunny and Magnus who’s on the run after being accused of treason. Rayne didn’t have any other choice but to follow the order because otherwise, they would kill her, and she wouldn’t be able to help the couple.

At least now, she could pretend that she did her best to find them, but the reality was she tried to delay the process. However, when the former slayer, Bertha showed up and came up with her sad story, Rayne immediately trusted her.

The information she got from Bertha had led her and Jareth on an urgent mission to the deep underground of New York City. However, it was already too late when they realised something wasn’t right.

Blaming herself for causing the trouble, Rayne travelled to hell, hoping that the King of hell would allow her to make an amendment. Meeting the big boss wasn’t easy, and when Hades presented his term to help her, Rayne had to choose between the two persons she loved the most.

My thoughts…

Hell yeah, mythology! I love this book more than the previous stories in the series. Rayne’s stupidity had made this possible, and I thank her for that because otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to meet Charon, Hades, Persephone and even Hercules!

The next book, which was the last one in the series was about travelling back in time, and I couldn’t wait to read yet another favourite genre of mine, Time Travel!

Blood Forever

After making a deal with Hades, Rayne and Sunny went back in time to when both of them were still human. The twins agreed to stay away from the Vampire world.

However, Sunny realised that the old life didn’t suit her anymore, and she couldn’t live without Magnus. Rayne, on the other hand, tried her best to act like she didn’t miss Jareth, but she failed miserably.

Since both of them couldn’t control their heart’s desire, Rayne and Sunny tried to win back their soul mate, and with the knowledge of the impending disaster, the twins hoped to alter the outcome.

However, when they did, the alteration caused a bigger problem. Now, not only that it would destroy the Blood Coven, but maybe the entire human race if they fail to convince the boys.

My thoughts…

Time travel and Mythology have always been my favourite genres besides Vampires, and the last two books had nailed it to my favourite bookshelf. Mari Mancusi’s writing style was easy to digest, and her creativity shined in this series for she managed to include the paranormal elements, Myth and time travelling without making the story sound ridiculous.

I will recommend reading this series for those who are looking for fast-paced, fun and light reading material.

There’s another series set in the same world, and it’s called Tales from the Blood Coven, however, after two years since the author published Once Upon A Vampire, the first book in the series, there’s no other book follow suit, so I decided not to read this, and wait until there’s more in the future.

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